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More PWDs in Mt Province receive assistive device

Noilee Mae of Sacasacan, Sadanga was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy which impaired her movement, particularly, the half of her body. But as said, God is good and merciful. Days before her 9th birthday on October 8, she received a corrective shoe with adjustable leg brace as an early birthday gift from MRVN Prosthesis Center on October 3, 2019.

Her mother, Maricel Ongan, who is a single parent was grateful upon seeing the glow in her daughter's eyes. The joy that was captured in her daughter's wonderful smile after trying on the assistive device and while guiding her as she practiced to walk with it was priceless.

Noilee Mae together with other eight Persons with Disability (PWDs) received assistive and prosthetic devices during the turnover program at the Provincial Capitol Quadrangle. The provisions of the devices were made possible thru the coordination between the MRVN Prosthesis Center, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and the Provincial Local Government Unit of Mountain Province.

The recent turnover of assistive and prosthetic devices to PWDs in Mountain Province was the third time for this year. The distribution of the first batch was held in April 2019. The distribution for the second batch of beneficiaries was held on August 1, 2019 where 28 handicapped clients received prosthetic and orthopedic devices.

According to Maria Victoria Ramat Nazarita, operation manager and owner of MVRN Prosthesis Center, the aid to PWDs is a continuous program which aims to help more underprivileged PWDs in the province.

She is thankful to the provincial government headed by Gov. Bonifacio C. Lacwasan, Jr., for being supportive of this endeavor. She thanked the governor for willingly accepting their proposal to reach out to all indigent PWDs for the provision of corrective assistive devices made possible through the PCSO funding and though the financial augmentation by the Provincial Government.

The provincial government's Person with Disability Office (PDAO) was tasked by the governor to help in the completion of documents and the submission of requirements of the beneficiaries to the PCSO as the provision of assistive devices depended on the correctness and completeness of the documents submitted. The governor has also directed the MSWDOs and PWDs to coordinate with PDAO to help with other document requisites for the needs' assessment.

According to PDAO-designate Maria Codeo, her office, in partnership with the PSWDO, has been assessing PWDs to comply with other documentary requirements like valid ID and medical certificate before fully availing of the assistive device.

"The governor wants all disadvantaged PWDs in the province to avail of the program because it will surely raise their self-esteem and capabilities," Codeo said.

Meanwhile, as part of the services of the NVRM Prosthesis Center, its technical staff conducted proper gait training for the beneficiaries.

"We want to ensure that our PWDs are provided with quality and functional assistive devices," said Nazarita.

Credit: Erwin Batnag ( )

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BALANGBANG, A Native Victory Dance of the Mountain Province

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circa 1960s Kr├╝ger-NBS Colored Photo Postcard

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The local government of Bontoc, Mountain Province is encouraging the public to take advantage of the mobile e-passport processing to apply or renew their expired passport at the Multi-Purpose, Provincial Plaza on April 5, 2019.
As announced through the official Facebook Page of the Municipality of Bontoc, the mobile e-passport processing will be conducted by the Department of Foreign Affairs - Office of Consular Affairs (DFA - OCA) in partnership with the Provincial Government of Mountain Province.

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The Provincial Capitol of Mountain Province was design by Daniel Burnham, same person who designed the Burnham Park in Baguio City.

Initially called the Bontoc Government Building.

Credits: Marc Castaneda, Bonifacio Lacwasan

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