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Reynold Domalsin: Igorot Clinches Silver in NAC Mr. and Ms. Universe Bodybuilding

Igorot bodybuilder Reynold Domalsin secures silver in NAC Mr. and Ms. Universe 2019, a cultural milestone on the global stage.

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Igorot bodybuilder Reynold Domalsin secures Silver in NAC Mr. and Ms. Universe Bodybuilding 2019, marking a milestone of cultural achievement on the global stage.

In a remarkable display of prowess, Reynold Domalsin, or "Cocoi," secured the silver medal at the prestigious National Athletic Committee (NAC) Mr. and Ms. Universe Bodybuilding competition in Humberg, Germany, held on November 30, 2019. Proudly representing his Igorot heritage and hailing from Baguio City and Barlig, Mountain Province, Cocoi's achievement not only brought pride to Cordillera and the Philippines but also underscored his dedication to excellence.

Global Triumph: A Stellar Performance

Facing formidable competitors in the Men's Body III category, Cocoi's dedication and exceptional physique earned him a well-deserved second place on the international bodybuilding stage. This victory, while a personal milestone, resonates far beyond individual success.

Continuing a Legacy: Son of a Bodybuilding Legend

As the son of the late bodybuilding legend Nick Domalsin Sr., Cocoi's triumph takes on added significance. It symbolizes the continuation of a legacy rooted in excellence, both locally and globally. His success echoes the indelible mark left by his father on Cordillera's bodybuilding history.

Photo: Anthony Chia-bradley

Family Dedication and Global Recognition

Cocoi's victories are more than athletic achievements; they are a heartfelt dedication to family. Each win serves as a tribute to his wife, son, and the enduring memory of his father. Beyond personal circles, his success resonates with overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Germany. Their acknowledgment and expressions of pride highlight the global impact of Cocoi's accomplishments.

Photo: Anthony Chia-bradley

A Trail of Success: Beyond the Silver Medal

Cocoi's silver medal in Germany is part of a broader narrative of triumphs. His journey includes notable victories such as the fourth place in Muscle Contest-Masters Champion (80kg+ category), overall champion in Mister Classic Philippines, champion in Global Classic (Hong Kong), second place in Mister Sangyaw Open, third place in Mutant-Open, overall champion in Mister La Trinidad Open, and another 2nd place as Mister Panagbenga.

Inspiration for Aspiring Athletes

Cocoi's journey stands as a beacon of inspiration, not just for the people of Baguio City and Barlig, Mt. Province, but for aspiring athletes nationwide. His story embodies the values of resilience, dedication, and passion needed to excel in the demanding world of bodybuilding.

Exceptional Performances by Lady Bodybuilders

While Cocoi Domalsin's triumph took center stage, it's crucial to acknowledge the outstanding performances of two remarkable lady bodybuilders, Mye Eugenio and Angelyn Gapas, who emerged as finalists in their respective categories.

Mye Eugenio: Overcoming Challenges in Ms. Figure -30 Plus Category

Mye Eugenio showcased unwavering determination in the Ms. Figure -30 plus category, securing the eighth position amid formidable competitors from Germany, Russia, Norway, Great Britain, and other countries. Eugenio's journey was marked by challenges, including the need to lose three kilograms in a mere four hours. Undeterred, she persevered, spending four hours in the sauna to meet the weight requirement. Encouragement from Ms. Universe 2017 Cheryl Nakanishi proved pivotal, giving Eugenio the courage to shed the extra pounds. This resilient spirit mirrors her recent triumphs, where she championed the women's figure and secured the second position in the women's physique in the Show of Strength 2019 Body Building Competition.

Angelyn Gapas: Rising Star in Ms. Bikini Shape

Teammate Angelyn Gapas, under the guidance of certified fitness trainer Mye Eugenio, stood proudly as a finalist in the Ms. Bikini Shape category. Despite being a relative newcomer in the bodybuilding scene, Gapas demonstrated her prowess alongside seasoned veterans from around the world. Her remarkable journey includes participation in the Show of Strength 2019, where she secured the second position in the bikini short and the third place in the bikini open category-a testament to her rising stature in the field.

The performances of Mye Eugenio and Angelyn Gapas not only contribute to the overall success of Team Murphy but also showcase the resilience and skill of Filipino athletes on the international stage. Their stories add depth to the narrative of Filipino excellence in bodybuilding, reinforcing the Philippines' position as a force to be reckoned with in global competitions.

Conclusion: A Celebration of Filipino Excellence

In the rhythm of achievements and sheer determination, Cocoi's silver victory stands as a proud testament to Filipino excellence. His journey, rooted in family legacy and national pride, goes beyond individual accomplishment, embodying the enduring spirit of Cordillera and the Philippines on the global bodybuilding stage.

As we applaud Cocoi's success, the narrative broadens to highlight the outstanding performances of Mye Eugenio and Angelyn Gapas. These resilient women, facing challenges head-on, embody the unwavering spirit of Filipino athletes. Eugenio's determination and Gapas's rising star power contribute to the story of Team Murphy, adding layers to the tale of Filipino prowess internationally.

In the arena of competition, where every effort counts, the Philippines emerges not just as a participant but as a formidable force. Cocoi's silver shines not in isolation but as part of a broader story, where each victory weaves into the rich fabric of Filipino achievement.

As applause resounds and medals gleam, it serves as a reminder that beyond the weights and flexed muscles lies a narrative of dedication, legacy, and a nation standing tall. Reynold Domalsin, Mye Eugenio, Angelyn Gapas-all contributors to the flourishing saga of Filipino excellence-inspire a new generation to dream, persevere, and triumph on the global stage. This chapter concludes, but the stage remains set for more stories of triumph, more medals to be earned, and the continued legacy of Filipino athletes to unfold.

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