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Lasan Bolinget: Igorot Activist's Son Passes Bar Exam

Discover the inspiring journey of Lasan Bolinget, an Igorot and son of the alleged terrorist Windel Bolinget, as he triumphantly passes the Bar Exam.

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Witness the remarkable journey of Lasan Bolinget, son of activist Windel Bolinget, as he passes the Bar Exam with resilience and commitment.

In the vibrant city of Baguio, Zoroaster "Lasan" Bolinget, an Igorot and the son of Windel Bolinget, the chairperson of the Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) and a figure red-tagged by authorities, triumphs in the Bar Exam. This is a story of resilience and triumph, delving into Lasan Bolinget's journey, his heritage, and the challenges faced by his family.

Activist Roots

Lasan's journey is closely tied to the Cordillera Peoples Alliance, a staunch advocate for the environment and indigenous rights. His parents, Windel and Elvira Bolinget, have steadfastly committed to these causes, profoundly influencing Lasan's chosen path.

Windel Bolinget, as the chairperson of the Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA), has been a prominent figure in advocating for the rights of the indigenous people and environmental protection. Despite facing red-tagging and unjust accusations, Windel remains resolute in his commitment to these crucial causes.

Elvira Bolinget, a dedicated chemistry professor, lends her expertise to various environmental groups, contributing significantly to the scientific understanding and protection of the region's ecological diversity. Together, Windel and Elvira form a formidable force, inspiring Lasan to carry on their legacy of activism and environmental stewardship.

Windel and Elvira Bolinget

Father's Struggle, Guiding Lasan

Windel Bolinget, an advocate for the Cordillera people, faced adversity during the government's crackdown on activism. Accused without evidence, he stood resilient against unjust persecution. Windel's dedication to the Cordillera Peoples Alliance and environmental causes became a beacon for the Igorot community and inspired Lasan.

Amidst red-tagging and attempts to silence dissent, Windel's commitment to justice and indigenous rights motivated Lasan to pursue his own path.

"I need to be a lawyer. There is no other choice," declared Lasan, echoing his father's resilience.

Windel's struggles, marked by false accusations and attempts to stifle his advocacy, became a guiding force for Lasan. Fueled by his father's unwavering commitment, Lasan embarked on a journey dedicated to service and justice.

As Lasan steps into his role as a lawyer, his father's challenges become a crucial chapter in the story of resilience, commitment, and the pursuit of justice for the Cordillera people.

Lasan's journey to the Bar Exam faced challenges, including fabricated online stories maligning his father and false murder accusations. Despite these obstacles, family bonds strengthened, propelling Lasan with unparalleled determination.

Bar Exam Triumph

On April 12, 2021, amid global uncertainties, Lasan emerged triumphant in the Bar Exam. His success is not merely personal; it stands as a testament to strength forged through adversity and unwavering support.

"Finally!" he exclaimed, upon seeing his name among the successful candidates on that date. "I thanked God for my long-awaited dream and asked Him to help me stay humble."

All the sacrifices and support paid off when Lasan learned that he was among the more than 8,000 who hurdled the 2020-2021 Bar Exam.

Lasan commenced his Bar exam preparations after completing his law degree at the University of the Cordilleras in 2020. Notably, he had already earned his accountancy degree from the same university back in 2014 and successfully passed the accountancy licensure exam in that same year.

Paving the Way for Justice

Lasan aspires to work at the Public Attorney's Office, aiming to combat injustice at its core. If that avenue is unavailable, he envisions contributing to government agencies like the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Commission on Audit.

Lasan Bolinget stands as a symbol of pride, promising to guide others, be a voice for the voiceless, and champion justice in the Cordillera.

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