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Baguio Athletes earned 27 Medals at SEA GAMES Vietnam 2021

Team Baguio wins 27 medals at SEA GAMES Vietnam 2021: 5 Gold, 11 Silver, 11 Bronze.

SEA Games Opening Ceremony My Dinh National Stadium, Hanoi, Vietnam - Philippines contingent during the athletes parade | REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar
SEA Games Opening Ceremony My Dinh National Stadium, Hanoi, Vietnam - Philippines contingent during the athletes parade REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar

Team Philippines has officially finished the 31st Southeast Asian Games Vietnam 2021 with 52 Gold, 70 Silver, and 107 Bronze medals, bringing the nation to 4th place in the overall ranking among the 11 participating countries.

The 2021 Southeast Asian Games, officially known as the 31st Southeast Asian Games, or 31st SEA Games, and also known as Vietnam 2021, is the 31st edition of the Southeast Asian Games, the biennial regional multi-sport event held in Hanoi, Vietnam, and its surrounding cities from 12 to 23 May 2022.

We congratulate and deeply thank our national athletes (medalists and non-medalists alike) for giving pride and honor to our country, especially our athletes from the Cordillera region.

Based on the unofficial tally of the Baguio City Sports Division under Sports Officer Gaudencio Gonzales.

Medal count as SEA Games 2021 ends in Hanoi, Vietnam:

  • Gold: 5
  • Silver: 11
  • Bronze: 11
  • Total: 27 Medals

Kickboxing: 2G-3S-2B

  • Gold - Jean Claude Saclag (Men's 63.5kg Low Kick)
  • Gold - Gina Iniong-Araos (Women's 60 kg Low Kick)
  • Silver - Claudine Veloso (Women's 52kg Low Kick)
  • Silver - Zephania Ngaya (Women's 65kg Low Kick)
  • Silver - Renalyn Dacquel (Women's 48kg Full Contact)
  • Bronze - Honorio Banario (Men's 70kg Low Kick)
  • Bronze - Emmanuel Cantores (Men's 60kg Low Kick)

Wushu: 0G-1S-3B

  • Silver - Jones Llabres Inso (Taolu-Taijiquan)
  • Bronze -Jones Llabres Inso (Taolu)
  • Bronze - Divine Wally (Women's Sanda 48kg)
  • Bronze - Gideon Fred Padua (Men's Sanda 60kg)

Kurash: 0G-2S-1B

  • Silver - Helen Aclopen (Women's 48kg)
  • Silver - Charmea Quelino (Women's 52kg)
  • Bronze - Estie Gay Liwanen (Women's 57kg)

Dancesports: 1G-2S-0B

  • Gold (Single Latin Cha Cha Chal)
  • Silver in Jive and
  • Silver in SCRPJ Category) - Steph Sabalo/Michael Angelo Marquez

Taekwondo: 0G-1S-0B

  • Silver: Team of Jeordan Dominguez and Justine Kobe Macario (and 3 others) in Mixed Freestyle Team Poomsae

Muaythai: 1G-0S-1B (Games ongoing)

  • Gold - Islay Erika Bomogao (with Richien Yosorez)- Wai Kru Mai Muay All Female
  • Bronze - Ariel Lee Lampacan (Men's Combat 54kg)

Vovinam: 0G-0S-2B

  • Bronze - Jenelyn Olsim (Women's 55kg)
  • Bronze - Zephania Ngaya (Women's 60kg)

Wrestling: 0G-1S-0B

  • Silver - Minalyn Foy-os (Women's 57kg Freestyle)

Boxing: 1G-0S-2B

  • Gold - Eumir Felix Marcial (Men's 75kg)
  • Silver - Irish Magno (Women's 51 kg)
  • Bronze - Nesthy Petecio (Women's 57-60kg)
  • Bronze - Josie Gabuco (Women's 45-48kg)

Thank you to the coaches, team, and sports officials of various National Sports Associations, and to our PSC officials, support and medical staff, POCs, NSAs, private companies, private individuals, and sports enthusiasts for your endless support!

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