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Unexploded WWII Bomb Unearthed During Road Widening Project in Sablan, Benguet

Road workers uncover a corroded 1,000-pound bomb during Sablan road project. Immediate response ensures public safety in Benguet.

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Road widening project uncovers dangers in Sablan. Learn about the risks associated with the discovery of a corroded 1,000-pound WWII bomb.

In a startling turn of events, road workers in Sitio Banao, Kamog, Sablan, Benguet, stumbled upon a corroded 1,000-pound general-purpose bomb on Tuesday, January 16. The potential WWII relic, lacking a fin assembly, reignited concerns about explosive remnants of war lingering in the Cordillera region.

Immediate Response Ensures Public Safety

Barangay officials swiftly responded to the discovery, alerting the Sablan Municipal Police Station without delay. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the North Eastern Benguet Provincial EOD Canine Unit, specializing in explosive ordnance, was promptly engaged for the safe retrieval of the unexploded bomb.

Emphasizing the Impending Danger

Authorities underscored the imminent threat posed by the corroded bomb, emphasizing the potential for substantial damage to both properties and residents if not handled properly. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the ever-present risks associated with explosive remnants of war.

Specialized Units and Thorough Inspection

The expertise of the Explosive Ordinance Demolition Technology (EODT) was enlisted to conduct a comprehensive inspection, ensuring a meticulous assessment of the potentially hazardous situation. The unexploded bomb was subsequently transported to a temporary safe storage facility, demonstrating a commitment to public safety throughout the retrieval process.

Strategic Disposal Plan for Minimizing Risks

Looking ahead, authorities have scheduled the disposal of the bomb at the Igloo 10 Explosive Magazine, Kamikaze Firing Range, Clark Field, Pampanga. This strategic choice aims to minimize risks during the disposal process, highlighting the importance of designated and secure disposal sites.

Public Awareness and Learning from Past Discoveries

This incident serves as a poignant reminder to the public to remain vigilant and promptly report any sightings of explosive remnants. Learning from past discoveries in Baguio City, Atok, and Ifugao, community awareness plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of residents in the region.

A Continuous Call for Vigilance and Cooperation

The recurring unearthing of explosive remnants in the Cordillera region emphasizes the ongoing need for vigilance and cooperation. Public awareness campaigns can further educate residents about the potential risks, fostering a collective responsibility for the safety of communities.


As the Cordillera region navigates the challenges posed by unexploded WWII relics, a unified effort involving specialized units, timely reporting, and community awareness stands as the key to mitigating the risks associated with explosive remnants of war. The commitment to public safety demonstrated in the recent discovery underscores the importance of proactive measures in safeguarding the well-being of the region's residents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What precautions are in place during the retrieval of the WWII bomb in Sablan?

Our specialized units follow strict safety protocols to minimize risks during the retrieval process, ensuring the well-being of both responders and the community.

2. How does the public stay informed about potential dangers associated with unexploded WWII bombs in the Cordillera region?

Stay updated through local authorities' announcements, public awareness campaigns, and promptly report any sightings to ensure a collective effort in maintaining community safety.

3. Are there historical instances of unexploded ordnance discoveries in the Cordillera region?

Yes, recent findings in Baguio City, Atok, and Ifugao emphasize the recurring nature of such discoveries. Vigilance remains crucial in safeguarding communities from potential risks.

4. Why is the disposal site at Igloo 10 Explosive Magazine, Clark Field, Pampanga, chosen for the WWII bomb from Sablan?

The choice is strategic, aiming to minimize risks during disposal. Designated sites with expert handling ensure the safe elimination of explosive remnants.

5. How can the community contribute to public safety in the face of such discoveries?

Being vigilant and promptly reporting any sightings of explosive remnants play a pivotal role. Community awareness and cooperation are essential in ensuring the safety of residents.

6. What role does the North Eastern Benguet Provincial EOD Canine Unit play in handling explosive ordnance?

Specializing in explosive ordnance, the unit contributes expertise in safe retrieval, ensuring that potentially dangerous situations are managed with precision and care.

7. How can residents of Sablan and the Cordillera region be proactive in preventing undesirable events related to unexploded ordnance?

Educate yourself and others about the risks, follow local guidelines, and report any suspicious objects promptly. A proactive community is the first line of defense against potential dangers.

8. What is the importance of the Explosive Ordinance Demolition Technology (EODT) in such situations?

EODT conducts thorough inspections, providing critical insights into the condition and potential dangers associated with unexploded ordnance. Their expertise is vital in ensuring a safe response.

9. Is the discovery of unexploded WWII bombs a common occurrence in road projects?

While not common, historical events indicate that construction projects can unearth explosive remnants. Awareness and immediate reporting are essential in managing such situations effectively.

10. How can I contribute to public safety awareness regarding unexploded WWII bombs?

Share information with your community, participate in awareness programs, and encourage others to stay informed. Proactive involvement enhances overall safety measures in the region.

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