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Pastor Rocky: The White Man Who Speaks Fluent Igorot Language

Meet Pastor Rocky, the Missionary White Man who speaks fluent Kankana-ey, an Igorot language.

Pastor Rocky is a missionary white man who is making a difference in the world. He is fluent in Kankana-ey, an Igorot language, and uses his language skills to connect with people and share his faith.

In a world where differences often separate us, a viral video has emerged. This video features a White Man speaking Kankana-ey, an Igorot language indigenous to the Cordillera region in the Philippines, and it's taken the internet by storm. But this isn't just about online fame; it's a powerful story about the ability of language to connect diverse communities.

In this article, we'll delve into the captivating journey of this video and the man behind it, exploring how language can bridge cultural divides and bring people together. It's a tale of unity, understanding, and the unexpected way a simple video has united people.

The Igorot and Kankana-ey Language

The Igorot people, an ethnolinguistic group indigenous to the Cordillera region in the Philippines, play a vital role in the nation's cultural landscape. They have preserved traditions that connect deeply with their homeland.

Within Igorot communities, linguistic diversity is a remarkable feature. These communities comprise various subgroups, each with its distinct languages and dialects. One such subgroup is the Kankana-ey, and their language, Kankana-ey, is a key to understanding their unique culture. It's not just words; it's a symbol of respect and cultural immersion. The White Man's journey in our viral video demonstrates the bridge that language can create between cultures.

The Viral Video's Impact

The impact of the viral video featuring the White Man speaking Kankana-ey is undeniable. Its unexpected online success is a testament to the enduring fascination of online audiences.

The comment section is filled with words of amazement and appreciation. Here's what some viewers had to say:

  • "Wow, very impressive, he really speaks our Kankanaey language well."
  • "I'm an Igorot who belongs to an Ibaloi tribe, but I can't even speak Kankanaey. I can understand some of it. I had lots of classmates before."
  • "Omg! He got our Igorot accent; that's so impressive! By the way, what country is he from?"
  • "Oh, this is awesome. While we, Cordillerans, are being discriminated by our own lowland brethren who, like us, are also Filipinos, here comes a Western fellow showing his love for us by learning our indigenous language as a means to be with us. To my fellow Igorots, God is good all the time."
  • "Very iBenguet Kankana-ey. That was impressive, even those of us Kankana-ey descendants who grew up in cities don't have that accent."

These comments reflect the video's impact in bringing together and impressing both Igorots and non-Igorots. It demonstrates the potential of language as a unifying force and an avenue for cultural exchange. This video transcends mere entertainment; it's a cultural phenomenon that has left a positive mark on the online community.

Pastor Rocky is a missionary white man who speaks fluent Kankana-ey, an Igorot language. Learn how he learned the language and why it's important to him.

Ragnar Niclasen (Pastor Rocky): The White Man Behind the Video

Ragnar Niclasen, also known as "Pastor Rocky," is the White Man featured in this viral video. He offers a glimpse into his background and motivations, shedding light on his fascinating journey.

From the Faroe Islands to the Cordillera

Hailing from the Faroe Islands, a self-governing country under the Danish Crown, Ragnar Niclasen's native language is Faroese. These islands are situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, between Iceland and Norway. The people of the Faroe Islands have a mixed Nordic and Celtic descent. There is some debate about whether they should be categorized as white, primarily because of their unique cultural and ancestral heritage.

A Missionary's Path

Ragnar Niclasen, a missionary, arrived in the Cordillera in 1981, along with his wife. They settled in a barrio of Tadian, Mt Province, likely in Lenga. Learning Kankana-ey became both a challenge and a source of enjoyment for him. His dedication to mastering the language is a testament to his genuine interest in the Igorot culture and his desire to connect with the local people on a deeper level.

Not a Bible Translator

Ragnar Niclasen clarified that he is not a Bible translator. The task of translating the Bible into the local language falls to Larry and Jan Allen, who resided in Kibungan, Balakbak, and Sayangan, all municipalities of Benguet. While he had a limited role in the project, he expressed gratitude that God's words are available in Kankana-ey, emphasizing that "Apo Diyos" or God Almighty speaks Kankana-ey. This dedication to preserving and sharing language and culture demonstrates the profound impact that linguistic efforts can have on a community. It's a testament to the power of language to bridge cultural divides and foster understanding.

Embracing a New Culture

Ragnar Niclasen's transition from the Faroe Islands to the Cordillera region highlights his profound interest in embracing new cultures and languages. His dedication to bridging cultural gaps and forming connections through language is both impressive and inspiring. This missionary from a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean serves as a powerful reminder of the unifying potential of language and cultural immersion.

Nationality and Linguistic Journey

As a Faroese national, Ragnar Niclasen's unique background and linguistic journey exemplify the strength of curiosity and the capacity of language to forge bonds between disparate cultures. His journey transcends debates about ethnicity and underscores the value of cross-cultural connections through language.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the significance of the White Man speaking Kankana-ey?

The White Man's fluency in Kankana-ey represents the power of language in connecting diverse communities and fostering cultural understanding.

  1. What is Kankana-ey, and who are the Igorot people?

Kankana-ey is an indigenous language spoken by the Igorot people in the Cordillera region of the Philippines. The Igorot people are an ethnolinguistic group with a rich cultural heritage.

  1. Why has the video of the White Man speaking Kankana-ey gone viral?

The video's unexpected online success is due to its ability to impress and bring together both Igorots and non-Igorots. It showcases the unifying potential of language and cultural exchange.

  1. Who is Ragnar Niclasen, and what motivated him to learn Kankana-ey?

Ragnar Niclasen is the White Man in the video. He arrived in the Cordillera as a missionary and was motivated by a genuine interest in the Igorot culture and a desire to connect with the local people.

  1. How did Ragnar Niclasen learn Kankana-ey?

Ragnar Niclasen learned Kankana-ey through immersion in the Cordillera region and interactions with native speakers. He also received guidance from mentors within the community.

  1. Is Ragnar Niclasen a Bible translator?

No, Ragnar Niclasen is not a Bible translator. The translation of the Bible into Kankana-ey was undertaken by Larry and Jan Allen, with whom Ragnar had limited involvement.

  1. What impact does this video have on the Igorot community?

The video has fostered cultural harmony and pride within the Igorot community. It serves as a source of appreciation for their language and culture.

  1. How does this video celebrate linguistic and cultural diversity?

The video highlights the beauty of linguistic diversity and serves as a platform for celebrating the richness of various cultures and languages. It demonstrates the potential of the online world to connect people from different backgrounds.

  1. What can we learn from Ragnar Niclasen's journey?

Ragnar Niclasen's journey exemplifies the power of curiosity and language in forging connections between cultures. It serves as a reminder of the unifying potential of language and cultural immersion.

  1. What does this video teach us about the world's interconnectedness?

In an increasingly interconnected world, the video underscores that linguistic and cultural diversity can flourish and thrive, creating bonds that transcend borders and foster understanding among diverse communities.


The video of a White Man speaking Kankana-ey is more than just an online sensation; it's a testament to the profound impact of language and cultural immersion. In a world where differences often divide us, this viral video reminds us of the power of language to unite communities and bridge cultural gaps. It demonstrates that language can be a symbol of respect, a path to understanding, and a means of forming connections that transcend boundaries.

The Igorot people, with their diverse linguistic traditions, have found in this video a reason to celebrate their culture and heritage. It has left an indelible mark on both Igorots and non-Igorots, fostering appreciation for the beauty of linguistic diversity.

Ragnar Niclasen's journey from the Faroe Islands to the Cordillera serves as a compelling example of the unifying potential of language. His commitment to embracing a new culture and language has left an inspiring legacy, reminding us that genuine curiosity and a willingness to connect can overcome even the most formidable cultural divides.

As the video continues to inspire and connect people from different backgrounds, it reinforces the idea that language is a bridge, a unifying force, and a celebration of our shared humanity. It's a reminder that, in a digital age where our world is more interconnected than ever, linguistic and cultural diversity can flourish and thrive, creating bonds that transcend borders.

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