MAMBUNONG: To the Igorots, the physical or medical life is intertwined with the Spiritual life thus the traditional doctor is at times an herbalist, seer and a physical therapist (on common day language) they are commonly called men-sip-ok ,insup-ok, mumbaki, mambunong and other shaman figures.

The different tribes have intricate rituals in how the healing is conducted and at times ends in a festivity after healing. Some tribes do cleansing ceremonies like the sagawsaw of the Kankanaeys or the Bontok's mangaswak.

However, there are other rituals or fetivities that are observed like the Ikalahan's laga and padit; the Bontok's mangmang, mang-manok or chao-es; the Isneg's Anituwan; and the legleg of the Kankana-eys.

There are several other rituals and amulets that the Igorots use in their protection against sickness and ill will.

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