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Isadanga Cop Hailed for Astounding Good Deeds

An Isadanga cop is awarded the Medalya ng Kasanayan" for her high standard of service that goes beyond the shallow phase of assistance.

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An Isadanga cop in the person of PMSgt. Valentina K. Tecag is awarded the "Medalya ng Kasanayan on August 01, 2022, during the 27th Police Community Relation Month by BCPO Naguilian Road Police where she was stationed. This is in recognition for her unwavering commitment to service that goes beyond the shallow phase of assistance. She integrated humility, and deeper way of hospitality to her duty while maintaining high standard of professionalism in dealing with various activities she had in her plate as a police officer.

On the report, the highlighted event that garnered PMSgt. Tecag a head on nomination for the prestigious award is her extraordinary frame of mind spiced with compassion and consideration when she dealt with an elderly woman suffering from severe dementia. As it is known that a person suffering from dementia forgets everything, sometimes, even their personal hygiene, worst who they are like what happened on the afternoon of December 10, 2021. An elderly woman was turned over to authorities of Naguillian Road Police station where PMSgt. Tecag is on active duty. The taxi driver reported that the said woman requested to be ferried to Bermuda hills Subdivision from Baguio City's Central Business District. However, upon arrival to the said place, the elderly woman could not remember her exact house address and was not recognized by residents there. This prompted the taxi driver to seek the help of nearby authorities.

PMSgt. Valentina Tecag assisting the elderly woman
PMSgt. Valentina Tecag assisting the elderly woman

The report added that upon turnover, a tedious interview was conducted by PMSgt. Tecag and other personnel of the said station to extract information helpful in revealing the elderly woman's identity. Considering the manner, she answers the questions thrown to her, and her current condition as of that moment of turnover, she shows signs of dementia, which prompted PMSgt. Tecag to forbearingly communicate with her until she managed to take her name as Lourdes "Ollangay" Gallardo from Saclit, Sadanga.

With the other information gathered PMSgt. Tecag decided to ferry lola Lourdes to an area at San Luis Extension, Baguio City hoping that someone from the neighborhood might recognize her since most of the residents there are from the same province. Fortunately, one of the residents eventually recognized the elderly woman and her place of residence.

PMSgt. Tecag giving piggy back ride to the elderly woman while climbing the steep and rugged pathway.
PMSgt. Tecag giving piggy back ride to the elderly woman while climbing the steep and rugged pathway.

Unfortunately, Lola Lourdes house' location is about 200 meters far from the barangay road which can only be reached by walking a steep and rugged pathway that might lead to unwanted incident should she walk with her shaky weak legs in addition to unfavorable condition connected to the said sickness. By then, the Igorot strength securely hidden in the heart of PMSgt. Tecag, kicks in and without hesitation she piggy back (ubba) Lola Lourdes, then, carefully climb the steep path bringing her home safely. The report also added that the impact of this astounding gesture of assistance set forth by PMSgt. Tecag, won the heart of her colleagues and the confidence of the people who witnessed this event to look upon police officers as the loving sons and daughters of the elderly.

Asked why she had to do it alone, and a smile brighten her face and said "that is my duty as a policewoman and as a woman myself, there are unspoken words that we must consider when doing things. Sometimes we need to use discernment!''

Wherever i go, whatever i do, i will stamp the insignia of my ancestor ----Proud Igorota on board!!!!

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