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Baguio Hotels Guide: Discover DOT-Certified Accommodations

Unlock the charm of Baguio with our hotels guide. Explore DOT-certified accommodations for a worry-free and memorable stay.

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Explore Baguio's best with DOT-approved stays and essential travel tips. Make your getaway unforgettable with accredited accommodations and seamless travel advice. Photo: Ej Sanchez (CC BY 2.0 DEED)

In the heart of Baguio City, where the air is crisp and the culture vibrant, your adventure begins not just with stunning views but with the assurance of a safe and memorable stay. Choosing accommodations accredited by the Department of Tourism (DOT) isn't just a preference; it's a key to a travel experience crafted with precision and reliability.

Baguio, famous for its cool climate and lively atmosphere, attracts visitors all year round. However, among the various lodging options, the importance of opting for DOT-accredited hotels cannot be overstated. This guide unfolds the reasons behind this choice, ensuring that your stay aligns with the highest standards of safety, quality, and compliance. Join us as we unveil Baguio's best, where each accommodation is not just a place to rest but a certified haven for your journey.

Understanding DOT Accreditation

When embarking on a journey to Baguio, the acronym DOT takes center stage, representing more than just a government department. DOT, or Department of Tourism, accreditation serves as a seal of approval, signifying that a lodging establishment has met the rigorous standards set by the Tourism Act of 2009.

In essence, DOT accreditation is a certification issued by the Department of Tourism to tourism enterprises that have demonstrated compliance with the minimum standards for operating tourism facilities and services. This goes beyond mere formality; it's a commitment to ensuring that your stay aligns with a set of guidelines meticulously designed to enhance your overall experience.

The significance of DOT accreditation extends beyond a mere checklist. It's a testament to an establishment's dedication to quality, safety, and excellence. These guidelines cover various aspects, including the adequacy of facilities, cleanliness, safety protocols, and the overall guest experience.

Enforced through the Tourism Act of 2009, these standards are not arbitrary but are a result of a thoughtful process aimed at elevating the tourism industry. The Act serves as the backbone, outlining the criteria that establishments must meet to achieve and maintain DOT accreditation. It's a comprehensive framework designed to ensure that your stay in Baguio is not just enjoyable but also secure and aligned with the highest industry standards.

Choosing DOT-accredited accommodations isn't merely a choice for quality; it's a decision for a travel experience that meets and exceeds expectations.

Benefits of Choosing DOT-Accredited Hotels

When it comes to selecting accommodations for your Baguio escapade, the advantages of choosing DOT-accredited hotels extend far beyond the comfort of a well-appointed room. These establishments offer a host of benefits that contribute to a worry-free and enjoyable travel experience.

Assurance of Quality

DOT accreditation is synonymous with a commitment to quality. Accredited hotels adhere to stringent standards set by the Department of Tourism, ensuring that your stay meets or exceeds industry benchmarks. From the ambiance of the rooms to the efficiency of the services, each aspect is scrutinized to guarantee a level of quality that discerning travelers deserve.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Your well-being is paramount, and DOT-accredited hotels recognize this with a heightened focus on safety and security. These establishments prioritize the implementation of robust safety protocols, ranging from emergency procedures to hygiene standards. Rest easy, knowing that your stay is not only comfortable but also conducted in an environment that places a premium on your safety.

Choosing a DOT-accredited hotel in Baguio goes beyond securing a room; it's a commitment to an experience where traveler confidence is paramount, quality is guaranteed, and safety standards are uncompromising. As you plan your stay, prioritize not just accommodation but an assurance of excellence that sets the stage for an unforgettable journey.

DOT-Accredited Hotels in Baguio City

For those seeking the perfect stay in Baguio, the following list unveils DOT-accredited hotels as of July 28, 2022. Each establishment has not only met but surpassed the stringent standards set by the Department of Tourism, ensuring your visit is not just comfortable but also compliant with the highest industry benchmarks.

Name of Enterprise Address Contact Number
456 Hotel #456 Bldg, Legarda Rd., Baguio City 9178889456
Baguio Burnham Suites 6 Kisad Road, Baguio City (074) 424-2211 -12
Baguio Crown Legacy Hotel Burnham, Legarda, Kisad Road, Baguio City 9177268022
Baguio Holiday Villa's 10 Legarda Road, Baguio City 09228914738 (074) 442-6679 9778326811
Baguio Le Fern Hotel- Main #90 Military Cut-Off, Baguio City (074) 424-4183
Baguio Palace Hotel #21 Legarda Road, Baguio City 074 442 7734
Bloomfield Hotel #3 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City (074) 446 9112 (074) 446 9115
Chalet Baguio #92 Upper Military Cut Off, Baguio City (074) 424-8070-72-97
City Travel Hotel #16 Kisad Road, Burnham-Legarda, Baguio City (074) 445-0456 (074) 447-0480 917506507
City Center Hotel #45 Session Road cor. Mabini St., Baguio City (074) 422-3637-39 (074) 445-8888
Citylight Hotel #245 Upper General Luna Road, Baguio City (074) 442-8080 09176292761
EI Cielito Hotel Baguio #50 North Drive, Baguio City (074) 443-2134 (074) 443-4846 9177982937 9399273240
Eurotel Baguio #123 Abanao Extension, Brgy. Rizal Monument, Baguio City (074) 444-3876 09214808915 09219205299
G1 Lodge #2 Leonard Wood Rd., Baguio City 9178881864 09298789317 (074) 665 4825
Giraffe8 Boutique Hotel 5 Arellano and Moran Street, Barangay Gibraltar, Baguio City (074) 619-0158
Grand Sierra Pines Baguio #43 North Outlook Drive, Barangay Gibraltar, Baguio City (074) 245-3923 (074) 245-3925 09954890873
Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre 56, Legarda Road, Baguio City 074) 620-3333 09178346254 09178414115
Hotel Elizabeth #1 J. Felipe Street, Gibraltar Road, Baguio City (074) 619-0367
Hotel Supreme #113 Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City (074) 443-2011 to 18 09177931544 09088856421
Lafaayette Luxury Suites Baguio #1 Military Cutoff cor Loakan Road Baguio City 9454565743 09476499945 09615908769 09270069205
Le Monet Hotel Ordonio Drive, Camp John Hay, Baguio City (074) 661-0202 to 07 09175267049
Microtel Inn and Suites #5 Marcoville, Upper Session Road, Baguio City (074) 619-3333 (074) 619-3344 09175860066
Mines View Park Hotel #01 Apostol St., Corner Outlook Drive, Mines View, Baguio City (074) 442-1559 09176786874 09190660902
New Rajah Soliman Hotel & Restaurant #44 Bokawkan Road, Baguio City (074) 442-7574 09283800935
Newtown Plaza Hotel 43 Claro M. Recto Street, Saint Joseph Vlllage, Navy Base, Baguio City (074) 448-8888 (074) 422-9220 (074) 422-5352
NYC Manhattan Suites #37 Sepic St. Campo Filipino, Baguio City (074) 424-6092 (074)620-3117
Paragon Hotel and Suites 16 Otek Street, Rizal Monument Area, Baguio City (074) 442-9969
Pines View Hotel #24 Legarda Road, Brgy., Burnham-Legarda, Baguio City 9159548466
Prince Plaza Hotel 15 Legarda Road, Baguio City (074) 665-2244 (074) 442-5082
Ritz Legarda #33 Legarda Road, Baguio City (074) 9276965127
Starwood Hotel #1 Kisad Road, Baguio City (074) 446-5830 09175972190
The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay John Hay Special Economic Zone, Loakan Road, Baguio City (074) 422-2075-76-80 09178264558
The Orchard Hotel Baguio #149 Legarda Road, Baguio City 09178962305 09985483348
The Golden Pine Hotel Corner Cariño and Yandoc Street, Baguio City (074) 444-9965-67-72 09052068577 09988624950
The Plaza Lodge Baguio City #32 Southdrive, Baguio City 9272119104
The Podium Boutique Hotel Km. 4, Bakakakeng Central, Marcos Highway, Baguio City (074) 442-7250 (074) 442-7249 09178528006 0999928006
Travelite Hotel Legarda Travelite Hotel cor. Legarda Rd. & Bukaneg St., Burnham-Legarda, Baguio City 9178530868 09399062109
Venus Parkview Hotel #19 Kisad Road, Burnham-Legarda, Baguio City (074) 442-5597 0936 972 8181
V Hotel and Apartelle #14 Bukaneg St, Baguio City 619-0793 09778750770

Whether you're drawn to the city's vibrant energy or the tranquility of its outskirts, this curated list ensures your stay in Baguio is not just a visit but an experience crafted with quality, safety, and excellence in mind.

Baguio Resorts: DOT-Accredited Oasis

For those seeking a retreat into nature's embrace, the following resorts in Baguio stand out as DOT-accredited, ensuring your stay combines the beauty of the surroundings with the assurance of quality and compliance.

Name of Hotel Address Contact Number
Baguio Country Club Corporation Country Club Rd, Camp John Hay, Baguio City (074) 619-2050 074) 442-7674
The Manor at Camp John Hay Ordonio Dr, Camp John Hay, Baguio City (074) 424-0931 to 50
The Plaza Lodge Baguio City #32 Southdrive, Baguio City 9272119104

Embrace the tranquility of these DOT-accredited resorts, where nature's beauty meets the highest standards of hospitality. Whether you're looking for a golfing retreat, a cozy lodge, or a luxurious escape, Baguio has the perfect resort for your desires.

Baguio Mabuhay Accommodations

Presented here is an up-to-date roster of Mabuhay-accredited accommodations in Baguio, verified by the Department of Tourism as of July 28, 2022. In accordance with DOT guidelines, establishments such as tourist inns, motels, pension houses, and bed and breakfasts fall under the classification of Mabuhay accommodations.

Name of Enterprise Address Contact Number
8 RVE Lanes Realty Corp
2024 Baguio Apartments Real Estate Leasing
87 Guesthouse
181 North Place Residences #69 Bakakeng Road, Baguio City 9177980302
3BU Hostel #120 Upper Bonifacio St., Holy Ghost Proper, Baguio City 9176595015
А Hotel Baguio #23 Abanao St., Corner Shagem, Baguio City (074) 424-9649 09956107829
ABWE Doane Rest (074) 661-63 14 09997386992
Aduro Aquino Real Estate Leasing (De Cozy Place) 16 DPS Compound, Baguio City 9123667141
Ashtan Transient House 147 Padre Zamora, Baguio City 9089614469
AHB Inn #125 Dominican Rd., Lourdes Proper, Baguio City 9669171323 09276142708 (074) 445-6025
Aleph and Dalet Guesthaven #9 Justice Village Marcos Highway, Baguio City (074) 422-9935 09175097000
Alf's Inn #7 Hamada Subdivision Corner, Naguilian Rd., MRR-Queen of Peace, Baguio City 9279097043 09661380884
Alfonso's Campsite and Transient House #36 Purok 7, Bakakeng Norte, Baguio City 9162337813 09176391950 (074) 665-2602
Amber Transient House 6 Purok 2, Imelda Village, Baguio City 9209208899 09176369095
Amvill Court Property Management Services Justice ViIIIage 5 Marcos Highway, Bakakeng Norte Sur 9494741106
Arc Residences #08 Bareng Drive, Bakakeng, Baguio City (074) 661-3233 09989980875
ARMAR's Place 26 Kennon Road, Camp 8, Baguio City 9175615015
Ashburn's Transient Baguio Lot A Imelda Marcos Brgy., Marcos Highway, Baguio City 9989828497
Autumn Oasis Apartments 1a central Balacbac, Sto. Tomas, Baguio City 94778027735
Baden Powell Hotel #26 Governor Pack Road, Baguio City 9062708809
Baguio Benguet Community Credit Cooperative #56 Cooperative Street, Assumption Road, Baguio City (074) 442-5872
Baguio Condotel #19 Harrison Rd., Baguio City 09228500035 / 36
Baguio GM Apartel 76 Scout Barrio, Baguio City 9994710377
Baguio Transient Dot Com #214 Mission Road, Crystal Cave, Baguio City (074) 424-8731 09175586896
Bag-C Vacation House KM. 3 TG Home Builders Bldg. 2nd Flr., Marcos Highway 09171550462 074-423-2840
Baguio Vacation Apartments #28 Munoz Drive, Asin Road, Baguio City 9195605771
Baguio Village Inn 355 Magsaysay Avenue 09175709675 09988627955
Bang-Kite Condo Unit Rental #4 Bukaneg St, Legarda Road, Baguio City 9399371202
Balai Dominic Transient House #67 Magenta Lane, Rainbow Hills Subd., Avelino Extension, Baguio City 09277145448 09088843709
Baguio Tan Awan Lodging House 230 Tam-awan Pinsao Proper 9270521131
Basawil Transient House # 70 Tiptop Ambuclao Road, Baguio City 9296188826
Bender Transient House #298 Elizabeth Court, Suello Village, Bakakeng Central, Baguio City 9270434792
Beng Boa Overview Apartelle #32 Bukaneg St., Legarda Rd., Baguio City 09234287790 0744220793
Benguet Prime Hotel & Restaurant Corner Calderon St., Session Rd., Baguio City 09183047315 (074) 448-7609
Bernabe's Apartment 12 Urbano Street, Palma-Urbano, Baguio City 09219690691 4457311
Blackhouse Transient House 44 E. Delos Santos Street Middle Quezon Hill, Baguio City 09560941204 09270857098
Blue Mountain Hotel #18 Palispis Highway Brgy, Imelda Marcos, Baguio City 09175072030 (074) 246 2022
Blueridge Haven Transient House 85 Gardenia Street, Monterrazas Village, Tuding Itogon, Benguet 9065782478
BPOD Pinemountain Lodge 88 Purok 1, Lualhati, Baguio City 9498896132
Brentwood Apartelle #85 Brentwood Village, M. Roxas St., Baguio City 074-442-9440 444-7297
Burgos B and B Transient House #14 Lower Padre Burgos, Baguio City 9064011081
Campo Filipino Dormitelle Cor Roman Ayson Cor Ferguson Brgy., Campo Filipino 9175331193
Camp Riverside 2600 Bed and Breakfast 031 Ambayao Rd Purok 2, Irisan Barangay 744226163
Carmela Transient House #300 Elizabeth Court, Suello Village, Bakakeng Central, Baguio City 9176785510
Casa Bel 1st Basement, M.M. GARA Bldg, Marcos Highway 9271371679 09175065448
Casa Generosa 86 Upper General Luna road, Baguio City 9153215661
Casa Generosa (Branch) Francisco Residence, M Roxas, Trancoville 9153215661
Casa N Hostel #174 T. Bugallon Street Purok 6, Aurora Hill, East Modernsite, Baguio City (074) 661-5376
Casa Vallejo Upper Session Road , Baguio City (074) 424-3397
Casalael Transient House Purok 9 CICM Rd.‚ Bakakeng Norte, New site, Baguio City 9173189317
СЕ Pagar Apartment 166-C Military Cut Off, Baguio City 9175600302
Cloudly Transient Inn Townhouse # 1 Phase 6 Baguio Classics, Green Valley Dontogan, Baguio City 9196451688
Cool Breeze Real Property Management Services #5 Gladiola Street Amparo Heights, Baguio City 9175556910
CoolEscape Residence Transient House 125 Scout Barrio, Baguio City 09266380425 09667922434
Cooyeesan Hotel Plaza Naguilian Rd., Asin Corner, Baguio City 9178238855
CYL Apartelle 150 Gladiola street. Purok 3 Central, Fairview, Baguio City 9156644970
D & G Transient #121 Felipe St., City Camp Proper, Baguio City 9171580811
Dawmari Guest House #1 Balacbac Central, Sto. Tomas, Baguio City (074) 665 4655 09156648560
DBP Training Complex VL Romulo Drive, Gibraltar, Baguio City 074 424 3633
Dely's Inn Bldg. 141 Abanao Rd. Extension, Brgy. Rizal Park Monument Baguio City (074) 445 2735 09157412519
Diamond Inn 16 E Jacinto Street, Baguio City 9209510829
Diamond Vacation Home #20 Artiaga St., Purok 1, Outlook Drive, Baguio City 09227454127 09269279270
Diaz Home #67 Vergara Alley, Engineer's Hill, Baguio City (074) 620-4271 09225169983
Dipasupil Real Estate Leasing #341 Lower Magsaysay Avenue Baguio City 9228454100
DL Divine #61 P. Valenzuela St. 1st Rd.‚ Baguio City (074) 442 - 3125 09987944930
Easter Home Baguio by Villarosa #135 Easter Road, Dizon Subdivision, Baguio City 9988667405
Edgardomco Realty Corp. 114 Military Cut off, Baguio City (074) 309-7883
Elmar Cabin #11 Lower P. Burgos St., Baguio City 9563741216
E & M Summer Guest House 422 Cuneta Compound, Purok East, Gibraltar 9227216319
EIjjov Baguio Transient House 27 I 2 Shangrila Street, Baguio City 9236749036
Emily's Garden Suites Baguio #353 Youngland rd Camp 7 Baguio city 9178088423
Enchong and Cheng Transient House 4 Purok 1, Gibraltar, Baguio City 9298233525
FainNays and Greens Bed & Breakfast #6 Outlook Drive, Baguio City 9985515719
FAES Transient House 2 Himalaya Street., Shangrila Village, Baguio City 9285209144
Ferionni Apartelle and Suites 46 Phil-Am Compound, Baguio City 9175064962 0974059273 074 6204506
Ferionni Pension House & Dormitory #140 Teodora Alonzo St., Baguio City 09175064962 09774059273
Finteo Skylands Real Estate Leasing 99 Dr. Cariño St. Lower QM, GEN.E.F. AGUINALDO, Baguio City 09661739159 09995143527 09195134323
Frangeli House #1 Saint George Drive, Baguio City 9207287625
Freds Lodging House #8 Greenwater Village, Baguio City 09178564400 074-422-0205
Fog&CIouds Transient House Purok 20 St. Patrick, subdivision, san carlos, NPC 9155486678
Fussy Zuri's House Rental 211 Nevada rd., Brgy. Ferdinand Campo Sioco 9173072723
Gardenville Hotel Greenvalley Village, Dontogan Barangay, Baguio City (074) 444-4754
G. Baladad Apartment 88-C 2nd Road, Palma Urbano Barangay, Baguio City 9175077485
Great Peace Transient House 016 Brgy Mangga, Lower Rock Quarry, Baguio City 9178532113
GAYADOS Transient House 11A DAHLIA ST., QUIRINO MAGSAYSAY 9173166553
GAYADOS Real Estate Leasing 173 Lower QM, Gen. E.F Aguinaldo 9190749372
Glo's Ville Apartelle #74 Palma St., 2nd Road, Baguio City 074-442-9852 09162231974
GJ Kaleen's House Rental #1354 Purok З, КМ 4 Аsіп Road, Baguio City 09171670005 09176284042
H100 Ecolodge #358 Magsaysay, Avenue, EDNCP Compound, Baguio City (074) 248-2209 09301509846 09177169827
HOY (House of Yogurt Lover) by CaIajo #39 Suello Village, Marcos Highway, Baguio City (074) 665 7357 09999976007
Highlands Beau Pension House 0739 Purok 3 Dontogan Oracion Street, Baguio City 09774325275 442 6427
HighPoint Boutique Inn & Restaurant #1 Amistad Road, Camp 7, Kennon Road, Baguio City 074-442-7080 09088918765
Hill Top View Transient House Unit A & B, Sunflower St., Lexberville Subdivision, Balacbac, Baguio City 09276281962 09178362742
Hizon Transient Inn 130 Purok 3, San Carlos Heights, Irisan, Baguio City 9653698105
Hnbricks Retreat House 158 Parisas St., Camp 7, Baguio City 9199267560
Holiday Park Hotel #129 Аbаnао Ext., Baguio City (074) 619-2807 (074) 619-2808
Hollywood Drive-ln Hotel KM 3, Marcos Highway, Bakakeng Central, Baguio City 074-442-0588 09274709252
House of Ross 60B Lower Brookside, Baguio City 9776923058
Hotel 45 Bagong Bayan, Salud Mitra, Baguio City (074) 442 3460
Homewood Transient House 301 Elizabeth Court, Suello Village, Bakakeng Central, Baguio City 9175172450
Hotel Cosmopolitan #1 Bokawkan Rd., Corner Naguilian Rd. Baguio City (074) 442-7006 (074) 442-7008
Hotel Dela Marcel 48 Gulf View Horizon Subdivision, Suello Village, Baguio City 9209084232
Hotel Henrico #35 B Montinola Subd., Kisad Road, Baguio City 074-442-2259 09778340301
Hotel Henrico Legarda Branch Legarda Road, Burnham-Legarda- Kisad, Baguio City (074) 424 3400
Hotel Lafe #532 F2 Building, Magsaysay Avenue, Happy Homes, Baguio City (074) 422-3615 (074) 422-2707 09998892995
Hotel Ramiro #06 Maryhurst Road, Purok 1 Outlook Drive, Baguio City (074) 422-8309
Hotel Tugos #11 Naguilian Road, Quezon Hill Proper, Baguio City 9278236968
Hotel Veniz-Burnham #1 Abanao St., Baguio City (074) 446-0700-03
Hotel Veniz-Session #54 Session Road, Baguio City 09171118000 (074) 619-1181
Hotel Villa Rosal General Luna Road, Cor. Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City 442-8523 443-8132
lloveview Apartement Malaya street, Dominican Hill- Mirador 9951089505
Inbound Pacific-Mile Hi Inn Mile Hi Center Camp John Hay (074) 446-6141
Inn Rocio #68 Kisad Road, Baguio City 074-442-6535 074-442-4028
Ivee Kempers Pink House Property Leasing 85 Old Pipe Factory rd, Lower Rock Quarry, Baguio City 9209402663
Jamyks Homestay Lot 33 BIk. 9 Eagle Crest Villas Phase 3 Gate 2, Bakakeng North, Baguio City 9219371960
Jarrenjic Homestay 193-A Central, Upper Westside St. Foothill Subdivision, Bakakeng Central, Crystal Cave, Baguio City 9230858433
Jasjem Real Estate Lessor Purok 4 Quezon Hill road, Victoria Village, Baguio City 09227942799 09231977785
Jela Hostel Resto-Café GSP Bldg, Leonard Wood Rd., Baguio City 074-4224089
J Baban Real Estate Leasing #32 Purok 4, Bakakeng Norte, Baguio City 9194366715
JCJ Transients #28 Purok, Amparo Heights, Camp 7, Baguio City (074) 442-0162 09155680882
JCGA Apartments #70 Kisad, Legarda-Burnham- Kisad, Baguio City 09556984134 09122991634
Juyam Guesthouse 4 Navy base Ext. Rd., Brgy. Saint Joseph Village, Baguio City 9173166553
Jhun & Ritz Transient House #148 Tiptop, Pacdal, Baguio City 09279962171 09212794160
JM Mendoza #77 New Lucban, Baguio City 9178288216
JMM Apartelle #200 Atok Trail, Baguio City 9396514088
JO-ZA-NA'S HOSTEL Turning Point Purok 4, Holyghost Extension, Baguio City 9286935312
Jrosel Suites Baguio Transient 54-B Dr. J Carino street, Upper QM, Baguio City 9175135203
Justine House Rental 221 M. Roxas street, Brookside, Baguio City 9079130972
Kamiseta Hotel #20 Lualhati, Baguio City 9457532601
Khotel Kurban Hotel 5 Naguilían Road, Baguío City 9452450006
KIDKID Abongan Transient House 17 John Philips Street, Upper Scout Barrio, Baguio City 9186644859
Kim-Clarence Transient House #55 Asin Road, San Luis Village, Baguio City 09399361362 09175856381
Koinonia Retreat Center #30 Fairbreeze, Bakakeng Norte, Baguio City 665-4965 09185041032 09264180879
La Brea Inn #4/5/6/F AYK Building, No. 24 Lower Session Road, Baguio City (074) 446-6061-62
La Casa Bianca Bed and Breakfast, Cafe, and Spa #13 Leonard Wood Road, Cabinet Hill- Teacher's Camp, Baguio City 09260259436 09497843020
Lance & Xian Vacation House #286-A Lower Cabinet Hill, Baguio City 09151530467 09615468400
La Sofia Apartelle #311 Lower Ferguson, Hope Valley, Guisad, Baguio City (074) 422 6067
LAUREL II General Luna Road, Lower, Baguio City 639176397473
Legends Apartelle Avelino Street Extension Purok 4 Lower Fairview, Baguio City 09480634702 (074) 424 4400
Lenwil Real Estate Leasing #108 New Lucban Ext., Purok 5, Baguio City 09175759375 09209616469
Les Sarfenelle #114 2ND Rd., Quezon Hill Proper, Baguio City 9174130914
Le Chateau Baguio Transient House 450 Sudaypan Road, Upper Rock Quarry 9999985997
Lindi Hotel 12 Legarda Road, Baguio City 074 620 9957
Log Cabin Hotel #191 Leonard Wood Rd. St. Joseph Village, Baguio City (074) 442-2419 09176328658 09988425301
Lourdes Transient House 50 Queen of Apostles, Baguio City 9303669869
Luningnings Apartment 233b benin Rd., Pinsao Proper 9209669705
Lyn's Baguio Transient Homes #79-B City Camp Alley, Baguio City 09228313352 09158133144
Lyn's Do Drop Inn #84 Lourdes Subdivision 09173013327 09083928608
Macojet Real Estate Lessor 16 Martinez street, Baguio City 9088753090
Mantel Pension House Rental 30 Quirino-Magsaysay, Upper QM, Baguio City 09557703725 09167581105
Marand Nest Bonifacio Corner Sumulong Street 9177512673
Marj Top View Transient House 168 Doclas Cario Village Tiptop 9287177819
Marian Kisad Inn #24 Kisad Road, Baguio City (074) 442-2221 09257307556 09178958502
Marian Palazz Hotel #38 Military Cut-off, Baguio City (074) 442-1975 09257414964 09178958218
Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary #25 North Sto. Tomas Road, Campo Sioco, Imelda R. Marcos (La Salle), Baguio City (074) 4245745 09156555745
Masika Apartelle 115 Sta. Escolastica Village, Baguio City 9205285522
MBI Apartments Real Estate Leasing #80 Leonor Rivera St., Lower Bokawkan, Baguio City 9212893019
М.Е. Chiang Transient House #133A/B Montebello Road 2, Bakakeng Norte Sur, Baguio City 9569668143
Megas View Transient Inn 11 Maryhurst rd., Outlook Drive, Baguio City 9175070431
Metro Pines Inn #20 Otek St., Baguio City (074) 424-7722 09175588099
Micasa Micama Biak Na Bato #069-B Purok 27 Upper San Carlos Heights, lrisan, Baguio City 09369398394 09461960793
Ml CASA BAGUIO TRANSIENT HOUSE 39D Everlasting Street, Upper QM 09171440405 09473303460
Mila's Transient House #285 Elizabeth Court, Suello Village, Bakakeng Central, Baguio City 9173239832
Milson and JCS Real Estate Lessor Burnham Suites Condominium, Legarda-Burnham- Kisad 9278713367
Mountaln Lodge and Restaurant #27 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City (074) 442-4544 (074) 442-6175 09209520830
Mount Tepeyac Residences #177 Leonard Wood Road, St. Joseph Village, Baguio City 074-442-3772
Mirador Jesuit Villa Retreat House Lourdes Grotto, Dominican Mirador, Baguio City (074)-300-4789
Mirador Transient House 6 Saint Theresa Street, Mirador Hill, Baguio City 9303441505
Mimi's Bed and Bath #11 Mangga Rd., Carantes Compound, Loakan Proper, Baguio City (074)620-5018
N.L.D.A Real Estate Leasing #49 SAJJ Bldg., Rimando Rd., Aurora HiII Proper, Baguio City 9175066288
Nardi-mar Transient House #160 Queen Of Peace Rd., Lourdes Proper, Baguio City 09228848751 09228361846
North Cambridge Baguio Condominiums East Harvard Bldg, Cambridge condominiums goshenland, Bareng street, Bakakeng 09981886189 246 8125
North Crescent Tavern 35 Leonard Wood rd., Baguio City 9088635833
North Pine Bed and Breakfast 55 D Scout Barrio, Baguio City 09173293845 09613616104
Nikko James Transient House #64 Purok 3 Middle Rock Quarry, City Camp 9480984143
N.R Noble Real Estate Leasing 21 Lourdes Subdivision Extension, Queen of Peace rd., Baguio City 9194124469
Oak and Stone Bed and Breakfast #3 Brent Road, General Luna, Baguio City (074) 309 5538 09175237642
Ofelia Abad Real Estate Leasing 20 Ledesma street Aurora Hill, Baguio City 9090940734
Old Orangewood Bed and Breakfast #20 F. Gomez St., Lower P. Burgos, Baguio City 09778011503 (074) 4425060
Olive Town Center and Hotel Lower General Luna, Baguio City 9177102033
Ozark Bed Breakfast Hotel #02 Bareng Drive, Bakakeng Norte Sur, Baguio City 9082180690
Paladin Hotel #136 Abanao Extension Corner Corner Carino Street, Baguio City (074) 442-2408 09338102365 09052987967
Peredo's Lodging House #5 Cm Recto Street, Baguio City (074)442-5091 09229420698 09264055115
Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary #19 Tacay Rd. Guisad Central, Baguio City 09988844212 (074) 620 3783
Pine Breeze Cottages #40 Bokawkan Rd., Baguio City 09173981120 (074) 442-3350
Pines City Pensione Inn #21 Ferguson Rd., Baguio City (074) 442-6872
Pine Home Transient House #98 simsim compound tiptop pacdal road 9392849792
Piraso Resort Brgy. North Sanitary Camp 99-C, Piraso Resort, Baguio City 9209507491
Princess Joanne 8B St. Tomas Rd., Brgy. Upper QM, Baguio City, Benguet 9173166553
Rambo Transient House 70 tiptop ambuklao rd., Pacdal, Baguio City 9122489549
Randy Lapid Transient House #139 Siapno Rd., Pacdal Amsing, Baguio City (074) 661-3990 09432268676
Ricio Haus #27 Regidor St., Pacdai, Baguio City 09173045401 (074) 661-7002
Recedencia Alekzandra #76 Palma 2nd Road, Baguio City 9156233767
REIR Accommodation and Event Center 80 Queen of Angels St. Lourdes Subdivision Proper, Baguio City 9993115354
Ridge Loft Inn 68 North Santo Tomas Rd.‚ Baguio City 9358918860
Ridgeview Boarding House 233-A, Purok 4 Bennin Rd., Pinsao Proper 09678394964 09759428872
Ridgewood Hotel #17 J Felipe Street, Lualhati Barangay, Baguio City 744466295 0744467733 09176808015 09228895680
RL Veranda # 84 Palma St., Palma-Urbano, Baguio City (074) 422-1051 09163360104
Romel Mansions 3 Villamor Drive, Lualhati, Baguio City 9190788532
Rubia Restaurant Bed & Breakfast #80 Upper General Luna Road, Baguio City 9275496482
Salvador A. Acuña Transient House 724-A General Lim street, Baguio City 9152734448
Sentosa Transient House # 70 Tiptop, Ambuclao Road, Baguîo City 9475949117
Sisko Inn #85A Brentwood Village, Brgy. Roxas, Baguio City 09178560373 09175887088 074 753 817
Skyland Garden Hotel and Resort #001 Purok 18, Irisan, Benguet 9487012224
Sophia Real Estate Executives and Development Corporation 381 Purok 5, Dontogan, Baguio City 9771385838
South Drive Baguio Manor #34 Paterno St. Cor South Drive, Baguio City 9173063947
South Terminal Inn 30 Governor Pack Road, Baguio City 9171143517
Skyrise Hotel and Restaurant #18 Dominican Road, Baguio City (074) 445-6834-36
Sukhavati Inn #60 Siapno Road, Pacdal, Baguio City 09072230018 (074) 620-4939
Sunset View Ridge Residences #19 Gulf View Harison, Suello Village, Bakakeng Central, Baguio City 09953626064 09479793732
SOLEO Real Estate Leasing SOLEO, Camp 7, Kennon Rd., Baguio City 9989842736
Susan's Transient House #79 PUROK 4 Lower Cabinet Hill- Teacher's Camp, Baguio City 09194688301 09173205925 (074) 446-5242
Tacay Lodge House 38 Pinsao Proper, Baguio City 9465864415
Tawanna Transient House 130-B Cabinet Hill, Teachers Camp (074) 442-4117
Т. Alonzo I #110 T. Alonzo, Baguio City 99988537257
T. Alonzo III #130 T. Alonzo, Baguio City 9176364156
T.A.P. Residences #38А 14th St., Purok 3, Dominican Mirador, Baguio City (074) 444 4236 09996908341 09176516204
Department of Education Baguio Teachers' Camp Leonard Wood Road, Cabinet Hill- Teachers Camp Baguio City (074) 442-3517
Terrace Heights Dormitory 22A New Lucban Extension 9178555680
Tesoro's Realty #168 Queen of Hope Street Barangay Lourdes Proper, Baguio City 9178196188
The Country Place Baguio #20 Dominican Rd., Baguio City 9178528228
The Pilgrim's Place 67 Marcos Highway, Baguio City 074-442-3303
Three Kiddies Apartelle & Transient House 15-a purok 1, Pucsusan, Baguio City 9099496241
Tita Vee Vacation House #15 M. H. Del . Pllar St. Baguio City 09165000509 09173527833 09996990909
Tiptop Vacation Homes #70-A Ambuklao Rd., Simsim Cmpd., Tiptop, Pacdal, Baguio City 09213255298 09179041778
Tita Aidz Inn #02 Upper Session Rd., Brgy. Engineers Hill, Baguio City 9562568152
Tourist Cabin #5 Purok 1, Dontogan, Baguio City 9298987935
Trail Bedz 7 Atok Trail, Baguio City 9507975622
Travelite Express Hotel Corner Chuntug and F. Bautista Drive, AZCKO, Baguio City (074) 424-4743 09178550606 09985590377
Treasure Línk Cooperative Society Queen of Peace Rd., and City Camp Central Rd., Lourdes Subdivision Extension 9687581577
Tufay Real Estate Leasing 5 Ramon Mitra street, Middle Quezon Hill, Baguio City 9286207075
Tulip's Place #3 Recto St., Navy Base, Pacdal, Baguio City (074) 442-8208
Tulip Apartelle #6 Loakan Road, Green water village, Baguio City (074) 424-5718 09468636032
Tudor in the Pines #17 Lower Balacbac Rd., Sto Tomas, Baguio City 9396364546
Uphill Boarding House 18 Purok 4, Bakakeng North, Baguio City 9152920636
Vigor Pines Transient House #29 Maria Basa, Pacdal, Baguio City 9394684583
Villa Princess Theresa Inn #221 Session Road Extension, DPS Area, Baguio City 9172748412
Villa Silvina Hotel and Restaurant #15 Street, Outlook Drive, Baguio City (074) 442-7239 09171499991
Villa Valencerina Apartments #26 Mystical Rose Rd., Lourdes Subd. Extension, Baguio City (074) 445-6673 09177921213
Vinluan Transient House 31 Bayan Park, Aurora Hill, Baguio City 9175013479
VIP Royale Transient 316 Happy Homes, Ferdinand- Campo Sioco, Baguio City 9304457307
Vista de Pino Transient House 133 Upper Scout Barrio 09772760265 09431377819
Wanderer's Guesthouse and Apartments #34 Private Road, Magsaysay Ave., Baguio City 09206560024 09171580713
White House of the Lord of Scents Boutique Hotel Corp. Lot 1 and Lot 2 Golf Estate, Camp John Hay 9498890590
Whiteoats Inn Purok 4 Dontogan, Green Valley 9266565880
Wilma's Viewpoint 229 Tam-awan Turning Point, Pinsao Proper 074 665 7364
Yang Home Stay #01 Queen Of Peace, Baguio City 9473262896
YMCA of the City of Baguio Post Office Loop, Salud Mitra, Baguio City (074) 248-1211 (074) 619-8597
YourOasis Transient Units in Baguio 139 Kadaclan Village Loakan-Apugan, Baguio City 9392875622
Zig Apartments 13 Cabinet Hill, Baguio City (074)-444-6533 09053681482

DOT-Accredited Baguio Homestays

Discover the charm of Baguio with confidence by choosing from our list of DOT-accredited homestays, verified for quality as of July 28, 2022.

Name of Enterprise Address Contact Number
Adelle's Transient AR 51 Upper Riverside Ambiong, La Trinidad, Benguet 9194135293
AE's Transient Home 73-E Ferguson Rd., Andres Bonifacio, Guisad, Baguio City 9297183919
Althea Sophia Transient House #19 Pinpin St., 2nd Rd., Palma-Urbano, Baguio City 09175077485 09228390583
AMARA Transient House 418 Cuneta Cmpd. Purok 4 East Gibraltar, Baguio City 09182749597 09661740088
American Heritage Home Transient Inn 7 Claro M Recto Street, Saint Joseph Village, Baguio City 9188887260
Arturo Samson Property Rental Lot 21 Blk 1 Greensummerville subdivision, Bakakeng Rd. 9158230467
Aussie Inn 11 Purok 1 Brgy. M Roxas, Baguio City 9173720558
Babsplace Transient House 508 Hillside Baguio City 9233498481
Baguio Graysville Homestay #19 new upper general Luna Rd., Baguio City 09189101112 09088888898
Balai Ruthanna Homestay 61 Magnolia St., San Luis Village, Baguio City 09065764582 09452742626
Bims Pride Realty 466 Dahlia, Upper QM, Baguio City 09225788412 09164426696
Capíral Transient House 73 Lourdes Subdivision rd., Baguio City 9189156944
Cherry Marie's Homestay 129 Purok 5 Camdas, Baguio City 9669086354
Countrywoods realty 134 Scout Barrio, Baguio City 9504577627
Destinys Transient and Boarding House (Engineer's Hill Branch) 4 old forestry compound lower engineers 9199560082
Destinys Transient and Boarding House (Salud Mitra Branch) #52 Valenzuela st., Salud Mltra, Baguio Clty 9199560082
Destinys Transient and Boarding House (Trancoville Branch) 5 Lower Malvar, Trancoville Baguio City 9199560082
Elabiz Properties San Roque Village, Dominican Road, Baguio City 9610466727
Garden View Homestay #56 Evangelista St., Bayan Park West (Bayan Park), Baguio City 9350567897
Highland Properties Residential Leasing #6 Outlook Drive, Baguio City 09178772347 09271641480
Joann Sophia Transient House #3 City Camp Road, City Camp Proper, Baguio City 09176519932 09186666946
Joyrich Homestay 74 old/ 62 new DPS Compound, Baguio City 09176564010 09285550047
JV Espino Apartments and Transient 231 rd., 2 Evangelista street, Leonila Hill, Bayan Park, Baguio City 9338609036
KNM Boarding House 35 Rimando Rd., Trancoville, Baguio City 09153664006 0746194020
La Casa Jessonmar Homestay 67 y. Vergara Alley, Upper Engineers Hill, Baguio City 9175003224
LE COQ Bleu Homestay 13 Gulf View Horizon, Suello Village 9175017355
lna's Transient House #244-5 Purok 2, Lucnab, Baguio City 09984679710 09616105571
Maligsa's Homestay 56 First Road, Valenzuela street, Salud Mitra, Baguio City 9187461000
Marie Flor Themes Real Estate Leasing 18 Camella Street., Upper QM 9177180141
Mary's Home Baguio House Rental 147 Diplomat Rd., Dominican Hill, Baguio City 9175060616
Mondrian Transient 635 Magnolia street, Upper QM, Baguio City 9190977819
Noants Lodging & Tours Benjamin R. Salvosa Drive Corner, 23 Chuntug St., Rizal Park, Baguio City (074) 442-5041 09209207026
Oval Era Villa Rocky Hill, Baguio City 9178835110
Papci's Transient House 123 Pogi street, Barangay Camp 8, Baguio City 9562272641
PBM Homestay 108 Purok 26 Upper San Carlos Hts. 9056634238
Pines Ville Rentals #481-A Maria Pucay Rd., Baguio City 074 619-1614
Pinewood Home and Condo Blk 1 Lot 14 Eagle Crest Villas PH 3 Gate 2, Bakakeng Norte, Baguio City 09175901935 09173279290
Prevera Real Property Management Unit 303 Zonevill Condominium, Montinola Subd., Kisad Road, Baguio City 9162958559
Retreat at Shirley's Homestay Lot 9A PNB Ville Purok 7 Bakakeng Central, Baguio City 9171535187
RG-TOX Cyber Café and Homestay 093-B Block 2 Lot 15 B Lower Rock Quarry, Baguio City 9177476427
RMJ TRANSIENT HOUSE 49 Evangelista Street 9088197508
Rozz Anne Zianna's Transient House Cabinet Hill-Teacher's Camp, Baguio City 9360453917
Saromines Real Estate Leasin 60 Carantes, Middle Quezon Hill, Baguio City 9495011567
SUITE ABODES 409 Ferdinand Happy Homes, Baguio City 09175147457 09228640981
Toowan21 Transient House 4 Ben Palispis Hwy RKC Bldg Marcos Hwy 9054190309
Umaykan Transient House 13 G 13 Caguioa Street, Bonifacio- Caguioa-Rimando (ABCR), Baguio City 9569928519
Velasquez Transient House Lot 2 Blk 1, St. Patrick Subdivision, San Carlos Heights, Baguio City 9985682985
Verceles Alambra Homes Home Stay Unit 201 Zone Ville Condominium Subd., Burnham Legarda, Baguio City 09175093590 09177194460
Wood Pine Real Estate Leasing #96 Lower Cabinet Hill- Teacher's Camp, Baguio City 9271466513
Yellow House Transient House #9 Upper Cabinet Hill- Teacher's Camp, Baguio City 9669467314
ZYA Transient House #323 AIpavíIIe street Upper Liwanag, Baguio City 9104026786

Explore Beyond DOT-Accredited Baguio Hotels

Discover a plethora of lodging options in Baguio City that go beyond the realm of DOT accreditation. While the Department of Tourism certifies certain hotels, the City Tourism Office of Baguio curates an extensive list of verified accommodation establishments for a more diverse experience. Navigate your choices by exploring the Baguio VISITA website.

For added assurance of legitimacy, connect with the Baguio VISITA hotlines:

  • 24/7 Hotline: (074) 446-2009
  • Daytime Support (7am - 4pm): 0956 572 9097
  • Afternoon Support (2pm - 11pm): 0956 572 9093
  • Night Support (10pm - 7am): 0956 572 9094

Ensure not only a delightful stay but also a secure one by relying on the trusted accommodations listed by the City Tourism Office. Your Baguio experience awaits with a range of options that suit your preferences and guarantee peace of mind.

Planning Your Baguio Getaway

When planning your Baguio escape, delve beyond accreditation and explore crucial factors like location and amenities. Elevate your travel experience with these insightful tips for a seamless adventure:

  1. Strategic Location: Choose accommodations strategically placed near your planned activities. This ensures easy access to Baguio's attractions, optimizing your time and enhancing your overall stay.

  2. Amenities that Matter: Look beyond the basics. Prioritize accommodations offering amenities aligning with your preferences, whether it's a scenic view, on-site activities, or proximity to local dining spots.

  3. Tailor Your Baguio Itinerary: Craft an itinerary that blends popular sites with hidden gems. Embrace the vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes Baguio offers, ensuring a well-rounded and memorable journey.

  4. Weather Considerations: Be mindful of Baguio's weather fluctuations. Pack accordingly to make the most of your outdoor excursions and city explorations.

With these considerations and tips, your Baguio getaway transforms into a carefully curated experience, promising not just a trip, but a captivating adventure.

Embracing Assurance: A Baguio Farewell

In retrospect, the significance of opting for DOT-accredited accommodations in Baguio cannot be overstated. Your choices contribute to a sustainable and secure travel environment, ensuring a positive impact on both the local community and your own experience.

As you bid farewell to the City of Pines, carry with you the confidence that comes from responsible travel choices. Explore Baguio with the assurance that your journey not only enriched your soul but also supported the destination's commitment to tourism excellence.

Baguio beckons with open arms, and as you venture forth, let the memories of this unique highland city linger, encouraging you to return and unravel more of its beauty with each visit. Travel boldly, knowing that your Baguio sojourn is a testament to responsible and rewarding exploration.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all Baguio accommodations DOT-accredited?

The Department of Tourism accredits numerous establishments in Baguio, but not every accommodation may hold this accreditation. To ensure compliance, always check the official DOT list or contact the hotel directly.

2. How can I verify the legitimacy of a Baguio accommodation through the VISITA website?

Visit the Baguio VISITA website ( and navigate to the accommodations section. Cross-reference your choice with their accredited list for legitimacy.

3. Can I book accommodations directly through the Baguio VISITA website?

No, the VISITA website serves as a verification tool. To book, contact the accommodation directly or use reputable online platforms.

4. Are there non-DOT-accredited accommodations worth considering in Baguio?

Yes, Baguio offers a range of accommodations. While DOT accreditation ensures certain standards, some non-accredited options may still provide satisfactory services. Conduct thorough research before deciding.

5. What factors should I consider beyond accreditation when planning my Baguio trip?

Consider location, amenities, and personal preferences. Choose accommodations that align with your travel itinerary and enhance your overall experience.

6. Are there additional hotlines for verifying accommodations aside from the VISITA website?

Yes, you can contact the Baguio VISITA hotlines for verification: (074) 446-2009 (24/7), 0956 572 9097 (7 am - 4 pm), 0956 572 9093 (2 pm -11 pm), 0956 572 9094 (10 pm - 7 am).

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