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Benguet- The newly elected mayor of Mankayan, Frenzel Ayong recently ordered a desk for the small-scale miners  to be put up in his office. The desk aims to help with the concerns and issues of pocket miners and to improve their status in the municipality as a union.

Mayor Ayong said that the small-scale mining industry is one of the  most undervalued industries in the locality. Thus, there is a need for a desk to attend to the the issues and concerns that confront the industry.   

In the past, pocket miners have been unfortunately used by politicians during elections as observed by the mayor who was born and raised in Mankayan.

"We should not look at our pocket miners as potential sources of votes during the election period but we should look at them as our able partners in the provision of employment and sources of livelihood that will translate to better economic activities in the municipality," he said.

The mayor  emphasized that a desk for pocket miners to be institutionalized in the local government will be a great help to ensure that all issues and concerns of the industry will be addressed. This way, concerned authorities can give appropriate attention and action to uplift the miners. Since 9 small-scale mining associations in the municipality decided to unite to have a stronger voice for the improvement of the industry, a desk for their organization is just appropriate.

The newly elected local chief executive Ayong, appreciated the good intentions of the newly formed union of the different small-scale mining associations in the municipality. Now the union has  a  good and solid position to voice their issues and concerns effectively and efficiently. One good example of this is the ongoing processing of the Minahang Bayan sites to be legalized as their source of livelihood.

As a recognition to the great contributions of the pocket mining industry to the economic growth of the municipality through the years, the mayor is providing a desk exclusively for the sector. The appointed desk will focus on every issue and concern affecting the sustainable advancement of the industry as a major source of the people's livelihood in different barangays.

He then asked the newly formed small-scale miners union to continually support the programs, projects and activities of the local and national governments. With their support and cooperation, the pocket mining sector will be able to regain its strength and get back in action   after the appropriate interventions were carried out.

Mankayan was recorded as one of the five first-class municipalities in Benguet. The major source of income is the  share from the national wealth taxes remitted by the Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company (LCMC) including the  business and real property taxes being paid by the mining company to the local government.

Source: Herald Express

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Cordillera-  The municipality of Mankayan, Benguet and Luna, Apayao  were chosen by the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) as the rural impact housing hub in the Cordillera region.

The two chosen municipalities  will benefit from the DICT's program to improve the internet connectivity that encourage the  emergence of technology-based entrepreneurs and internet-based businesses as well as the improved transactions of the local government. 

The purpose of this program is to help individuals earn a decent income and improve the living conditions of families most especially those from the remote villages of the municipality.

"We will surely take advantage of this opportunity being provided by the DICT so that we will be able to lobby for the improved connectivity in the municipality which will be beneficial to all our constituents even those from the remote villages," the mayor of Mankayan, Frenzel Ayong said.

A required training center  will be established by the local government providing at least 25 computers and other  needed facilities.  Likewise, the DICT  is incharged of sending  competent trainers to help  the trainees who are interested in online entrepreneurship.

The honorable mayor of Mankayan, who just attended the DICT workshop in Clark, Pampanga  said that the training will prioritize the locals with disabilities, single parents and other marginalized groups although it will be open on a first come, first serve basis.

Ayong affirmed that appropriate screening will be done by the concerned offices of the municipal government so that appropriate guidance and training will be given to those who seriously want to commit in building and sustaining an online business or online jobs. 

He also mentioned that the municipality of Mankayan will work closely with the Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company and the Far Southeast Goldfields Resources Inc. in the implementation of this program.  

These mining companies  will be sharing their resources on their social development and management project. The local government can greatly benefit from these companies' sustainable implementation of the noble project that aims in providing guaranteed livelihood  to local residents who are interested to work at home.

Moreover, Ayong imposed that the DICT  will do its part in coordinating with telecommunication companies to improve their internet signals so that online entrepreneurs can do their online jobs successfully and efficiently.

Resource || Herald Express

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BINNADANG. Benguet PMFC personnel led by PLT Arnel Abellera and PLT Mary Joyce Gayaden, under the supervision of PLTCOL Stephen George B Antonio assisted some farmers in Balili, Mankayan in harvesting their produce.

Photo courtesy of Camp Major Dennis Molintas
#WeServeLove #AndHealAsOne
#UnitedBenguet #Mankayan #Benguet #Balili

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ATM: Cervantes-Mankayan road is not passable to all kinds of vehicle.

#CervantesMankayan #RoadAdvisory

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An Igorot officer made the Philippines proud when he graduated from the United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) in New London, Connecticut in the United States.

Julius Maguiwe from Mankayan, Benguet was sponsored by the Philippine Coast Guard and was appointed as an international officer to the USCGA.

In his Facebook post Maguiwe thanked the academy and the PCG for the opportunity bestowed to him.

#Igorot #JuliusMaguiwe #Mankayan #Benguet #UnitedStates

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Mankayan is now the home of the Biggest Gong in the Philippines. The gong measures 7ft in diameter and weighs 175kgs.

Happy 107th Foundation day Mankayan!



This gong measures 7ft in diameter and weighs 175kgs.
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