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Renz Lou Lagria: Igorot named Toughest Pinoy 2017

Discover the victorious journey of Igorot Hunk Renz Lou Lagria, emerging as the champion in the Toughest Pinoy 2017 competition at SM Mall of Asia.

Embark on the inspiring journey of Renz Lou Lagria, the triumphant Igorot Hunk, who emerged as the champion in the Toughest Pinoy 2017 competition at SM Mall of Asia.

In the heart of Manila at the SM Mall of Asia, the search for the Toughest Pinoy reached its climax on October 20, 2017. Renz Lou Lagria, a prominent Igorot figure among the "Panagbenga Hotties" and a proud representative of Baguio City, emerged as the undisputed champion of the "R U Tough Enough" competition, leaving an indelible mark on the world of physical challenges.

Igorot hunk Renz Lou Lagria emerges as the champion at the concluded search for Toughest Pinoy 2017 held at the SM Mall of Asia in Manila last October 20, 2017.

A Triumph of Strength and Resilience

At just 20 years old, Lagria, also known as "The Fit Influencer," stood out as the youngest finalist in a competition that tested contenders against a battery of physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Facing nine other finalists, he showcased exceptional strength, mental fortitude, and emotional resilience, proving that age was no barrier to triumph.

Originally from Besao, Mountain Province, Lagria's roots in the mountains and his early years as a construction worker became the wellspring of his strength and toughness. His journey from the highlands of the Cordillera region to the pinnacle of a national competition symbolizes the triumph of the indomitable spirit.

Breaking Stereotypes

Sponsored by KIX, the ultimate destination for action entertainment, "R U Tough Enough" aimed to transcend stereotypes by selecting a diverse group of contestants-five men and five women. Lagria's victory shattered preconceived notions, showcasing the capacity of individuals from the Cordillera region to not only endure but excel in physically demanding competitions.

The rigorous series of challenges put the contestants through their paces, both physically and emotionally. Lagria's win not only earned him the coveted title but also a prize of PHP250,000 and other rewards, solidifying his status as a true exemplar of toughness.

The Igorot Pageant Model Redefined

Widely recognized as one of the hottest and sexiest Igorot pageant models, Lagria's success transcends physical prowess. His victory highlights the beauty of diversity and the resilience ingrained in the Igorot culture. Lagria's journey serves as an inspiration, proving that one's background and roots can be a source of strength and power.

A Conclusion of Triumph and Inspiration

In conclusion, Renz Lou Lagria's triumph in the "R U Tough Enough" competition stands as a testament to the unyielding spirit of individuals from the Cordillera region. His journey, marked by resilience, determination, and physical prowess, not only redefines the perception of toughness but also inspires individuals to embrace their roots and draw strength from their unique backgrounds. Lagria's victory resonates beyond the competition, echoing the universal message that toughness knows no boundaries.


1. How did Renz Lou Lagria prepare for the Toughest Pinoy 2017 competition?

Renz Lou Lagria's preparation involved a rigorous training regimen that focused on enhancing his physical strength, mental endurance, and emotional resilience. Drawing inspiration from his Igorot roots, Lagria's journey was a testament to his dedication and hard work.

2. What challenges did contestants face in the R U Tough Enough competition?

Contestants in the R U Tough Enough competition underwent a series of physically demanding and emotionally challenging tasks. These challenges tested their limits and aimed to go beyond conventional expectations, showcasing toughness in diverse aspects.

3. What makes Renz Lagria stand out as an Igorot pageant model?

Renz Lagria's uniqueness as an Igorot pageant model lies in his combination of physical attractiveness and the resilience derived from his mountainous upbringing. His success challenges stereotypes, redefining the image of an Igorot pageant model.

4. How did KIX contribute to breaking stereotypes in the competition?

KIX, as the sponsor of the R U Tough Enough competition, aimed to break stereotypes by selecting a diverse group of contestants. This approach challenged preconceived notions about toughness, promoting inclusivity and showcasing the strength of individuals from various backgrounds.

5. What is the significance of Renz Lagria's win for the Cordillera region?

Renz Lagria's victory holds great significance for the Cordillera region, as it highlights the region's resilience and ability to excel in national competitions. His win serves as an inspiration for individuals from the Cordillera, emphasizing the strength found in their unique cultural background.

6. How does Renz Lagria's story inspire others facing challenges?

Renz Lagria's story inspires others by demonstrating that regardless of background or age, one can overcome challenges through determination and hard work. His journey serves as a source of motivation for those facing their own hurdles, encouraging them to persevere.

7. What role did Renz Lagria's mountain roots play in his success?

Renz Lagria attributes his strength and toughness to his mountain roots, growing up in the Cordillera region. This background not only shaped his physical capabilities but also instilled in him a mindset of resilience, contributing significantly to his success in the competition.

8. How did the 'R U Tough Enough' competition impact the perception of toughness?

The 'R U Tough Enough' competition, with its diverse challenges and contestants, played a pivotal role in reshaping the perception of toughness. It demonstrated that toughness goes beyond physical strength, encompassing mental fortitude and emotional resilience.

9. What prizes did Renz Lagria receive as the Toughest Pinoy 2017 champion?

As the Toughest Pinoy 2017 champion, Renz Lagria received a prize of PHP250,000 and additional rewards. His victory not only brought him recognition but also tangible rewards, marking the culmination of his hard work and dedication.

10. How did Renz Lagria's success redefine the image of a 'Fit Influencer'?

Renz Lagria's success redefined the image of a 'Fit Influencer' by showcasing that influence goes beyond physical appearance. His journey emphasized the importance of inner strength and resilience, influencing others to focus on holistic well-being rather than superficial standards.

11. How tall is Igorot hottie Renz Lou Lagria?

Mister Cordillera Tourism and R U Tough Enough winner Renz Lou Lagria is 5'10.

Born Igorot, Die Igorot

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