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Inigo Navarrete-Anton Emerges Triumphant in 2022 SEAOIL Radical Challenge Opener

Cordillera's rising racing star, Inigo Navarrete-Anton, dominates SEAOIL Radical Challenge at Clark Speedway.

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Experience the thrill as Inigo Navarrete-Anton, the Cordillera sensation, emerges victorious in the 2022 SEAOIL Radical Challenge at Clark Speedway. Get ready for the next exhilarating chapter at Batangas Circuit in the #radicalcarsph series.

The Clark International Speedway witnessed a spectacular display of talent as 18-year-old racing prodigy Iñigo Navarrete-Anton dominated the first round of the 2022 SEAOIL Radical Challenge. Hailing from the Cordillera region, Iñigo showcased exceptional skills, leaving seasoned competitors such as Stefan Ramirez de Arellano, Mark Bumgarner, Jason Chuachay, Brian Poe, Gibson Yu, and JV Colayco trailing in his wake.

Motul Philippines Distributor Taps Iñigo as Representative

Motul Philippines Distributor recognized Iñigo's prowess, selecting him as the driver to represent their team in the Radical PH Race Challenge, a collaborative effort between Radical Cars Philippines and SEAOIL. This partnership not only underscores Iñigo's standing in the racing community but also aligns him with prominent names in the industry.

A Perfect Race Weekend

Iñigo took to his official Facebook account to express gratitude and share his joy, stating, "Thank you for Radical Cars Philippines AND CONGRATULATIONS to our TEAM Motul Philippine Distributor - Infiniteserv Int'l, PartsPro Racing, Yokohama Philippines for the PERFECT Race Weekend." This acknowledgment reflects the synergy among the involved parties, emphasizing the collaborative spirit that contributed to his success.

Excitement Builds for the #radicalcarsph Series

The outstanding performance at the Clark International Speedway serves as a promising start to the #radicalcarsph series. Iñigo's achievements not only speak of his individual talent but also highlight the effectiveness of teamwork and support from Motul Philippine Distributor, Infiniteserv Int'l, PartsPro Racing, and Yokohama Philippines.

Next Stop: Batangas Racing Circuit

As the racing community anticipates the next round, Iñigo is set to join the competition at the Batangas Racing Circuit from September 23-25, 2022. Racing enthusiasts and supporters are eager to witness how the young Cordilleran racer will fare against his competitors in this upcoming event.


In conclusion, Iñigo Navarrete-Anton's triumph at the 2022 SEAOIL Radical Challenge opener marks the beginning of what promises to be an exhilarating #radicalcarsph series. The strategic collaboration with Motul Philippines Distributor and the unwavering support from associated teams showcase not only Iñigo's potential but also the synergy within the racing community. As the excitement builds for the next round at Batangas Racing Circuit, all eyes remain on this rising star and his journey through the fast-paced world of professional car racing.

I shoot the stars with him.

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