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Fil-Am Director Collaborates with Hollywood and Local Actors in Romantic-Comedy "TAKE ME TO BANAUE"

TAKE ME TO BANAUE will touch the soul and break new grounds. In addition, the production aims to promote Philippines and the Filipino culture.

Producer/Director Danny Aguilar collaborates with Hollywood actors and local artists in an upcoming romantic comedy film "Take Me To Banaue"

Filipino-American producer/director collaborates with Hollywood actors and local artists in an upcoming romantic comedy film "Take Me To Banaue"

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Filipino-American producer Danny Aguilar, President and Founder of Carpe Diem Pictures based in Dallas, Texas, USA collaborates with Hollywood actors and local artists in an upcoming romantic comedy film "Take Me To Banaue."

Written by JASON ROGERS and DANNY AGUILAR, "Take Me To Banaue" follows Hank, a gawky American engineer in his pursuit to meet the perfect girlfriend who he hopes will become his wife.

After discovering the real truth about the stunning woman he fell for, Hank has to spend the days and hours grappling with a deal from a businesswoman and listening to his friend's advice - all as he tries to make it to Banaue... for the woman he loves.

This romantic comedy will surely be a wild ride as we follow HANK (Brandon Melo) in his pursuit to meet the perfect girlfriend who he hopes will soon become his wife. This does not, however, prove very easy when he meets GRACE (Maureen Wroblewitz).

He thinks they are in love, but quickly finds out that Grace is staying with him so that she could get financial help. This misunderstanding leads to some melee in Hank's hotel room, and when JINKY (Thea Tolentino) comes to assess the damage to her hotel, she notices some details about Hank that works with her life plan.

This sets in motion a business negotiation that is halted by Hank's recent health concerns and his love for Grace. But it is Hank's friend Jordan who manages to bring an end to a long-held colonial idea that Jinky holds dear.

When the name of the game is "justification," we are definitely in for a ride.

The film includes talented and amazing cast ensemble such as:

• BRANDON MELO - an American actor, model, and entrepreneur based in Boston, Massachusetts. He plays the protagonist Hank, an engineer who sees the world in black and white and finds comfort in that which is measurable.

• MAUREEN WROBLEWITZ - a Filipina-German actress, TV host, and fashion model, best known for winning the fifth season of "Asia's Next Top Model." She represented the Philippines in the competition, and became the first Filipina to win. She also placed first runner-up at the Miss Universe Philippines 2021. Maureen plays the role of Grace, a young, attractive girl from Banaue who loves her family deeply and the love interest of Hank.

• THEA TOLENTINO - a Filipino actress known for her role in GMA 7's drama series "The Half Sisters." She started her career as one of the winners of the second season of "Protégé," a talent search-reality show. She's an exclusive talent of GMA network. Thea plays the role of Jinky, a successful entrepreneur who has worked hard to achieve the success she has attained and the owner of the hotel where Hank stays while in Baguio.

• DYLAN ROGERS - an actor and model based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. His acting career started in theater and appeared in numerous films and TV shows. Dylan plays the role of Jordan, a medical doctor and best friend of Hank who continues to live a life like he did during his youth: sowing his wild oats.

• MJ LASTIMOSA - an engineer, host, actress, and a beauty queen, who was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2014. She represented the country at the Miss Universe 2014 and finished as a Top 10 semi-finalist. MJ plays the role of Paloma, an escort and the mentor of Grace.

• NORMAN BALBUENA, a.k.a. BOOBAY - a Filipino comedian, actor, and TV host. In 2019, he joined Super Tekla in the comedy variety talk show "The Boobay And The Tekla Show." Boobay plays the role of Rocky, a talented, witty, and flamboyant stylist wo goes after Hank's appearance and fashion.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Executive Producer, Co-writer, and Director DANNY AGUILAR has a passion for storytelling specially in the areas of fiction and non-fiction. After completing his degree in Chemical Engineering, Danny came to the U.S. He then continued his studies in Master of Science and followed by Master of Business Administration. He founded Quality Eagle Consulting Services in Dallas, Texas, advising Fortune 500 companies in the areas of engineering, quality, compliance, and process improvement.

His entry into film started as a hobby, then became a passion. He did a short stint as a volunteer at Sundance Film Festival and other festivals, then studied with the Hollywood Film Institute. He was accepted at the Sundance Collab Director's Mentorship Program, where was mentored by a Sundance award-winning director.

His practical business acumen and engineering skill helped him quickly master the work of producing and directing film. In 2017, Danny founded Carpe Diem Pictures, LLC, based in Dallas, which aims to produce and finance independent films. In a few short years, the production has launched eight (8) film projects, both documentary and narrative.

Danny brings know-how and innovation to the process of conceiving the idea, building the team, gaining the support, and producing each screen project. Strong relationships are at the core of all he undertakes. The film business is a people business, he believes, and good storytelling starts with caring about people, and benefiting them in their lives.

Direk Danny hopes "Take Me To Banaue" will inspire and transform people in a more cathartic way. He also hopes that this film can put the Philippines on the proverbial Hollywood map. And, he wants everyone to see his homeland as more than a place with gorgeous beaches and delicious cuisine. He wants them to go deeper and love it as he loves it.

The following amazing people has also joined the crew that will help make this film a reality:


MARVIN REYES -- Director of Photography

ROWENA CONCEPCION -- Production Manager

HAN SALAZAR - Assistant Director

FRANCISCO "NONO" NEBRES -- Production Designer

REX BELARMINO - Casting Director

EINJ SANTOS -- Script Continuity

JHEFF FELIX ORGASAN -- Production Assistant

LARA MESINA - Production Assistant

WILDSOUND -- Post Production

CINEFILM, INC. -- Camera and Lights Equipment

MELL T. NAVARRO and PETER ALLAN MARIANO of CreativeTech Productions have been tapped to provide PR and Publicity services for the film.

Principal photography of "Take Me To Banaue" is scheduled to start March 4, 2022 in Baguio City and Banaue, Ifugao, Philippines.

Engineer, Broadcaster, TV/Movie Writer-Director, Pro Photographer and Videographer, Digital Marketer, and Published Author

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