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"Cordillera's Heroes Never a Member of CPP-NPA"

Cordillera's heroes to disassociate as members of the New People's Army

Macli-ing Dulag a Kalinga Tribal Leader, Defender of the Cordillera/photo from urasiareview
Macli-ing Dulag a Kalinga Tribal Leader, Defender of the Cordillera/photo from urasiareview

"Cordillera's Heroes Never a Member of CPP-NPA"

I learned about the issue of the demolition of the illegally built Heroes Monument at Bugnay, Tinglayan, Kalinga by the Cordillera People's Alliance (CPA) and the request of the relatives of these Cordillera's heroes to the CPA to disassociate these heroes as members of the New People's Army. As it was stated in a resolution passed by the Butbut tribe, they strongly condemned the CPA for using the names of our local heroes to further their political agenda in luring the young minds to join their movement and indoctrinating them with communist ideologies, that according to the tribe, the CPA actions making it appeared that these local heroes well honored and revered by the people were once a members or under the influence of the lefts. What I can see here is, the tribe just wanted to point out that the marker was built according to the command of the NPA and so they do not want it to inculcate in the minds of the younger generation.

We cannot argue with the members of the Butbut tribe why they regard the CPA as supporters of the left, perhaps, they had proven it or personally observed it. Because according to them, they did not attend succeeding celebrations of the Cordillera day organized by the CPA and other related groups, since the activity is using by the group to advance their personal interests.
I agree with the family of these Cordilleran Heroes, "Cordillera's Heroes never a member of CPP-NPA" Defending our ancestral land runs through our blood as Cordillerans and we are known for that kind of principles. If we are going to defend our lands and our rights, that is because, that is the right thing to do and not because we were influenced by the New People's Army. Let us not confuse the young minds, and let us stop that thinking that NPA influenced the defenders of our land. If there are Cordillerans who joined the CPP-NPA that is because they were being exploited. On the issue of the demolition, DPWH has already handed a notice to Cordillera People's Alliance (CPA) for the demolition of illegally built marker situated at the Kalinga National Road in Tinglayan Kalinga, that according to the Department of Public Works and Highways Kalinga province, it is a violation of the road right of way. Aside from that, the CPA did not ask for a clearance to the concern agency during its construction in 2017.

The DPWH also reiterated the guidelines of the National Historical Commission (NHC) that "No monument sponsored by any private individual, organization or the honoree's kin shall be allowed on any public space, unless the same is intended as a donation to the government and is sanctioned by a national government agency or local government unit, subject further to public acceptance and approval of a Board Resolution by the sanctioning government agency". After the demolition of this marker, I hope the government can establish a new one, a new monument which will reflect the heroism of our ancestors without any markings from the left. Because what I can see now is, the present marker is serving as a reminder to the present generations and future generations that the sacrifices of our elders in defending our lands are being manipulated by the New People's Army.

Let us prove that our Heroes were never been a member of the CPP-NPA, this should younger generations will remember and not forget, let us show to them that this is not tearing down history, but instead correcting history.
In line with the celebration of IP month let us pledge our support against CPA for the disinformation and for demeaning the image of our heroes.

A Kalinga Lagunawa

MacliingDulag Kalinga TribalLeader NPA Cordillera heroes

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