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In 1911, 55 Igorots were brought to Europe. They were exhibited in France, Scotland, England, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

No one would have learned about it had it not been for a group of starving Igorots found wandering the streets of Ghent in Belgium.

To make matters worse, it was discovered that they had not been paid for many months. Nine members of the group also died, including five children.

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The Igorots dressed in European clothing | Photo: Wikimedia Commons
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Joshua Pacio Is Proud Of His Igorot Warrior Spirit

Joshua "The Passion" Pacio explains that the Igorots are known for their warrior qualities.

"Igorots are known for bravery, for being strong, and of course, for being fighters," he says.

"They should always be humble and mentally prepared for what challenges will come.

"I'm a proud Igorot. Every time I enter the cage, I'm ready for a challenge."

#Pacio #MMA #TeamLakay #ThePassion #ONE #Igorot #Warrior

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Proud Igorot OFW is a United Arab Emirates Hero

Proud Igorot, now a frontliner in the United Arab Emirates!

Red Cloud Decaleng Capuyan is one of the healthcare workers who continues to fight COVID-19 in the UAE.

Red is from the Cordillera Administrative Region.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the St. Louis University in Baguio city. He also has an International Interprofessional Wound Care Course at the University of Toronto in Canada.

He has been an Overseas Filipino Worker for five years. He is also the founding president of the Philippine Nurses Association in the UAE (PNA-UAE).

Despite the danger to the chosen profession, Red remains hopeful.

We salute you all Igorots abroad! Stay safe and see you the soonest!

Credit: GMA Pinoy TV

#ProudIgorot #OFW #frontliners #heroes #UnitedArabEmirates #COVID19 #RedCloudDecalengCapuyan

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Bontoc Igorot warriors showing their iron-age weapons.

Some Igorots are experienced fighters after resisting the Spaniards for 320 years. After Spain subdued the Igorots by 1890 with the use of modern rifles and cannons, the next generation of Igorots have never been involved with any warfare involving firearms.

Most tribes became farmers and traders-bringing gold and vegetables from the mountains down to the Ilocano low-lands.

#Bontoc #Igorot #warrior #weapons #iron

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In Spring 1904, when the World's Fair in St. Louis opened, people from faraway lands were an expected attraction. "Villages" from different nations were recreated including the Philippines.

The U.S. government spent $1.5 million to import 1,300 indigenous Filipinos from different tribes to show the Americans the backward ways of the natives. Fairgoers were both shocked and fascinated at the cultural practice of the Igorots of eating dog meat. In the words of then U.S. Secretary of War William Howard Taft, their "little brown brothers," were not ready to rule their island nation on their own. They needed guidance, they needed the Americans.

The Igorots soon became one of the most famous displays during the fair. The man in charge of keeping them in check was Truman Hunt, who served as a medical doctor during the war. Hunt stayed in the province after the way and soon became the lieutenant governor of Bontoc Province.

Hunt saw firsthand how the Igorots were a hit among the Americans. This was how he got the idea to bring them back the following year, and this time, for his own financial benefit.

#Igorrotte #StLouis #HumanZoo #Igorot

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Canal Parade Amsterdam Pride 2019 Filipino LGBT Europe Float...

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