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PBGEN Rudolph Dimas: Igorot leads Philippine National Police Anti-Kidnapping Group

PBGEN Rudolph Botengan Dimas, a proud Igorot, is the Acting Director of the Philippine National Police Anti-Kidnapping Group.

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PBGEN Rudolph Botengan Dimas, Igorot Acting Director of the Philippine National Police Anti-Kidnapping Group.
PBGEN Rudolph Botengan Dimas, Igorot Acting Director of the Philippine National Police Anti-Kidnapping Group.

PCOL Rudolph Botengan Dimas leads Philippine National Police Anti-Kidnapping Group

PCOL Rudolph Botengan Dimas, a proud Igorot from Mountain Province, is the new Acting Director of the Anti-Kidnapping Group of the Philippine National Police (AKG-PNP).

PCOL Dimas is a native of Besao, Mountain Province, and a loving son to Benjamin and Evelyn Dimas. He traces his Ibaloi roots on his father's side and his Applai roots on his mother's side. The former originated from La Trinidad and Tuba in Benguet, while the latter hailed from Kin-iway, Besao in Mountain Province.

PBGEN Rudolph Botengan Dimas is the Acting Director of the Philippine National Police Anti-Kidnapping Group.
PBGEN Rudolph Botengan Dimas is the Acting Director of the Philippine National Police Anti-Kidnapping Group.

The newly-appointed PNP-AKG's Director was officially installed replacing PBGEN Jonnel C. Estomo in an assumption ceremony presided by PLTGEN GUILLERMO LORENZO T ELEAZAR at the AKG Headquarters in Camp BGen Rafael T Crame, Quezon City on April 28, 2021.

A member of the Philippine National Police Academy "Tagapagpatupad" Class of 1992, PCOL Dimas began his career with the Special Action Force (PNP- SAF) upon graduation when it was still known as the Police Anti-Crime and Emergency Response Force (PACER).

Over the years he gained experience and earned countless awards in several other units advancing through the ranks and increasingly more weighty assignments.

In the last five years, he expanded his expertise through various regional assignments:

  • Provincial Director of Camarines Norte
  • Chief Regional Staff of PRO1
  • Deputy Regional Director for Operations of PRO 4-A
  • Deputy Regional Director for Administration of PRO 6.

He was in the latter assignment for barely three weeks before being designated at AKG.

In his speech, he profoundly goes over his first orders which he sums up in an acronym (ROD- Remember, Overcome, Develop) stressing out its different meanings but emphasized "Ruling and Punishment".

Under the ROD, he demands quick and detailed information from all units within AKG so he can make the best decision for the team. He also told them not to become complacent and asked them to instill the highest form of discipline and professionalism.

"I will remove the biased treatment in the placement of officers in key positions, you will all have an equal opportunity to shine with me here in AKG. I don't care where you came from... AER ka man, lateral o kaya rose from the rank, patas kayo sa paningin ko basta magtrabaho lang kayo ng maayos," Dimas said.

Emphasizing teamwork, he stirred up the emotion of the group by appealing to the senior officers to develop a "nurturing attitude" and asked them to be the mentors for the younger and incoming officers so they can acquire the skills needed to be an elite operative of AKG.

"Everyone in the group should be an Intel operative, an investigator, and a tactical operative to achieve the mission with ease and with flying colors". He said.

He stated his expertise and achievements in the background and thanked all those people and institutions that mold and helped him climbed the ladder of success.

His story may not differ from other success stories but it may get us to the conclusion that success is not partial.

PCOL Dimas thanked all those behind his success, specifically mentioning his parents and his wife Christine, and their children Timothy John and Cheyenne for their consistent and all-out support.

PCOL Rudolph Botengan Dimas promoted to Brigadier General

The Anti-Kidnapping Group welcomes its 14th Star with the promotion of Police Brigadier General Rudolph Botengan Dimas on July 21, 2021.

In his speech, he thanked his family and all the people who inspired him in his journey to the star. He also thanked his alma mater, the Philippine National Police Academy, for molding him into the leader he is today.

His promotion coincides with AKG winning the Best National Operational Support Unit for the culmination of the Police Community Relations Month.

AKG wins the Best National Operational Support Unit for the culmination of the Police Community Relations Month.
AKG wins the Best National Operational Support Unit for the culmination of the Police Community Relations Month.

Newly promoted PBGEN Rudolph B. Dimas swore that he will be steering the unit with all vigor and vitality and he promised that AKG will be actively participating in various activities that will improve the relationship of the police and the community it serves.

In the concluded PCR month celebration, the AKG was awarded the outstanding NOSU for 2021 in fitting recognition of its contribution to various programs that bring the PNP closer to the people.

AKG was awarded the outstanding NOSU for 2021
AKG was awarded the outstanding NOSU for 2021

The Police Community Advocacy and Development Group recognized AKG's contribution in Police Community Relations (PCR) activities despite its mandate as an operational support unit. It facilitated symposia, seminars, community clean-up drives, tree planting activities, and medical and dental missions.

Its "Project 4K" Kumunidad Kontra Kidnapping at Kirimalidad contributed to the decline of kidnapping in the past year while its" Project KICK" Key Information Number to Counter Kidnapping served as the hotline number that entertains complaints and acts on kidnapping concerns.

Its "Barangayanihan" initiatives in various locations benefitted more than 6,000 beneficiaries through the "operation tulong" and the "adopt a community" program.

A total of 100 gallons of alcohol, 2000 boxes of facemasks, and 1000 pieces of face shield were distributed to front liners and the less fortunate members of our community.

Its environment program gained recognition from the LGUs and the community which led to the creation of advocacy groups that are now assisting the PNP in the implementation of its various programs.

AKG will continue to foster cooperation with its stakeholders and the community with the end goal of stopping the spread of COVID in the near future.

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