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Honest Baguio Cop Returns Bag of Valuables

Honest Baguio City police officer receives praise and gratitude from a businessman for returning his misplaced bag.

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PLT Bhong Buhong, from Asipulo, Ifugao, receives praise for his honesty in returning a bag full of valuables to its owner.

P/Lt. Bhong Jdt Buhong once again proven that the Cordillera's Finest are the most disciplined policemen in the country.

The honest Baguio City police officer received applause and gratitude from a businessman for returning his lost bag in December 2019.

P/Lt. Buhong traces his roots from Bili, Amduntog, Asipulo, Ifugao.

Wilfredo Gatchalian said on his Facebook post that he dropped his bag in Baguio on December 28, 2019. It contained P20k cash, credit cards, passbooks, passports, car spare keys, and a driver's license. So he was very grateful to P/Lt Buhong for being so honest and having all his baggage returned.

Honest Baguio Police officer P/Lt. Bhong Jdt Buhong Wilfredo Gatchalian, Facebook

Gatchalian never thought it could be returned. He said, "I was so frustrated then suddenly someone chatted me, saying he picked up my bag. I don't even want to see it again. The police there were very kind. Strict but kind. "

"I hope all the cops are like him," he said in his post.

He added, "I tried to give Sir a reward but he still didn't accept it. I am very grateful to you and to ten of you in the Baguio City Police Station 3. Hope you help more people. "

Honest Baguio cop P/Lt. Buhong returns a bag of valuables containing P20k cash, credit cards, passbooks, passports, car spare keys, and a driver's license to owner Wilfredo Gatchalian, Facebook

Gatchalian's post was widely praised and the police received praise on social media.

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