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Six Kalinga Heritage Sites Now Protected in PRECUP: Securing Cultural Treasures

In a historic moment, 6 cherished heritage sites in Kalinga have been enrolled in PRECUP, securing protection from modification or demolition.

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In a historic moment, 6 cherished heritage sites in Kalinga join PRECUP, securing protection against modification or demolition, preserving their cultural legacy. Photo: DA-Philippine Carabao Center

In a significant move to safeguard Kalinga's cultural heritage, six iconic heritage sites have been enrolled in the Philippine Registry of Cultural Property (PRECUP). Spearheaded by Provincial Tourism Officer Lorraine Ngao-i, this development ensures legal protection against modification or demolition, preserving these invaluable treasures for future generations.

A Triumph for Kalinga's Cultural Legacy

The inclusion of these sites in PRECUP marks a victory for Kalinga's cultural heritage. Among the recognized landmarks are:

  1. Banao Protected Landscapes: A testament to Kalinga's natural beauty and ecological diversity.
  2. Rizal Archaeological Reservation: Preserving traces of Kalinga's ancient civilizations and historical significance.
  3. Bantayog Wika at Kalinga State University-Bulanao Campus Compound: A symbol of Kalinga's commitment to education and language preservation.
  4. Canao Bridge in Calanan, Tabuk City: Connecting communities and preserving Kalinga's architectural heritage.
  5. White Carabao in Bulanao: A cultural icon representing Kalinga's agricultural traditions and rural life.
  6. Saint Peter's Parish Church Bells in Lubuagan: Reverberating with the echoes of Kalinga's religious and spiritual heritage.

These sites hold deep cultural significance, reflecting Kalinga's rich history and identity.

With their enrollment in PRECUP, these heritage sites are now shielded by legal safeguards against unauthorized modifications or demolitions. This crucial step underscores the commitment to preserving Kalinga's cultural heritage. It aligns with the broader cultural property preservation program led by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA).

Upholding Tradition and Identity

Each of the enrolled heritage sites holds significant cultural importance for the people of Kalinga. From ancient landscapes to architectural marvels, these sites encapsulate centuries of tradition and identity. By protecting them from harm, Kalinga reaffirms its dedication to honoring its past and celebrating its unique cultural heritage.

Fostering Awareness and Appreciation

Provincial Tourism Officer Ngao-i emphasizes the importance of raising public awareness and appreciation for Kalinga's heritage sites. Their inclusion in PRECUP serves as a catalyst for promoting cultural tourism and deepening understanding of Kalinga's history. Through education and engagement, these sites will continue to inspire admiration among visitors and locals alike.

Conclusion: Preserving Heritage for Posterity

The enrollment of six Kalinga heritage sites in PRECUP represents a significant step in safeguarding the province's cultural treasures. By ensuring legal protection against modification or demolition, Kalinga reaffirms its commitment to preserving its unique identity and heritage. As custodians of these invaluable treasures, it is our collective responsibility to cherish and protect them for generations to come.

Moreover, this milestone serves as a beacon for other provinces in the Cordillera Administrative Region to follow suit. By taking proactive measures to enroll their own cultural assets in PRECUP, these provinces can ensure the long-term preservation of their heritage for posterity. Together, we can celebrate and protect the rich cultural tapestry of the Cordillera region, ensuring that its legacy endures for future generations to cherish and appreciate.

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