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Kelvi Galap: Igorot Metal Artist Transforms Discarded Materials into Art

Meet Kelvi Galap, an Igorot metal artist from Ifugao, turns discarded materials into captivating masterpieces. Explore his sustainable creations.

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Explore the sustainable creations of Kelvi Galap, an Igorot metal artist from Ifugao, who transforms discarded materials into captivating masterpieces. Photo: Carl Taawan (edited)

Meet Kelvi Galap, an Igorot metal artist hailing from Lagawe, Ifugao. Kelvi is a creative genius with a unique talent - he turns discarded automotive parts into captivating works of art.

A Journey of Creative Discovery

Kelvi's artistic journey commenced when he decided to craft a "budget-sized motorcycle" from discarded materials. His inspiration came from a video he stumbled upon on Facebook, where foreigners showcased a similar scrap motorcycle. This humble project garnered significant interest when he shared it online, motivating him to create more pieces.

This journey of creative discovery unveiled Kelvi's remarkable talent for turning the seemingly worthless into true artistry.

Photo: My Artworld and Media Newseum

From Passion to Purpose

As positive responses continued to pour in, Kelvi Galap recognized the potential of his creative endeavors. He decided to transform his passion into a thriving business, focusing on producing unique and intricate metal sculptures. His portfolio now encompasses a wide range of art pieces, from intricate sculptures to smaller items, all of which have been exhibited in various locations and gained substantial attention online. What sets his work apart is not only its visual appeal but also its eco-friendly aspect, as it reuses discarded materials.

This transformation from passion to purpose demonstrates how Kelvi, an Igorot metal artist, harnessed his creative talents to contribute meaningfully to the world of art and sustainability.

Photo: My Artworld and Media Newseum

Art for All

Kelvi's metal sculptures are available in various designs and sizes, with prices ranging from ₱200 to ₱50,000. This affordability ensures that his art is accessible to a broad spectrum of art enthusiasts. His smaller creations, priced at ₱200 to ₱600, have gained significant popularity, especially in Baguio City.

The accessibility of his art reflects his commitment to making creativity available to everyone, breaking down barriers between art and its admirers.

Photo: My Artworld and Media Newseum

Supporting Kelvi Galap's Vision

To explore Kelvi Galap's diverse range of artistic creations and support his creative journey, visit his Facebook page. Each artwork tells a unique story and reflects his unwavering dedication to his craft. When you purchase a piece, you not only embrace the beauty of creativity but also promote the repurposing of discarded materials.

By supporting Kelvi's vision, you become part of the journey, contributing to the ongoing story of transformation through art and sustainability.

Photo: My Artworld and Media Newseum


Kelvi Galap's journey is a testament to the transformative power of creativity and the capacity of discarded items to become sources of beauty and inspiration. His work not only captivates our senses but also aligns with the growing movement towards sustainability. As you admire his sculptures, remember the hidden potential within the discarded, waiting to be unlocked by creative minds like Kelvi's. It's a reminder that art can be a force for positive change, and that even in the most unexpected places, beauty can emerge to enrich our lives.

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