I don't exactly know what came to me why I wrote this. I just realized myself seated in front of my computer clicking the keys ereyesterday.

It's not a matter of how long or short the courtship is. Courtship for men is never easy, it's a long process. It takes them days and nights tossing and turning thinking when and how to pursue a woman who caught their attention, they are interested in. It took them a lot of courage and bravery to express their feelings, to speak what's on their mind, to approach her with so much gentleness, even if in their mind they knew they'd be rejected. They'd be ignored, taken for granted, and tested just to prove he's really a man for keeps.

The thing here is that women's brains are like a tangled thread, men, on the one hand, are just like a box of pizza. Kinda mundane. HAHAHA. Yet in reality, men and women have unconventional ways of unraveling information. Hence, say yes to a man when he's all these.

HE RESPECTS YOU. Respect is one very crucial thing in a relationship. If a man doesn't respect you during your courtship, the same goes when you two are an item. His respect might be even lesser. Hence, be with a man who respects you in every way, your choices, even if he's not yet your man. A man who doesn't know how to respect a woman doesn't have respect for himself.

HE DOESN'T LIVE A LIE. Some men lie just to impress a woman and bed her. Some men lie even on the first day of getting to know her. Definitely, he's not a man. They lie about almost everything about them, who they are, their status, name it.

HE SEES HIS WORLD IN YOU. Not all men are man enough to share his life with a woman he's interested in at the honeymoon stage of a relationship. It may seem too soon for others but a man who talks his future with you, not self-centered is someone for keeps. A man who will wait for you at the other end of the aisle, hold your hand, and grow old with you. His world stops and all that he sees is you.

HE BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN YOU. We often hear women saying, "he brings out the best in me." Some women have difficulty moving out of their dark past. Afraid to jump into another relationship, until they find this man in a not so remarkable time. When you talk to him, it's all about the good things that happened with you throughout the day. You feel more alive when you are with him, and you always smile with him. You see the beauty of life when you are with him, motivated, inspired, and even learned to embrace your flaws.

YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH HIM AND HE MAKES YOU JUST AS A HAPPY WOMAN. You are at ease. You are even comfortable to entrust your life and future with him. When you are with him or you are miles away, you can talk about your day with him even if it's the worst and most uncomfortable day of your life. He listens to your long talks, he laughs with you. He gets crazy with you.

HE'S A MAN OF HIS WORD AND HE VALUES FAMILY. He doesn't just talk to impress you, but he walks the talk. He's not a coward. He knows his priorities, raising and building his family more than any other thing in the world. A well-rounded man.

Some might argue why haven't I included a man of God as it is one of the most important and it's the foundation of love? When I first wrote this, a lot have mentioned that he should be a man of God, and reasons were poured. I don't wanna contradict, and I don't wanna argue about love using God. I myself am a Christian. For some reason, I have some friends who don't have a religion, they don't believe in God and I don't wanna change that. It's their belief and I respect it the same way they respect my religion, MY BELIEFS. Having said that, they know what love is, they value family, they value relationships, they know what REAL LOVE is despite not having God as the center of their life. Going back. .

A man doesn't need to be attractive for you to say YES to man. Not every man has the same intentions when he pursues you. He might be making a move because you are so transparent showing how much you're head over heels into him. And it doesn't mean that because you said YES TO A MAN IN A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME, means you're an easy-to-get kinda woman. The heart beats when it sees a good man.