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Dr. Andrie Domogo: First Igorot PhD Graduate at UP Baguio

Dr. Andrie Domogo, a proud Igorot from Mountain Province, made history as the first-ever PhD graduate of the University of the Philippines Baguio.

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Meet Dr. Andrie Domogo, a proud Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province, who made history as UP Baguio's first-ever PhD graduate.

In the rugged hills of Sagada, Mountain Province, we meet Dr. Andrie Domogo, a proud Igorot who has etched his name in history. He stands as the first-ever Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) graduate of the University of the Philippines (UP) - Baguio.

Adding a touch of tradition to his achievement, he proudly donned the "bahag" during his graduation in 2022.

As we delve into his remarkable journey, we'll uncover his path to this historic milestone, explore the challenges he overcame, and understand the profound impact of his success. This article aims to provide insight into the life and accomplishments of Dr. Andrie Domogo, offering a glimpse into his inspiring story.

Background of Dr. Andrie Domogo

Dr. Andrie Domogo, the second child of the late Fr. Joseph Domogo and Dr. Penelope Aquino-Domogo, hails from the captivating landscapes of Sagada, Mountain Province. His roots run deep in this picturesque region, where he draws inspiration from its vibrant culture and traditions.

As a student, Dr. Domogo began his educational journey in local schools, igniting a passion for learning that would shape his future. His teachers and mentors recognized his potential early on, nurturing his intellectual curiosity and guiding him along the path of knowledge.

However, his education extended beyond the classroom, reflecting the Cordilleran way of life. Lessons of hard work, resilience, and unity, instilled by his community, became the cornerstones of his character. These values would continue to drive him in his pursuits.

Dr. Domogo's accomplishments stand as a testament to his personal dedication and a source of pride for the entire Cordilleran community. They highlight the incredible potential within the Cordilleran people and offer inspiration for generations to come.

In the following sections, we will explore the challenges he encountered and the far-reaching impact of his historic journey on the Igorot community and the landscape of higher education in the Philippines.

Breaking Barriers: The Igorot Experience

To understand the significance of Dr. Andrie Domogo's achievement, it's crucial to delve into the historical context and challenges faced by Igorot students, including Dr. Domogo, as the First Igorot PhD graduate of UP Baguio.

Dr. Andrie Domogo, a proud Cordilleran from Sagada, Mountain Province, made history as the first-ever PhD graduate of UP Baguio.

Historically, Igorot students pursuing higher education have encountered a unique set of challenges. The Igorot community, despite its rich cultural heritage and contributions, has often been underrepresented in higher education institutions. Limited access to quality education, financial constraints, and geographical isolation have been some of the barriers faced by aspiring Igorot scholars.

These challenges, however, did not deter individuals like Dr. Domogo from pursuing their dreams of higher learning. His achievement as the First Igorot PhD graduate at UP Baguio is a remarkable milestone that stands as a beacon of hope for the Igorot youth. It signifies a breakthrough, not only in terms of academic achievement but also in breaking down long-standing barriers and stereotypes.

Dr. Domogo's journey exemplifies the determination and resilience of Igorot students, paving the way for future generations to pursue their educational aspirations. His success is a testament to the potential that exists within the Igorot community and serves as a reminder of the importance of diversity and inclusivity in higher education.

In the following section, we will explore Dr. Domogo's connection with UP Baguio and his current role as an assistant professor at the university, shedding light on how his achievements are reshaping the educational landscape and inspiring future generations of Igorot students.

The UP Baguio Connection

Dr. Andrie Domogo's academic journey is closely intertwined with the University of the Philippines (UP) Baguio. In this section, we will explore the pivotal role of UP Baguio in shaping Dr. Domogo's path and discuss his current position as an assistant professor at the university.

UP Baguio, a renowned institution known for its commitment to academic excellence, provided the platform for Dr. Domogo's pursuit of higher education. It was within the halls of this esteemed university that he embarked on his doctoral journey, furthering his studies in a field that held deep personal and cultural significance.

Dr. Domogo's journey at UP Baguio began as a Gurong Pahinungod, where he dedicated two years of service after completing his undergraduate studies. This commitment to giving back and serving his community highlights his dedication to both education and the Igorot community.

During his graduation at Pagtatapos 2022, Dr. Domogo, the current Director of the Ugnayan ng Pahinungod, proudly wore the famous "bahag," a traditional garment used by the indigenous peoples of the Cordilleras. This symbolic gesture reflects his deep connection to his cultural roots and serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving and celebrating indigenous traditions.

Dr. Andrie Domogo proudly wears the UP Baguio 'Sablay' and 'bahag' during his historic Ph.D. graduation on July 21, 2022. Photo: Philstar/Jap Tobias

Today, he continues to contribute to UP Baguio as an assistant professor, playing a crucial role in shaping the educational experiences of future generations of students. His journey from student to educator within the same institution underscores the potential for positive change that higher education can bring to individuals and communities.

In the following sections, we will delve into the broader impact of Dr. Domogo's success on the Igorot community and higher education in the Philippines, highlighting the ripple effect of his historic achievement.

Impact on the Igorot Community

Dr. Andrie Domogo's journey as the First Igorot PhD graduate, particularly from UP Baguio, has had a profound impact on the Igorot community. In this section, we will explore how his success has inspired other Igorot students and discuss the broader implications of his achievement on the Igorot community, both locally and nationally.

Dr. Domogo's remarkable achievement serves as a source of inspiration for Igorot students who aspire to pursue higher education. His journey embodies the idea that with determination and hard work, significant academic milestones can be reached. Many young Igorots now see him as a role model, proof that barriers can be overcome and dreams can be realized.

Beyond personal inspiration, Dr. Domogo's achievement has wider implications for the Igorot community. It challenges stereotypes and misconceptions, highlighting the intellectual capacity and potential within the Igorot people. His success contributes to reshaping perceptions of the Igorot community and serves as a reminder of the importance of diversity in education.

Nationally, his achievement also underscores the significance of inclusive higher education. Dr. Domogo's journey symbolizes the need for higher education institutions to provide equal opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds, ultimately enriching the educational landscape in the Philippines.

In the upcoming conclusion, we will reflect on the significance of Dr. Domogo's achievements and their profound implications for both the Igorot community and the landscape of higher education in the Philippines.


Dr. Andrie Domogo's remarkable journey as the First Igorot PhD graduate of UP Baguio is a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and the pursuit of knowledge. His story serves as an inspiration not only to the Igorot community but to all who believe in the transformative potential of education.

In summarizing his journey, we recognize the challenges he faced as an Igorot student pursuing higher education. These challenges, such as limited access and financial constraints, were formidable but did not deter him from achieving academic excellence.

Dr. Domogo's connection with UP Baguio, from his time as a Gurong Pahinungod to his current role as an assistant professor, highlights the impact of higher education on individuals and communities. His commitment to serving his community and preserving indigenous traditions, as demonstrated by proudly wearing the "bahag" during his graduation, underscores the importance of cultural preservation in a diverse academic environment.

Moreover, Dr. Domogo's journey is a symbol of hope for Igorot students who aspire to pursue higher education. His achievements challenge stereotypes and inspire the next generation to overcome barriers and reach for academic excellence.

In the broader context of higher education in the Philippines, Dr. Domogo's success emphasizes the need for inclusivity and diversity. It showcases the potential within diverse communities and underscores the importance of equal access to quality education.

As we conclude, Dr. Andrie Domogo's journey is a shining example of the transformative power of education and its ability to break down barriers, inspire communities, and enrich the academic landscape of the Philippines. His story reminds us that with determination and a commitment to one's roots, extraordinary achievements are possible, and they benefit not only the individual but society as a whole.

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