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Igorots Took the Spotlight During the 12th Int'l Warrior Competition

Three out of five member of Team Philippines who won 1st place in the Int'l Warrior Competition - Full Monte category are Igorots.

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Left to Right: PSSg. Dinky C. Basan, OIC PLTGen Vicente D. Danao Jr., PMSg. Jonathan Rex B. Accad, and PMSg. Jonathan F. Fatawil in TAU GAMMA sign
Left to Right: PSSg. Dinky C. Basan, OIC PLTGen Vicente D. Danao Jr., PMSg. Jonathan Rex B. Accad, and PMSg. Jonathan F. Fatawil in TAU GAMMA sign

Three out of five member of the Philippine team who won the 1st place in Full Monte Category during the 12th Annual International Warrior Competition held at Jordan's King Abdullah II Special operation Training Centre (KASOTC) in Zarca, North East of Jordan's Capital on June 6, 2022 are proud IGOROTS.

They are in the person of PMSg. Jonathan Fanao Fatawil, a native from Sadanga, Mountain Province, PMSg. Jonathan Rex Bonobon Accad from Tenglayan, Kalinga and PSSg. Dinky Caddawan Basan of Apayao, all from the Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police.

PMSg. Jonathan F. Fatawil with PLTGEn. Vicente Dupa Danao Jr. OIC of PNP
PMSg. Jonathan F. Fatawil with PLTGEn. Vicente Dupa Danao Jr. OIC of PNP

PMSg. Fatawil, one of the snipers of the Philippine delegates said that "the Full Monte Category was the last event of the fourth day where we are allowed to participate. And I think that it is degrading for an elite warrior to go home empty handed." It was this realization that fueled him and his comrades to devise a plan that perfectly fits a 7-minute, time limit in climbing a 9-storey tower while firing at the given targets, then rappel down from the last storey, to run another 300 meters while firing other targets on the way using any of the 5 different rifles available on the ground.

He added that this event was their last chance to showcase the fruit of their long months of training as they held unto hope and faith that the tide of the competition would turn in their favor.

PMSg. Jonathan Fatawil shared that, the attitude and mentality of an Igorot who do not complain to physically exhausting exercises, and who pushes his boundary to its limit, helps him to perform productively not only in this competition, but all the competitions he joined and won.

With the determination of the Philippine Team, they had confidently displayed refined shooting skills, physical endurance, and wits in executing a fully calculated movements that surprised the host country Jordan and other elite warriors from all over the world specially those who belong to the powerful countries like Germany, United States, and Australia. On the other hand, it boosts the morale of the team who were already worn out by the rigorous event in addition to the effect of sudden change of weather condition. Their body are not yet accustomed with the weather as they arrived there 2 days before the competition. Hence, some of them suffered from flu.

According to UNTV interview aired on the 27th day of June, this is the first time the Philippines was invited to the prestigious activity. And it did prove again that the skills and performance of the elite warriors of the Philippine are at par with the other developed countries.

Before the competition, these selected experienced warriors from RDB battalion and the 84th seaborne were famous in collecting championship trophies from different competitions among the Philippine forces, like the AFP-Joint Special Operations Group, SAF challenge, and SWAT Challenge.

PMSg. Jonathan Fatawil recalled that their team(5th SAB) was 2nd in overall champion in SAF challenge way back in 2017 (84th Seaborne was the over all champion). He was on schooling on 2018 but returned to the playing field in 2019 as representative of the 84th seaborne for the JSOG and SAF challenge. Their team emerged as champion giving them the privilege to be invited to the recently concluded event in Jordan.

All of the five members of the Philippine team who bagged the 1st place in the Full Monte category were awarded the "Medalya ng Katangitanging Gawa" by the PNP for their exemplary effort in raising the Philippine flag to a whole new level in the field of the Elite Warriors of the World.

Wherever i go, whatever i do, i will stamp the insignia of my ancestor ----Proud Igorota on board!!!!

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