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14RCDG Turn-over Unburned Belongings of Baguio City Public Market Fire Victim

1401CDC Team, recognized as "Good Samaritans" after returning the recovered documents and cash to a victim of the Baguio City Public Market fire.

14RCDG Turn-over Unburned Belongings of Baguio City Public Market Fire Victim

Baguio City - Organic personnel and reservists of 1401st Community Defense Center (CDC), 14th (CAR) Reserve Community Defense Group, RESCOM, PA have been hailed as 'Good Samaritans' after returning recovered documents and cash to a victim of the fire outbreak at Baguio City Public Market that happened last 11 March 2023.

On 13 March 2023, after the assessment and thorough investigation of the fire, the 1401st CDC Team were conducting a Clean-Up drive at the burned portion of Block 3 and 4 of the Public Market when they discovered unburned belonging to one of the stalls. They made an effort to look for the contact of the owner of the belongings.

Mr. Rodolfo Estrada is one of the affected during the fire incident in Block 4 of Baguio City Public Market. He was grateful to the 1401st CDC Team for returning his important documents and cash amounting to Php 7,800.00. Mr. Estrada did not expect that there would still be left of his merchandise and belongings. He also expressed his gratitude to the 1401st CDC Team under the leadership of MAJ JEOFREY G CODIAMAT (INF) PA. "In times of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response, they are truly reliable and ready to give support," Mr. Estrada said.

14RCDG Turn-over Unburned Belongings of Baguio City Public Market Fire Victim

1401st CDC Team and other volunteers continue to conduct Clean-Up Drive at Baguio City Public Market to speed up the cleaning and repair in the area so that stalls can be immediately installed for the vendors so that they can sell again to gain back what they have lost due to the fire outbreak.

Meanwhile, COL ARNEL B CABUGON INF (GSC) PA, Group Commander, 14RCDG, applauded the organic personnel and reservists of 1401CDC for their deed.

"The Reservists are organized and trained to render selfless service without expecting remuneration. We will ensure that the reserve force in the different provinces of Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) is always ready to provide the much-needed assistance in times of Calamities and Disaster," he said.

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