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Salidumay: A Short Film that Celebrates Cordilleran Culture

Short Film Salidumay Celebrates Cordilleran Culture Through Love Story of Ayo and Franz.


The short film Salidumay is a celebration of Cordilleran culture. It tells the story of Ayo, a Tingguian woman from Abra, and Franz, a former seminarian from Abra who now lives in Baguio City. When Franz can't find love through dating apps, he decides to use his culture's methods to arrange a marriage. He asks his parents to find a suitable match for him, and they introduce him to Ayo.

Ayo and Franz are from different cultures, but they are drawn to each other. They share a love of nature and traditional music, and they are both passionate about preserving their culture. However, their differences also lead to some challenges. Ayo is more traditional, while Franz is more modern. They also have different expectations about marriage.

Despite their challenges, Ayo and Franz eventually find a way to bridge their differences. They learn to respect each other's cultures, and they come to see that their differences are what make them a good match. In the end, they are able to find love and happiness together.

Salidumay is a beautifully shot short film that captures the beauty of the Cordillera region. It is also a heartwarming story about love, culture, and acceptance. The film was directed by Abrenean filmmaker Dexter Macaraeg, and it stars award-winning Igorota actress Mai Fanglayan and Kenneth Jhayve Bautista.

Salidumay is a must-see for anyone who is interested in Cordilleran culture or simply a good love story. The film is currently screening at the 11th International Film Festival in New York City, and it is sure to be a hit with audiences around the world.

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