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Sidung by El Sarlipan (Song Lyrics + Meaning)

Kankana-ey song "Sidung" by El Sarlipan is the hottest Igorot song right now. Discover the people behind it, its meaning with included lyrics.

Discover the hottest Igorot song, Sidung by El Sarlipan. Uncover the creators and the song's meaning with included lyrics. Dive into the cultural richness of this Kankana-ey masterpiece.

El Sarlipan's new song, "Sidung," is making waves in the Igorot community. It's not just another Kankana-ey song; it's something else, getting everyone talking and sharing.

Recently, "Sidung" caught fire in Igorot circles, spreading like crazy online. It got us thinking, what's the deal with this song? Why's everyone buzzing about it in the Igorot community?

Today, we're digging into the details of "Sidung." We'll break down the lyrics, figure out what makes it special, and understand why Igorots are connecting with it. "Sidung" isn't just a tune; it's a shared experience, telling a story that hits close to home.

And hey, stick around because we're not just talking about it-we'll share the lyrics with you. Plus, we'll take a closer look at the names behind this new song, giving credit where credit's due. Let's get into the nitty-gritty and find out why "Sidung" is the talk of the town in the Igorot community.

El Sarlipan, composer of "Sidung"

The Creators Behind "Sidung" and Where to Stream

Before we delve further into the essence of "Sidung" by El Sarlipan, let's acknowledge the talented individuals who brought this song to life:

  • Produced by: Abner Badua
  • Mastered by: John Aries Fuertez
  • Keys by: Brad Coronel
  • Bass by: Jonathan Jabez Lopez
  • Drums by: Moon Cairo Peralta
  • Guitars by: Abner Badua
  • Composed by: El Sarlipan
  • Recorded at: Rock Mount Studios

These skilled musicians and technicians have played pivotal roles in shaping the music and ensuring its sonic excellence. Each contributor brings their unique expertise to the table, contributing to the overall magic of "Sidung."

🎶 Stream Now! For those eager to immerse themselves in the captivating sounds of "Sidung" by El Sarlipan, here are the streaming links across various platforms:

🎧 Spotify: Listen on Spotify

📺 Youtube: Watch on Youtube

Feel the rhythm, savor the lyrics, and enjoy the musical journey on your preferred platform!

El Sarlipan and Desiree Malipe

Sidung - El Saripan Song Lyrics

Nan marikriknak... tet-ewa na
Ngem wat iitaw ay waday tyansak ken sik-a
Nu mamingsan... mamagmaga
Nan layad ko ay marikriknak para en sik-a

[Pre Chorus]
Ngem ammuk met ketdi ay kaman magay namnama
Tan kaman ka san talaw ay mail-ila issan daya

Sik-ay eyak laylayden
Ngem adak ammu nu sak-en tu metlaeng
Mangidawtam sin layad mo
Ngem salamat tan sik-ay esa'y sidung ko

La la la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la la

Maga di ay maamagak
Inamag ko met kabaelak ngem pulos magay mabalinak
Adak ammu, adak layden
Sik-a ladta kuma

[Pre Chorus]
Ngem ammuk met ketdi ay kaman magay namnama
Tan kaman ka san talaw ay mail-ila issan daya

[Chorus] Sik-ay eyak laylayden
Ngem adak ammu nu sak-en tu metlaeng
Mangidawtam sin layad mo
Ngem salamat tan sik-ay esa'y sidung ko

[Hook] La la la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la

Naeyak ladta
Mansese-ed en sik-a
Ngem nu pulos magay pamay-an nan layad ko

[Pre Outro]
Nemnemnemem ladta kuma
Ay sak-en di ay esa'y manbalin ay sidung mo

Exploring "Sidung" Line by Line: Translations and Insights

Now that we've delved into the lyrics of "Sidung" by El Sarlipan, let's take it step by step. We'll provide rough translations, keeping in mind that these interpretations are not optimized for singing. Our goal is to break down the meaning of each line to unravel the beautiful sentiments behind this Igorot sensation.

"Nan marikriknak... tet-ewa na
(My feelings... it's genuine)
Ngem wat iitaw ay waday tyansak ken sik-a
(But I must be dreaming if I think I have a chance with you)"

In these lines, the singer emphasizes the sincerity of his emotions, stating that his feelings are genuine and true. However, a bittersweet reality is introduced with "Ngem wat iitaw ay waday tyansak ken sik-a," conveying that the singer recognizes that having a chance with the person is more like a dream. This creates a poignant contrast between heartfelt emotions and a sense of unattainability, underscoring the complex emotions the singer experiences in expressing genuine love while grappling with the realization that it may be far from becoming a reality.

"Nu mamingsan... mamagmaga
(But sometimes, it's fading...)
Nan layad ko ay marikriknak para en sik-a
(The love that I'm feeling for you)"

In these lines, the singer openly acknowledges the fluctuating nature of his emotions. The phrase "Nu mamingsan... mamagmaga. Nan layad ko ay marikriknak para en sik-a," conveys that at times, the intensity of his feelings may waver or fade. The lines emphasizing the ebb and flow of the singer's love.

"Ngem ammuk met ketdi ay kaman magay namnama
(But I'm aware that there's maybe no hope)
Tan kaman ka san talaw ay mail-ila issan daya
(Because you are like a star that can be seen up above)"

In these lines, the singer expresses a sense of awareness and resignation. The phrase "Ngem ammuk met ketdi ay kaman magay namnama" indicates an acknowledgment that there may be little or no hope. The subsequent line, "Tan kaman ka san talaw ay mail-ila issan daya," likens the person to a star that is visible but unattainable, emphasizing the impossibility of reaching or having a relationship with them.

"Sik-ay eyak laylayden
(You're the one I love)
Ngem adak ammu nu sak-en tu metlaeng
(But I don't know if it's gonna be me)
Mangidawtam sin layad mo
(The one who will receive your love)
Ngem salamat tan sik-ay esa'y sidung ko
(But thanks that you're one of my 'confidants')

In these lines, the singer expresses love for the person but admits uncertainty about whether he could be the one to receive her love. The term "confidant" adds a layer of closeness and trust to their relationship. In Kankana-ey, 'sidung' carries the meaning of 'home,' '(best) friend,' or 'confidant.' In this context, it leans towards 'confidant,' suggesting a deep connection, possibly within a close friendship circle.

Other terms for 'sidung' could include "a rock", "a pillar", "crying shoulder," emphasizing the supportive role in times of emotional need, or "refuge," indicating a place of solace and comfort. These terms capture the essence of being a reliable and trustworthy companion in various aspects of life. Each term contributes to the understanding of the singer's relationship with the person, portraying it as a source of support and understanding, whether in joy or moments of vulnerability.

"Maga di ay maamagak
(There's nothing I could do)
Inamag ko met kabaelak ngem pulos magay mabalinak
(I've done everything I could, but it seems there's nothing more I can do)
Adak ammu, adak layden
(I don't know, I don't want to)
Sik-a ladta kuma
(I wish it could still be you)"

In these lines, the singer conveys a feeling of helplessness and the acknowledgment that he has already given his best effort. The phrase 'Inamag ko met kabaelak ngem pulos magay mabalinak' articulates the singer's earnest attempts and underscores the limitations of what he can accomplish. 'Adak ammu, adak layden' indicates a sense of uncertainty and hesitation. The closing line, 'Sik-a ladta kuma,' expresses a poignant desire or wish for it to still be the person in question.

"Naeyak ladta
(I'm still here)
Mansese-ed en sik-a
(Waiting for you)
Ngem nu pulos magay pamay-an nan layad ko
(But if there's no space for my love)

Nemnemnemem ladta kuma
(I hope you keep in mind)
Ay sak-en di ay esa'y manbalin ay sidung mo
(That I can be one... of your confidants)"

In these lines, the singer presents himself, expressing a continued commitment to wait for her. The phrase 'Naeyak ladta' communicates that he is still there, ready and waiting. 'Mansese-ed en sik-a' emphasizes the persistence of waiting for her. However, 'Ngem nu pulos magay pamay-an nan layad ko' introduces the possibility that if there's no space for his love, he understands.

The concluding lines, 'Nemnemnemem ladta kuma, Ay sak-en di ay esa'y manbalin ay sidung mo,' gently remind her. The singer expresses a hope that she keeps in mind the possibility of him becoming a "sidung," a confidant and a source of support in her life.

My Interpretation: Making Sense of "Sidung" by El Sarlipan

"Sidung" by El Sarlipan takes us on an emotional journey. The singer, likely recovering from heartbreak, finds comfort in a girl who becomes his "sidung," a reliable companion during tough times.

As the story unfolds, the singer's feelings shift from gratitude to deep love. He starts by expressing the authenticity of his emotions, acknowledging their occasional ups and downs amid uncertainties. Wrestling with the idea that the person he loves may seem unattainable, like a distant dream, he courageously confesses his love. However, this vulnerability is met with the stark reality of unreciprocated affection.

Despite facing rejection, the singer embraces this outcome, conveying a sense of helplessness while retaining a flicker of hope and a desire to be chosen. In a poignant conclusion, he commits to waiting for her love, even in the absence of apparent space for it. Moreover, he extends an offer to be a "sidung" to her, reciprocating the support he once received.

"Sidung" narrates the highs and lows, exploring the intricate dynamics of love, friendship, and resilience in the face of unreciprocated feelings. The song captures the essence of the human experience, resonating across cultural and geographical boundaries.


El Sarlipan's hit song "Sidung" has undoubtedly struck a chord within the Igorot community, resonating far beyond its musical notes. This song is more than just a melody; it's a narrative that many can relate to on a deeply personal level. Through heartfelt lyrics and a captivating melody, "Sidung" explores the intricate emotions of unrequited love, a theme universal in its complexity.

As we dissected the lyrics line by line, we uncovered the genuine and sometimes fading nature of the singer's emotions. The acknowledgment of uncertainty, the juxtaposition of sincere feelings with the dream-like realization of limited possibilities, and the acceptance of rejection all contribute to a rich narrative woven into the fabric of "Sidung."

The individuals behind the scenes, from the producer Abner Badua to the composer El Sarlipan and the talented musicians who contributed their skills, have collectively crafted a musical masterpiece. Each note, each lyric, and each beat adds to the song's allure, creating an experience that transcends the auditory.

And let's not forget the impact it has had on fans. Many have found themselves in the grip of Last Song Syndrome (LSS), unable to escape the melody's enchantment. The song has inspired covers from fans, showcasing the community's engagement and the song's influence.

As we wrap up, we invite you, the reader, to share your interpretation of "Sidung" and, if you're musically inclined, perhaps even share your cover of the song. Music has a way of sparking diverse emotions and perspectives, and we'd love to hear how "Sidung" has resonated with you. Feel free to join the conversation and contribute to the ongoing narrative of this remarkable Igorot sensation.

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