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Atty. Rockylle Balisong: Igorot is Top 18 in the 2023 Bar Exam

Atty. Rockylle Dominique L. Balisong, Top 18 in the 2023 Bar Exam, an Igorot daughter of attorney parents. Her boyfriend secured the Top 2 spot.

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Igorot excellence: Atty. Rockylle Dominique L. Balisong, daughter of attorneys, secures 18th place in the 2023 Bar Exam.

Atty. Rockylle Dominique Laureta Balisong isn't just another top performer in the 2023 Bar Exam; she's carving a distinct path of success. Ranked an impressive 18th in the nation, this Igorot native from Baguio City and Sagada, Mountain Province, stands out in her achievements. Let's dive into her story, grounded in family legacy, personal triumphs, and a love story intertwined with legal pursuits.

Atty. Rockylle Dominique L. Balisong

A Legal Love Story: Rockylle's Bar Exam Triumph

On December 5, Rockylle Balisong and her partner Mark Vivit discovered they excelled in the 2023 Bar examinations. Mark secured the No. 2 spot, while Rockylle proudly claimed the 18th position among top achievers.

Their journey began at the University of Santo Tomas, where they both studied political science. Officially a couple since 2021, their connection spans over four years.

Rockylle shared that success wasn't about elaborate study dates but about balancing priorities. She emphasized making up for lost time post-Bar, acknowledging the demanding nature of law school and the review period.

Both Mark and Rockylle are part of the 3,812 successful candidates in the 2023 Bar exams, with a passing rate of 36.77%. The three-day exam occurred on September 17, 20, and 24 across 14 testing centers nationwide.

The challenges of law school did not hinder Rockylle and Mark from building a meaningful relationship. Juggling social outings with focused study sessions, they gracefully navigated the demands of both law school and blossoming love.

Mark shared his longstanding dream of becoming a lawyer. Rockylle, initially entering law school on a whim due to dissatisfaction with her government job, later discovered her inherent calling for a legal career.

The couple embraced the trials associated with the legal profession, with both achieving commendable results in the Bar exams.

Practical Advice for Future Bar Examinees

Reflecting on the intense Bar preparations, Rockylle acknowledged the challenge of carving out time together within the tight two-month review period. Her advice on balancing romance and legal pursuits was practical, emphasizing the importance of not overworking the relationship, seeking compromise, and prioritizing Bar exam preparation.

On December 22, Rockylle and Mark, alongside over 3,000 triumphant Bar examinees, will officially become attorneys. Their journey symbolizes a shared tale of love, commitment, and success in the demanding field of law. In celebrating their achievement, one might aptly exclaim, "Sana all!"

Atty. Rockylle's journey is rooted in a family of legal minds. Her parents, Atty. Luz Laureta and Atty. Rocky Thomas Balisong, a law practitioner and former Baguio City councilor, set the stage for legal prowess. Their extensive legal background and experience significantly contribute to the Balisong family's enduring presence in the legal sphere.

Siblings, Atty. Patrick Balisong and Nurse Rylina Olga Mae Balisong, recent topnotchers in their respective fields, add to the family's legacy with exemplary performances. The Balisong family's commitment to the legal profession, shaped by both parents, guides Atty. Rockylle's journey, instilling a passion for justice that transcends individual achievements.

Meanwhile, despite falling short of his dream to top the bar examination, Atty. Rocky Thomas Balisong takes pride in the success of his children.

Tackling Challenges: A Personal Journey

In an interview, Atty. Rockylle Dominique Balisong shared her genuine joy and gratitude. She thanked her family and a higher power for achieving the 18th position in the bar examination. Initially, her prayers were simple - just a request to pass the exam. However, she felt that the creator responded with even greater favor.

Acknowledging the difficulties she faced, Atty. Rockylle revealed a moment of hesitation about continuing the demanding bar examination. Despite the challenges, she pushed forward. In those tough times, she found inspiration in her family, particularly her brother, and their unwavering support. The struggle was more than a personal endeavor; it became a testament to the strength found in family bonds and personal inspiration.

Balancing family responsibilities, personal goals, and academic challenges requires a delicate balance. Atty. Rockylle's advice resonates with aspiring lawyers. Efficient study plans, understanding the unique demands of the legal journey, and finding a balance are the keys to success.

Now a part of a prestigious law firm in Metro Manila, Atty. Rockylle isn't just a top performer on an exam sheet. She's a legal trailblazer in the making. Her story encompasses family legacy, top-performing siblings, and a love story that defies the challenges of the legal terrain.


As Atty. Rockylle Dominique L. Balisong embarks on her legal career, her journey stands as a testament to the commitment instilled by her parents, Atty. Luz Laureta and Atty. Rocky Thomas Balisong. Siblings, Atty. Patrick Balisong and Nurse Rylina Olga Mae Balisong, further enrich the family's narrative with their recent topnotch performances.

In celebrating Atty. Rockylle Dominique L. Balisong's achievement, we're not just acknowledging an Igorot in the top ranks. We're applauding a trailblazer navigating the legal landscape with resilience, familial support, and an enduring commitment to justice.

Her journey, marked by personal triumphs and family support, serves as an inspiration for aspiring lawyers. As she steps into the role of a legal professional in a prestigious law firm in Metro Manila, Atty. Rockylle Dominique L. Balisong is not merely a top performer; she is a trailblazer shaping the future of law.

The legacy of the Balisong family, characterized by dedication and inspiration, paves the way for future generations of legal professionals. As her story unfolds in the legal landscape, Atty. Rockylle Dominique L. Balisong stands as a testament to the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and a supportive family foundation. In applauding her achievement, we celebrate not just an individual's success but the collective legacy of a family dedicated to the pursuit of justice and excellence in the legal realm.

And let's not forget to acknowledge the invaluable support of her partner, Mark Vivit, whose presence has been a steadfast source of encouragement throughout her journey. Their shared triumph in the 2023 Bar examinations adds another layer to the narrative, emphasizing the significance of love and partnership in overcoming challenges and achieving success.

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