I was wandering the not so busy and cramped streets of Baguio City one hot summer night with the multitude of stars amazingly and brightly glimmering giving light to the darkness of the night when I turned to a curb. I saw this exceptionally well-built, muscular man leaning his weight on the streetlight post. He was wearing a light blue shade long sleeved polo with its sleeves rolled neatly up to his elbows, tucked in his pair of dark blue jeans that fit perfectly to his lean long legs. He had well-trimmed tousled hair which made his chiseled face even more appealing adding up to his thinly shaped lips. He had high cheekbones, a pair of deceptively beguiling eyes with naturally long curled eyelashes, and an imposing Romanesque nose. His only accessory was his expensive wristwatch. His scent carried by the wind is musky rather masculine.

He was busy tapping his phone, though I couldn't tell if he was typing a message or just playing an online game. I was mesmerized. It seems like I was looking at a god who rose from the ground destined to find me. I was contemplating if I should approach him, to get his name, and try to start a conversation, but when I took a look at myself I felt like the whole world had turned on me. There I was wearing a pair of floral havaianas, jogger pants and an overly sized shirt. My hair was disheveled from walking and I could smell my sweat. (Smells quite sweet though) I even tried to smell my breath. ( So far fresh, amoy barako) I live just within the neighborhood, so I often dress up simply and walk around and I know almost everyone around. (If I had known that I would be stumbling to a man like him, I could have dressed up more sophisticatedly and seductively. But how would I know? My instinct didn't tell me! Why!?) I have been observing him for minutes and I have noticed he seldom checks his time, so I thought he's just killing time (along the road) or could it be a hooker!? My eyes grew wider and bigger as questions rushed to mind. Then it dawned on me, my city never had hookers even during my grandparent's time. However, in this day and age it could be possible. I was ten steps away from him when he turned his eyes in my direction. I was aghast, he was even more lovelier and beautiful. His eyes are a mirror of gentleness and serenity as he cracks into a smile. His smile is so contagious and sexy. I tried to give my sweetest smile too, a smile which is like the shadow of a silver cloud upon a sunlit stream. He raised his free hand to a wave. I was about to raise my hand to return the wave when I heard a voice from behind my back and the voice said "Babe!" and I said "DAMN!".She's got a GF and it's what he's been waiting for the past few minutes. (Assumera) I moved two steps to my right and looked at the person behind me. How dumbfounded was I when I saw her, she was full of beauty with a small pointed nose and porcelain like skin. She's got an hourglass body. Long shiny and glossy hair that waves softly as she walks towards him and her smile is like the sunshine of the ripening land, so bright. She walked past me as I diverted my attention to the other side of the empty road. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek and held onto him.

In just a blink of an eye, I was gone. I headed back home when I was supposed to go to the night market and walk around. I was shaking my head as I tried to erase his image in my memory and kill the admiration na binuhay niya sa puso ko. (It's a love at first sight.) It ain't my lucky night, yet still I tossed and turned that night. How lucky was my gay neighbor, who had undergone a series of facial surgery and so on in Thailand, who look more feminine and girly than me to have him. How lucky s/he was for being accepted despite her gender and physical changes. She's almost 90% a woman, except she can't bear a child.

Indeed, love conquers all.

Just a random made-up story. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️