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PANDEMIC MAY HASTEN "fashion advertising" -kristoffer Tabili-

As I have observed, social media to some extent has revolutionized the modeling industry at this moment. Anybody can now be a model! So, today, we can foster our own definition of what it means to be fashionably simple by choosing who you want to be as a model. We can curate models with great potentials to showcase what we feel, what we represent, what we celebrate, and what inspires us. It is undeniable that different social media platforms may save the day when all were possible to be done. The time when we can freely do our shots! At this time by offering sources of inspiration to many, creativity at its finest and a much-needed break since the occurrence of lockdown, finding ways how during the darkest of times can give hope even just in the local setting of the industry. The pandemic may accelerate the needs for models in the advertising world, as models are now considered powerful influencers these days over their own images by their photos and videos taken on their own. Modeling agencies have been struggling to handle their photo shoots and runways, but by simply asking their models to do it in their remote areas great shots can be possibly taken. With this simple way, they can be noticed. If having a hard time what to wear, logistics can be done by let's say shipping clothes directly to models. As a talent agent handling models, I can urge my staffs to send clothes and accessories to my models to show off their creative personalities when doing shots for themselves.

These days, quite a few advertisers do crowd sourcing video campaigns as it can generate a lot of benefits over ideation processes. Not only they have access to great ideas, but they can also engage to their customers better. So being creative may give innovative ways to pick up their best shots to models over their mobile phone and be an online influencer.

At those times when traditional shoots can be done anywhere and were used to be possible anytime, not all great shots were even noticed. Now that great shots are at hand, they can be seen as almost all get access to the web. We can always consider the traditional modeling style of taking great shots even indoor or outdoor during this pandemic and we can still run the world. "It is just a matter of creativity and professionalism when working with yourself or with the help of your photographer, videographer, or even your editor. If you don't have them, then why not professionalize yourself?" This is what I always tell my talents to do. Now with the advent of technology, with social media, with your skills, as a talent you can actually go directly to the people needing you as you can do fashion digitally. But finding the best support can help you speed up your career. That's what MK Digitales does as a significant number of models live in different areas where mobilization is not still possible.

FEBRUARY 12, 2021//


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