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Tam-an Banaue Multipurpose Cooperative

Explore the inspiring success journey of Tam-an Banaue Multipurpose Cooperative led by Jose D. Tomas Sr.'s visionary leadership.

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Explore Tam-an BMPC's compelling success narrative, marked by resilience and prosperity. Witness the cooperative's triumphs, shaping a brighter future for its community.

In the remote village of Tam-an in Banaue, Ifugao, a humble initiative sparked a transformative journey that would reshape the fate of its community. The Tam-an Hog Raisers' Association, founded in 1989 by Mr. Jose D. Tomas, Sr., initially sought aid from the Department of Agriculture to combat a hog disease plaguing the region. Little did they know, this endeavor would burgeon into the remarkable Tam-an Banaue Multipurpose Cooperative (Tam-an BMPC), a beacon of resilience and prosperity.

Genesis and Evolution

The roots of Tam-an BMPC trace back to the Tam-an Hog Raisers' Association's humble plea for assistance. Witnessing the positive impact of unity, the group transitioned into the Tam-an Multipurpose Cooperative in 1991, boasting 25 members and P25,000 in assets. Guided by Mr. Tomas's visionary leadership, the cooperative expanded its footprint across provinces, including Quirino, Nueva Vizcaya, Isabela, Nueva Ecija, Benguet, Aurora, and Ifugao.

Volunteerism and Expansion

Inspired by the spirit of volunteerism akin to Senator Richard Gordon's initiatives, Mr. Tomas propelled the cooperative's expansion. Armed with the tips from his roles as a bell boy and waiter at the Banaue Hotel, he embarked on a journey to Maddela, Quirino Province, where the first branch unfolded. An assembly of 18 volunteers, motivated by altruism, achieved their P300,000 savings and share capital quota within a mere week.

Triumph Over Adversity

Tam-an BMPC's journey was not devoid of challenges. The cooperative faced near-bankruptcy due to unpaid loans and the economic turmoil of 2007-2008. Unyielding in their determination, Tam-an BMPC collaborated with the National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCOO), securing funds for a rehabilitation program. This setback became a catalyst for innovation, prompting the cooperative to revamp its loan processes, embracing capacity-based lending and cash flow considerations.

Diversification and Success

Diversification emerged as a key strategy for Tam-an BMPC's success. The cooperative manages a portfolio of thriving businesses, including the Tam-an Mt. Resort and Hotel, gasoline stations, a technical and vocational school, an eco-tourism farm, agricultural supply outlets, a printing and general merchandise business, a construction supply business, and more. With 50 branches spanning three regions, Tam-an BMPC stands as a testament to strategic business acumen.

Financial Inclusion and Impact

Tam-an BMPC's advocacy for savings has translated into tangible benefits for its members. By offering competitive loan and savings deposit rates, the cooperative has become a viable alternative to loan sharks. Members find comfort and efficiency in accessing financial assistance for business expansion, perpetuating a culture of savings as a way of life.

Community and Social Initiatives

Beyond financial services, Tam-an BMPC actively engages in community-building efforts. Officers and employees visit members door-to-door, emphasizing the importance of savings during pre-membership seminars. The cooperative's Emergency Response Unit, established in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross, underscores its commitment to community well-being, responding to both everyday emergencies and large-scale disasters.

Is TAM-AN BMPC Legitimate?

Ensuring the legitimacy of any financial institution, especially cooperatives, is crucial for members and potential stakeholders. Here are some considerations to address the question of Tam-an Banaue Multipurpose Cooperative's (TAM-AN BMPC) legitimacy:

1. Regulatory Compliance: TAM-AN BMPC has demonstrated its commitment to transparency and legal standards by being duly registered with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA). The cooperative's registration with the relevant regulatory authorities aligns with the legal requirements for cooperatives in the Philippines.

2. Official Documentation: Legitimate cooperatives provide transparent access to official documents, and in this regard, TAM-AN BMPC's registration with the CDA serves as a foundational piece of official documentation. For further assurance, interested parties may inquire directly with TAM-AN BMPC or check for the availability of additional documents through official channels.

3. Member Testimonials: Feedback from members is a valuable indicator of an institution's legitimacy. Positive testimonials from TAM-AN BMPC members regarding their experiences with financial transactions, services, and overall satisfaction contribute to building trust in the cooperative's operations.

4. Local Authority Verification: To gain insights into TAM-AN BMPC's standing in the community, consulting with local authorities or community leaders is a prudent step. Local perspectives can provide additional assurance regarding the cooperative's reputation and adherence to ethical business practices.

5. Physical Presence: The physical presence of TAM-AN BMPC, such as its offices or branches, is another aspect of legitimacy. The existence of tangible locations adds credibility to the cooperative's operations. Interested individuals may further verify this by visiting TAM-AN BMPC's offices for firsthand information.

A Future of Prosperity: Tam-an BMPC's Continuing Legacy

As Tam-an BMPC commemorates over three decades of existence, its journey unfolds as a remarkable saga of triumph over adversity, visionary leadership, and unwavering commitment to community welfare. From its grassroots origins to managing a diverse portfolio of successful businesses, the cooperative stands as a paragon of sustainable growth and positive societal impact. The legacy of Tam-an BMPC is not just financial; it's a narrative of empowerment, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of a community united in building a better future together.


1. What inspired the creation of Tam-an Banaue Multipurpose Cooperative?

Tam-an Banaue Multipurpose Cooperative originated in 1989 when Mr. Jose D. Tomas, Sr. organized the Tam-an Hog Raisers' Association to address a hog disease in the village of Tam-an, Banaue, Ifugao. The cooperative's genesis was a response to the community's need for support from the Department of Agriculture for hog vaccination.

2. How did Tam-an BMPC evolve from the initial hog raisers' association?

The Tam-an Hog Raisers' Association transitioned into the Tam-an Multipurpose Cooperative in 1991, expanding its scope beyond hog raising. With visionary leadership and the spirit of volunteerism, it grew into a multifaceted cooperative, contributing to regional development.

3. What challenges did Tam-an BMPC face during its journey?

Tam-an BMPC faced adversity, including near-bankruptcy and the economic crisis of 2007-2008. However, strategic collaborations, such as with the National Confederation of Cooperatives, enabled the cooperative to overcome challenges and innovate its approach to lending.

4. How did Tam-an BMPC diversify its businesses?

Tam-an BMPC diversified its businesses by venturing into various sectors, including hospitality, education, agriculture, and retail. This strategic approach contributed to the cooperative's resilience and success in sustaining and expanding its operations.

5. Is Tam-an BMPC registered and compliant with regulatory authorities?

Yes, Tam-an BMPC is duly registered with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), demonstrating its commitment to legal standards and transparency. Regulatory compliance is a cornerstone of the cooperative's operations, ensuring legitimacy.

6. What impact has Tam-an BMPC had on the community?

Tam-an BMPC has significantly impacted the community by providing financial services, promoting savings, and engaging in various social initiatives. The cooperative's Emergency Response Unit, established in collaboration with the Philippine Red Cross, exemplifies its commitment to community well-being.

7. How does Tam-an BMPC contribute to economic growth?

Tam-an BMPC contributes to economic growth by creating employment opportunities, managing successful businesses, and fostering financial inclusion. The cooperative's goal is to make every member a millionaire one at a time, enriching lives and uplifting the community.

8. What are the core values guiding Tam-an BMPC?

Tam-an BMPC adheres to core values such as trust, accountability, morality, accessibility, nobility in service, benevolence, being a maker of dreams, a pillar of progress, and a commitment to uplift lives. These values underscore the cooperative's mission of building a better future together.

9. How does Tam-an BMPC encourage savings among its members?

Tam-an BMPC encourages savings through door-to-door collections, pre-membership seminars emphasizing the importance of savings, and competitive savings deposit rates. The cooperative aims to instill a culture of savings as a way of life, providing financial security to its members.

10. Can individuals visit Tam-an BMPC offices to verify information?

Yes, interested individuals can visit Tam-an BMPC's physical offices to verify information, ensuring transparency and credibility. The cooperative's tangible presence adds to its legitimacy, and firsthand visits are encouraged for those seeking more information about its operations.

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