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Dengue Drop: 59% Decrease in Cases in Cordillera Region

Cordillera records a 59% drop in Dengue cases, with 7 deaths this year, down from 20 last year.

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The Cordillera region reports a significant 59% decrease in Dengue cases, alongside a reduced number of fatalities, with 7 deaths this year compared to 20 the previous year.

Baguio City, Philippines - The Cordillera region has witnessed a significant decline in Dengue cases from January to September this year when compared to the same period last year.

According to the latest data from the Department of Health Cordillera, there were 5,552 reported cases of Dengue this year, marking a notable 59 percent decrease from the 13,563 cases recorded in the previous year. Although this is a positive trend, it is important to note that the region still reported 7 deaths due to Dengue, though this is a notable improvement from the 20 fatalities recorded the previous year.

In addition to Dengue, the health department has also observed an increase in several other notifiable diseases, some of which have sadly resulted in fatalities. Measles Rubella, for instance, saw a 37 percent increase, rising from 49 cases to 67 cases. Pertussis witnessed a substantial 500 percent spike, climbing from 2 cases in 2022 to 12 cases this year.

When it comes to foodborne and waterborne diseases, acute bloody diarrhea cases rose by 46 percent, going from 708 to 1,031 cases, with one recorded death. Acute viral hepatitis increased by an alarming 400 percent, from 1 case to 5 cases. Cholera cases also surged by a staggering 600 percent, with 7 cases reported this year compared to just one case last year.

Chikungunya, another notable concern, experienced a remarkable 4,266.7 percent increase, skyrocketing from 3 cases to a staggering 1,286 cases. It's important to mention that a significant number of Chikungunya cases, around 672, were documented in Mt. Province from January to August 2023, contributing significantly to this rise.

Leptospirosis, a potentially serious bacterial infection, showed a 93 percent increase, with cases climbing from 82 to 158. Unfortunately, there was also a rise in deaths related to Leptospirosis, increasing from 6 in the previous year to 13 this year.

In addition to the diseases mentioned above, there was a 39 percent increase in cases of influenza-like illness, which went up from 3,490 to 4,746 cases. Moreover, hand, foot, and mouth disease cases saw a 17 percent increase, rising from 612 to 716 cases.

In light of these concerning trends, the health department is urging the public to seek immediate medical attention if they experience any symptoms associated with these diseases. Timely diagnosis and treatment are crucial in preventing the spread and complications of these illnesses.

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