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FALSE: Stranded Tourists Planting Rice in Banaue, Ifugao

Viral story of stranded tourists planting rice in Banaue, Ifugao is NOT true.

 |  2 min read

Original photo via
Original photo via

Permission to post admin. Haan ko pay amo pasikotsikot d2y site yo sunga pahelp na lang.

Bro-browse ak lang ijay facebook feed ko ket ni rumwar met dagitoy agpapadan nga post.

Here are some screenshots from three different pages:

This page is likely to be the main source, considering the date when it was posted.


13 minutes later, another page posted a similar post.


Then, another page wrote an article about it.


So, intry ko nga nag research biit.

I couldn't find the original post of a Sherwin Lee anywhere. But I did find the original photo uploaded to a travel website, which was probably not taken recently.

Google image search of the photo
Google image search of the photo

Link to photo:

By the way, the website was written in French so here's a rough translation:

Live a unique experience in the Ifugaos rice terraces

Good morning all,

I am French and I discovered Banaue in 2012 during a trip to the Philippines.

I decided to stay there and my guide has now become my husband.

We work together to offer you different treks.

Our main goal is to immerse yourself in the Ifugao culture and introduce you to the lifestyle of this ethnic group.

We will welcome you in Banaue and guide you until the end of your stay.

We will take you off the beaten track: you will visit remote villages and discover breathtaking landscapes.

You will sometimes eat meals cooked over a wood fire and sleep in traditional huts.

Our guides are all from Ifugao province, they will be delighted to share their knowledge and make you live a unique moment.

We offer treks of 2 to 5 days, some of which require good physical condition.

We can also create a tailor-made itinerary for you.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

See you soon !

ZĂ©lie & Samuel.

The verdict?

I think, gawa-gawa lang ang mga kwentong yon. Natatawa nalang ako. I mean, apay nga luklukuwen da ti tao?

Kayo na bahalang humusga!

Damag ko lang, okay lang ba talaga lumabas eh naka-Enhanced Community Quarantine nga tayo dba? curious ak lang.

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