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Duterte confers PNP Medalya ng Kagitingan to 42 Police Commandos of SAF 44

The posthumous conferment of award was received by surviving kin of the 42 police commandos during honors ceremony at the Malacanang Palace.

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President Rodrigo R. Duterte yesterday conferred the coveted PNP Medalya ng Kagitingan to the remaining 42 members of the Gallant SAF 44 who died in a police operation against a high value international terrorist target in Mamasapano, Maguindanao on January 25, 2015.

The posthumous conferment of award was received by surviving kin of the 42 police commandos during honors ceremony at the Malacañang Palace.

The conferment ceremony was also attended by Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Eduardo M Año, PNP Chief, Director General Ronald “Bato” M Dela Rosa, and other officials from DILG, PNP, and NAPOLCOM.

In 2016, the two members of the SAF44 PCInsp Gednat Tabdi and PO3 Romeo Cempron were first to receive the same award.

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The PNP Medalya ng Kagitingan is the highest PNP award given to a police officer for acts of “conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life and limb above and beyond the call of duty.”

“To qualify for the award, a member of the PNP must perform in action a deed of personal bravery and self-sacrifice above and beyond the call of duty so conspicuous as to distinguish himself clearly above his comrades in the performance of more than ordinary hazardous service,” according to PNP Spokesperson, Chief Superintendent John C Bulalacao.

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Despite the loss of 44 police commandos, the Special Action Force accomplished its mission to neutralize international terrorist bomber Zulkifli Bin Hir alias Marwan.

Recipients of the Medalya ng Kagitingan are entitled to a lifetime monthly stipend and other non-cash benefits.

Name of Awardees

  1. PCINSP GEDNAT G TABDI (conferred in 2016)
  2. PO2 ROMEO C CEMPRON (conferred in 2016)
  4. SPO1 Rodrigo F. Acob Jr.
  5. PO3 Chum G Agabon
  6. SPO1 Robert D Aliaga
  7. PCINSP Cyrus Paleyan Anniban
  8. SPO1 Jedz-In Abubakar Asjali
  9. PO3 Noel Nebrida Balaca
  10. PO3 Richelle S Baluga
  11. PO3 Glenn Berecio Badua
  12. PO2 Russel Bawaan Bilog
  13. PO3 Godofredo Basak Cabanlet
  14. PO2 Windel Llano Candano
  15. PO2 Loreto Guyab Capinding
  16. SPO1 Peterson I. Carap
  17. PO2 Gringo C Cayang-o
  18. PO2 Mark Lory O Clemencio
  19. PCInsp Ryan Ballesteros Pabalinas
  20. PCInsp John Garry Alcantara Erana
  21. PCInsp Max Jim Ramirez Tria
  22. PSInsp Joey Sacristan Gamutan
  23. PSInsp Rennie Tayrus
  24. SPO2 Lover L. Inocencio
  25. SPO1 Virgel S. Villanueva
  26. SPO1 Andres Viernes Duque Jr.
  27. SPO1 Noel Onangey Golocan
  28. SPO1 Junrel Narvas Kibete
  29. SPO1 John Lloyd Rebammonte Sumbilla
  30. PO3 Amman Misuari Esmulla
  31. PO3 Roger C. Cordero
  32. PO3 Nicky DC Nacino
  33. PO3 Joel Bimidang Dulnuan
  34. PO3 Franklin Cadap Danao
  35. PO3 Walner Faustino Danao
  36. PO3 Jerry Dailay Kayob
  37. PO3 Noble Sungay Kiangan
  38. PO3 Ephraim G. Mejia
  39. PO3 Omar Agacer Nacionales
  40. PO3 Rodel Eva Ramacula
  41. PO3 Romeo Valles Senin I
  42. PO2 Angel C. Kodiamat
  43. PO2 Joseph Gumatay Sagonoy
  44. PO2 Oliebeth Ligutan Viernes

Source: PNP-PIO

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