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TEAM LAKAY fighters: Joshua Pacio defeated Saruta, nicknamed The Ninja; while Lito Adiwang outpointed Hexigetu, known as The Wolf Of The Grasslands

2021 had been a tough road for TEAM LAKAY fighters Joshua Felix "The Passion" Pacio and Lito "Thunder Kid" Adiwang, as they had to battle the life-threatening Covid-19 disease, after both somehow got infected in April. **

The two Igorot fighters, who both compete in the ONE CHAMPIONSHIP strawweight division, narrated during a pre-fight interview, it had been a tough process to recover their fighting form, but the heart of a champion had carried them through.

But of course, Covid-19 is known to attack the human lungs and even if you survived it, such disease could still have lingering effects. So many fight fans had doubts at the back of their minds, if whether Pacio and Adiwang could still compete with the level of endurance necessary to bring them to victory.

All doubts quickly erased, when the smoke cleared, Friday night, 24th of this September, 2021, in the Lion City, in an MMA fight event dubbed, ONE: REVOLUTION, where the reigning ONE strawweight champion Pacio defended his throne by stopping Japanese fighter Yosuke "The Ninja" Saruta in the first found, while Adiwang picked up another win after going the full distance against a durable Chinese fighter, "The Wolf of the Grasslands" Hexigetu.

Now, I'm just wondering here, "How do fighters come up with their cool nicknames?

Just the same, extending our sincerest CONGRATS to the "The Passion" and to the "Thunder Kid" for your recent victories.


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--- Song title: "KAMPEON" - written & performed by Igorot singer/songwriter Arnold Guiad Valle

Click on this LINK --- for the full lyrics of the song, available in its description.

This song "KAMPEON" is an ode to the Igorot fighting spirit, and the indomitable heart of a champion; - traits that have always defined the warriors of TEAM LAKAY every time they fight their respective battles, win, lose, or draw.

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