Mayor Gabino Ganggangan of Sadanga, Mountain Province called on Cordillerans especially the officials and leaders to make discernment and collective decision as a community on the issue of insurgency.

It is time to address the insurgency problem as it is inevitable that relatives would be caught in the fighting between the leftists groups and the government forces, Ganggangan said during the Laging Handa Network Briefing hosted by Presidential Communications Operations Officer Secretary Andanar on Monday.

"Let us not pretend as if there is no problem in the Cordillera. There is an ongoing war- the legitimate government force versus the New People's Army- and to me it's a senseless killing," he said, adding that people should not wait to reach the point where it's brothers versus brothers, relatives vs relatives simply because one is an Army or police while the one is on the side of the Communist Party of the Philippines-NPA.

"We can not close our eyes that while we are sending our children na maging Army, maging pulis- when they go to the armed service of the government, it is with our blessings. On the other hand, mabibigla na lang tayo na some of our relatives also are secretly recruited and then later on join the NPA, "he stated.

"We we are all parents and as officials and leaders, we should start making a stand on this," he added.

Gaggangan also called on Cordillerans to stop supporting leftist organizations. He explained that while they may have some issues with government, there are mechanisms that can be used to air their grievances but not to the extent of trying to topple the government using violence or of arms thru the CPP-NPA.

He also challenged leftist groups, whom he said keep on denying their involvement with the CPP-NPA, for them to face the public fair and square and make a stand.

Gaggangan is currently in argument over the social media with the Cordillera People's Alliance (CPA), a front organization. This started when a CPA officer in a facebook post criticized the mayor for waiving the relief food packs from Department of Social Welfare and Development for his municipality, and linking him to supposed crimes in the past.

"They keep on denying that they are not linked with the CPP-NPA. Well, I am ready with all my evidences if they like. I can spill them all. I am once with them and I know it, " he said. (JDP/PIA CAR)

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