On 01/02/ 2018, we walked from Burnham Park to Mines View Park.

The Itinerary:
From Burnham Park to Lower Session Road (0:00 - 09:55)
From Lower Session Road to SM City Baguio (09:56 - 20:40)
From SM City Baguio to Camp John Hay (20:41 - 59:20)
From Camp John Hay to Wright Park (59:21 - 1:50:15)
From Wright Park to The Mansion (1:50:16 - 1:58:10)
From The Mansion to Mines View Park (1:58:11 - 2:20:10)

I admit it was tiring but not enough to make me faint. Just make sure you still take breaks, drink water, and also eat in between and not challenge yourself too much. Though I was evidently out of breath, it was fun and felt really special to really re-explore my home city and see what tourists/travelers come here for.

By the way, I'm not dictating to all tourists that they shouldn't bring their cars here. I understand that sometimes we need to bring a car for convenience especially if we're travelling with elderly/ disabled/ pregnant passengers but if you have the physical strength and ability to do so, it's best you don't because walking is an actual doable choice to get from one place to another. If you get tired along the way or if the destination is just too unreasonable for you to walk to, you can always take the jeep/cab. I can't really think of another way to improve the traffic conditions here at this time considering how limited the parking is here.

Did someone ask me to solve this problem in the first place? No, of course not. I'm just a random non-sensical talker on the internet. Have a good day! :D

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