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P600-M illegal drugs seized, 423 drug personalities arrested in the Cordilleras in 2020

Almost P600 million worth of illegal drugs were seized and 423 drug personalities were arrested by the Police Regional Office - Cordillera in 2020.

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Over P516 million worth of marijuana plants uprooted and destroyed by the Police Regional Office - Cordillera in 2020.

CAMP MAJOR BADO DANGWA, La Trinidad, Benguet - As the contributions of Police Regional Office Cordillera (PROCOR) to the government war on drugs, the intensified campaign of Cordillera Cops against illegal drugs resulted in the arrest of 423 drug personalities and seizure and confiscation of more than 70 million worth of illegal drugs in various anti-illegal drugs operation conducted while over 516 million worth of marijuana plants and seedlings were uprooted and destroyed in the Cordillera region.

For the calendar year 2020, a total of 433 anti-illegal drugs operations were conducted regionwide which was done through buy-bust operations, marijuana eradication operations, search warrants, warrants of arrest, police checkpoints, and other police operations.

Through these various operations conducted, 423 drug suspects were arrested of which 345 persons were drug users and 78 were drug pushers, while 303 cases were filed in court. Among the arrested drug suspects, 170 were High-Value Individuals (HVI). Of the total number of arrest, Benguet PPO gains the most number of arrests with 137 individuals, followed by BCPO with 131 arrests, Kalinga PPO with 92 apprehensions, Abra PPO with 32, Mountain Province PPO with 21, Apayao PPO with 7, and Ifugao PPO with 3 arrested persons.

Aside from the arrest of the suspects, a total of Php 70,656,557 worth of assorted illegal drugs were seized, confiscated, and recovered during various police operations. Contrabands that were seized, confiscated, and recovered were 126 sachets of shabu, 7 sachets of marijuana, 177 marijuana bricks, and 86 fully grown marijuana plants.

Furthermore, during the marijuana eradication, a total of Php 516,445,705.00 Dangerous Drugs Board value worth of marijuana plants was uprooted and destroyed in 2020. Said plants destroyed were composed of 2,241,679 fully grown marijuana plants, 9,555 grams of marijuana seeds, and 522.50 kilos of dried marijuana plants. Mostly, the marijuana eradication operations took place in the provinces of Kalinga, Benguet, and Mt Province.

PRO COR is strengthening the police operations and intensifying intelligence build-up against personalities involved in illegal drugs. Further, a more forceful, intensive, and unrelenting campaign against drug pushers and users is being implemented.


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