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Living this 2020

Adaptation. Work. Crops

 |  2 min read

It's been 6 months since the ECQ, and there are a lot of changes that even until today people are finding ways to make ends meet, to adapt with this so called new normal. It ain't easy as this is something we didn't see it coming. I myself is having a hard time, as movements are too limited, nevertheless we have to follow protocols for everyone's safety.

(Adding up to some changes, our company adapted a new salary scheme which ain't acceptable. I mean, why would they change our salary 20% lower than our usual salary, the reason cost cutting.) What a dumb reason! We have bills to pay and family to feed. Going to the bank comes in schedule and transactions done are limited.

Working from home too is just like a programmed robot. The work routine has turned more like a habit, it has become monotonous. Contained in the four corners of my room with little movements like visiting the restroom, going to the dining, brew barako, and a few stretches. A short jog on the weekends (at least) to help stay fit.

Addressing also our local farmers (I feel so much for them) that their voices will be heard by those people in the higher division (mind you not all, only few) sitting comfortably in their fully furnished offices not paying too much attention to our local farmers. The crops that they have been tending for months under the scorching sun has gone to waste. The prices ain't reasonable too. I see pain and disappointment but they stay mum and say 'til the next crop/harvest. They are still optimistic. But, I do hope and pray that this will be addressed soon. (I wish I have more and buy some of their crops.)

Indeed we Igorots are street-smart and with our humble beginnings, we can find little ways, but during this time, it ain't a piece of cake to look for a small time paying job that could add to our daily expense. Despite that, we are(claim and declare) optimistic enough that this will soon be over and we'll rise up even better and stronger.

God Bless kakailyan. Kape tako.

I'm just a small town girl finding her way to belong in a bustle and hustle cosmo area where everything is diverse.

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