Cycling through Lepanto, Mankayan via that famous golf course was an epic adventure! The views were incredible - stunning scenery and such a refreshing way to see the area. Just remember, this is Lepanto, Mankayan, not Loakan or Camp John Hay in Baguio City.

In the late 16th century, two hunters from Palatang, Buguias, chased a deer into the thickly forested parts of Nangkayang, which is now known as Mankayan. They reached Kamangga-an, the present-day location of Lepanto, named for its mango trees. During their pursuit, the hunters' dog drove the deer into a ravine where they found it. They spent the night feasting on the roasted deer's meat, using rocks that, to their surprise the next morning, were discovered to be malleable copper. This discovery led to Kamangga-an being renamed Magambang, derived from the native term "gambang" for copper. The mining and manufacturing of copper into pots, pipes, and tools attracted new settlers who established communities in Tubo, Tabio, Sesecan, Patpat, Balili, Mabilig, Bato, Bay-o, Payew, Colalo, and Busan.

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