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Igorot Pilot 1LT Lei Vanette D. Alangui Named Among Outstanding Women in Law Enforcement 2024

Discover the inspiring journey of Igorot pilot 1LT Lei Vanette D. Alangui, honored among the outstanding women in law enforcement for 2024.

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Celebrate the diversity and leadership of 1LT Lei Vanette D. Alangui, an Igorot pilot honored as an OWLENS awardee in 2024.

In 2024, the Philippine Air Force (PAF) celebrates the outstanding achievements of 1LT Lei Vanette D. Alangui, an Igorot woman, who has been honored as one of the Outstanding Women in Law Enforcement and National Security (OWLENS) awardees. This recognition, presented by the Republic Defenders (RD) in partnership with Robinsons Land Corporation, underscores her remarkable contributions and unwavering dedication to service.

A Profile of Excellence

1LT Alangui, hailing from Sagada, Mountain Province, brings a wealth of experience to her role. Her background as a registered nurse complements her position as a certified military pilot in the Philippine Air Force (PAF), showcasing her versatility and commitment to serving her country.

Overcoming Challenges with Skill and Teamwork

Like many women in Philippine law enforcement and national security, 1LT Alangui has faced obstacles along her journey. However, her story is one of perseverance and resilience. Through her skills, unique perspectives, and collaborative spirit, she has not only overcome these challenges but has excelled in her role within the PAF.

Inspiring Future Generations

The OWLENS initiative aims to inspire Filipino women by recognizing exceptional performance in law enforcement and national security. By showcasing individuals like 1LT Alangui, OWLENS serves as a source of inspiration for future generations, encouraging them to make meaningful contributions to their communities and nation.

Congratulations from the Philippine Air Force

The Philippine Air Force, alongside the Office of the Air Force Gender and Development, extends heartfelt congratulations to 1LT Lei Vanette D. Alangui and her fellow OWLENS awardees. Their professionalism, dedication, and leadership serve as examples of excellence within the PAF and beyond.

Other Awardees

Joining 1LT Alangui in this esteemed recognition are the following outstanding women:

  1. COL Ann Marie T Gerodiaz PAF (GSC)
  2. LTC Cynthia Forteza-Guinto PAF
  3. MAJ Aileen S Zara PAF

Embracing Excellence

In conclusion, 1LT Lei Vanette D. Alangui's recognition as one of the 2024 OWLENS awardees celebrates the remarkable achievements of women in Philippine law enforcement and national security. Her story inspires others to strive for excellence and make significant contributions to their communities and nation.

Humble, Full Blooded Igorot living a simple life

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