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Dating Igorot Men: 10 Things to Know for a Meaningful Relationship

Dating Igorot men can be a rewarding experience. Learn about their unique cultural traits and values to build a strong and lasting relationship.

Igorot men are known for their simplicity, practicality, loyalty, and community-oriented nature. Learn how to date an Igorot man and build a meaningful relationship based on these core values.

When it comes to dating an Igorot man, it's essential to grasp the distinctive cultural traits and values that shape their approach to relationships. Igorot men have a rich heritage rooted in tradition, which influences their outlook on dating and romance.

In this article, we'll explore key aspects to consider when embarking on a romantic journey with an Igorot man. From their simplicity and practicality to their loyalty and community-oriented nature, understanding these traits will pave the way for a meaningful and fulfilling relationship.

So, let's dive into the world of dating Igorot men and discover what makes them truly unique partners.

1. Igorot Men Are Simple

Igorot men are known for their simplicity. They appreciate the beauty of uncomplicated moments and have a preference for straightforward living. Dating an Igorot man might involve activities like enjoying the serenity of nature or sharing a home-cooked meal rather than extravagant date nights. Their simplicity extends to their approach to relationships, emphasizing sincerity and authenticity.

You might notice that some Igorot men have a limited wardrobe, typically consisting of just a few pairs of clothes. While these clothes may not be designer brands, they can be of high quality and durability. Brands like Levi's, LEE, and JAG are favored for their longevity and ruggedness, making them practical choices.

2. Igorot Men Are Shy

Shyness is a common characteristic among Igorot men. There's a local saying, "Nu han nakainom managbabain, Nu nakainom mangibabain" (If he is not drunk, he is shy and timid; if he is a bit drunk, he is a guy to be ashamed of). This cultural trait reflects their initial reserve in social situations.

So, if your Igorot date seems a bit bashful, it might be because he's still waiting for his imaginary liquid courage. Being patient and understanding can help him feel more comfortable and open up over time.

3. Igorot Men Can Be Arteks

In some cases, you may come across Igorot men who have a penchant for indulging in alcoholic beverages. They are colloquially referred to as "arteks," which essentially means "drunkards" in the local dialect. While this trait might not apply to all Igorot men, it's important to be aware of it when dating.

It's essential to prioritize your well-being in any relationship. If you observe that your potential partner has severe drinking problems or engages in harmful behavior, consider carefully whether pursuing the relationship is the right choice. This pattern of behavior can be detrimental, especially when starting a family. It's a red flag that indicates the need for setting boundaries and seeking support to ensure your well-being is not compromised.

4. Igorot Men have Red Lips

In some Igorot communities, you might encounter men who have a habit of chewing momma, a preparation of betel nut, areca nut, and slaked lime wrapped in a betel leaf. This practice can lead to red-stained lips and teeth, and it's colloquially referred to as having "red-lips." While not all Igorot men partake in this habit, it's a notable cultural practice in some regions.

It's worth noting that momma chewing can sometimes cause bad breath. When dating Igorot men who practice momma chewing, it's important to be aware of this aspect while also respecting their cultural traditions and personal choices. Engaging in open and respectful communication can help you navigate this cultural difference within your relationship.

5. Igorot Men Are Practical yet Uniquely Affectionate

Igorot men are renowned for their practical approach to dating and relationships. Instead of extravagant outings, they prefer simple and meaningful moments. While they may not engage in traditional romantic gestures like holding hands or giving flowers, their feelings run deep, and they express love uniquely.

Don't expect grand bouquets of roses; a sack of potatoes might be their idea of a romantic gesture. Many Igorot men extend their practicality to the allocation of resources, believing that the cost of a flower bouquet could be better spent on essentials like a sack of rice. This practicality reflects their cultural values and focus on tangible aspects of life.

In romantic relationships, their emotional depth shines through as they reveal their passion, care, and devotion to their partners. While they may not be traditional romantics in the conventional sense, their actions speak volumes about their deep affection for their loved ones.

6. Igorot Men: Family and Community-Oriented

Family holds a special place in the hearts of Igorot men. They tend to maintain close bonds with their parents and siblings, often residing in multi-generational households. The concept of family goes beyond blood ties; it extends to the larger community. Igorots deeply value their communities and are always ready to lend a helping hand to others.

If you find yourself dating an Igorot man, be prepared to become part of a tight-knit community. Involvement in various community activities and events is common when you're with an Igorot man. They take pride in the strong connections they have with both family and community, which enriches their lives and the lives of those they love. And, of course, it comes with the bonus of extra-large gatherings during celebrations - because who doesn't want "wat-wat"?

7. Igorot Men Date to Marry

One distinctive aspect of dating Igorot men is their intention to commit and build a life together. Unlike casual dating, many Igorot men date with the purpose of finding a life partner. This commitment to a long-term relationship is deeply rooted in their cultural values.

For Igorot men, dating is a path toward marriage and starting a family. They seek partners with whom they can create a stable and nurturing home life. The woman they choose to be with will play a crucial role as the caretaker of the household, ensuring the well-being of their children, crafting clothing, preparing meals, and nurturing the garden.

This intention to marry is an essential aspect of Igorot dating. It highlights their focus on family, tradition, and creating a loving environment for their future children. When dating an Igorot man, you can be assured that you are engaging with someone who values commitment and sees a future together. It's a testament to their loyalty and dedication in building a life filled with love, care, and shared responsibilities.

8. Igorot Men Embrace Tradition

Igorot men often hold traditional views regarding gender roles and family dynamics. It's common for them to expect their wives to embrace the role of a stay-at-home mother, responsible for managing the household.

In Igorot culture, a man typically seeks a female companion or wife. The woman marrying into her husband's family plays a significant role in her husband's mother's household. Her responsibilities include tending to the family, taking care of the children, crafting clothing, preparing meals, and nurturing the garden.

These traditional gender roles are deeply rooted in the Igorot way of life. Men, having grown up with the nurturing care of their mothers, often seek to provide their children with a similar upbringing. They find value in maintaining these traditional roles because it's what they know and believe will create a stable and loving home for their families.

For both men and women in Igorot society, these traditional ideals are of great importance. Men seek partners who can provide a stable and nurturing home life, focusing on their roles as mothers, while women value partners who can serve as reliable family providers. Although there have been some changes in partner preferences over time, with men seeking qualities like intelligence and wealth and women looking beyond traditional attributes, it's worth noting that these traditional roles still influence many aspects of Igorot family life.

For individuals who hold modern or "woke" perspectives, it may be necessary to adjust their self-perception as strong, independent individuals when entering relationships with Igorot men. Motherhood, after all, is one of the most demanding yet rewarding roles in the world.

9. Igorot Men and Practical Weddings

When it comes to tying the knot, Igorot men may have an entirely practical approach. Many are open to civil weddings or even mass weddings, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. This choice reflects their practical nature and a preference for straightforward commitments. They may prioritize the essence of marriage over extravagant ceremonies.

So, if you're dreaming of a fairytale proposal or a million-dollar diamond wedding ring, you might need to adjust your expectations. In the world of Igorot dating, these romantic ideals may not hold as much weight. Celebrating monthsaries and anniversaries in a traditional sense might not be the norm either, as Igorot men focus on more practical aspects of life and love.

It's important to remember that traditional Igorot weddings can also be quite costly, which leads many Igorot couples to opt for more practical arrangements. This reflects their commitment to building a life together without unnecessary financial burden.

10. Igorot Men are Loyal and Faithful

Igorots are renowned for their unwavering loyalty and faithfulness. Once they make a commitment, it's for the long haul. If you're dating an Igorot man, you can count on him to be a dedicated and loyal partner who will stand by your side through thick and thin. When an Igorot man enters a relationship, he becomes a protector and a steadfast presence in his partner's life. Regardless of the challenges that may arise, he will always be there, ensuring his partner's well-being and happiness.


In the world of dating, embracing diversity and learning about different cultures can be an enriching experience. When dating an Igorot man, you'll find yourself in the company of individuals who hold traditional values dear and offer a unique approach to romance.

While Igorot men are known for their practicality, it's their distinctive expressions of love that set them apart. From simple, meaningful moments to unconventional yet heartfelt gifts, Igorot men demonstrate their deep affection for their partners. They may not be the conventional Romeos, but their actions speak volumes about their love and devotion.

As you embark on a journey of dating an Igorot man, it's essential to keep in mind their cultural traits, values, and the significance they place on family and community. Being part of an Igorot man's life means becoming part of a close-knit community and enjoying a vibrant blend of tradition and simplicity.

In the world of Igorot dating, extravagant proposals and diamond rings might not be the norm. Instead, Igorot men prioritize the essence of commitment and partnership. This practical approach to weddings reflects their focus on building a life together without unnecessary financial burdens. It's a reminder that love transcends material possessions.

As you navigate the world of dating Igorot men, remember that while they may have a penchant for tradition and practicality, they also have a unique way of expressing their emotions and affections. Their loyalty and faithfulness make them dedicated partners who stand by your side through thick and thin.

So, what's your Igorot love story? Have you had the privilege of dating an Igorot man or experiencing their unique expressions of love? Share your stories and insights with us as we celebrate the beauty of cultural diversity and the warmth of heartfelt connections.

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