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First of its kind, The Homepage with a Mobile Application is currently under the developmental and or construction phase/process, however, will hopefully be launched on July-August time of 2024, but subject to be announced or TBD.

The Project will be used as a tool to serve, defend, protect, support, and satisfy the needs of People with Disabilities Worldwide.

Specifically devoted to US military Veterans, Troops and to their Families, PWD's worldwide, NATO European Allies and Global Military and International audience

Yours truly is a true-blue Baguio Boy/Cordilleran, born and raised with Igorot blood & connections. I Will
Soon but not too soon be entertaining questions and answers on what, why, who, where, which and how.?

Please standby for what is coming.

NOTE: here will be the following Mobile App features to be installed in the future:

What to expect for ref purposes only:


****Shall capture the "Americans with Disabilities Act" (ADA) compliance of 1990.
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects people with disabilities from discrimination.
Disability rights are civil rights. From voting to parking, the ADA is a law that protects people with disabilities in many areas of public life.

**A Complete Custom Design & Development built to fit particularly my target audience as mentioned
on Page 2. First Par.

**It must crucially be a Unique, User-Friendly, Interactive, Dynamic, and shall be a High-End UI & UX
Design that shall enable to provide, empower, and inspire Users experience.

** Exceptional yet Attractive with Unlimited Banner Designs (interactive mode)
** include button that is capable to adopt slightly and various background colors when the cursor or
pointer hovers over the object of target

**Unlimited Stock Images (Optional, or, also, I can make myself up unique icons and emojis)

**User Sign-up Blocking mechanism that only Admin can unblock.

** Custom Dynamic Forms (Optional?)

** Integrate A Shopping Basket like a grocery pushcart

**Database Creation (shall be Complete and correct)

**An Ideal Key Performance Indicator User/Provider Dashboard Area that extends across in the
interior of a homepage (such as an iPod) below the windshield and usually have instruments and

**Customized Coding and Development

**Online Appointment/Scheduling/Online Ordering Integration

**Online Payment Integration

**includes Various or 195 Language auto Translator mechanism (multilingual)

**User sign-up automated email authenticator

**Web Traffic Analytical Integration that is fast to decision making visual data clarity to improve my user's satisfaction and avoids skeptical arguments to satisfy future income generation. Understands vividly the user's and service or source provider's journey enhances intelligence to react at enterprise level.

**An All-in-One User/Service or Source Providers Dashboard

**Customized and designed Coding and Development

**An Online Appointment/Scheduling/Online Ordering Integration-something like suggestable are like the google or zoom calendar.

**Online Payment Integration, the Integrated payments shall occur when my business's point-of-sale connected only to the payment processor, allowing 100% correct payment transaction, otherwise or automatically invalidates payment ledger and transactions.

**3rd Party API Integrations- connecting an API provided by an outside service to my application.

**Value Added Services

**"Donation button" will not be Mandatory to users and consumers and towards individuals or government charities and advocacy programs like the Combined Federal Campaign Instituted by US Military Agencies through its Military Personnel

**Value Added Services Picklist button**Complete Sourcing Files** Unlimited Foot Notations (like an accessibility emoji) My cell at 001 (808) 445-1661 charges apply.

Estimated date of launch in 08/31/2024

interested in becoming a partner?

Send me your resume at or call.
My cell at 001 (808) 445-1661 charges apply.

Very Respectfully,
RAS-Founder and Owner, Future CEO
Beware of cut and paste. It is a SERIOUS CRIME (FELONY)