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The Enchanted Lumaguig Stone: A Glimpse into Buninan's Lumaguig Stone of Immujana in Mayoyao, Ifugao

A mysterious stone known as the Lumaguig Stone, also known as the Lumagid Stone, is located deep inside Buninan hamlet in Mayoyao, Ifugao.

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Lumaguid Waterfalls Images by Farrah Banawan

This historic object is valued greatly in local folklore and is thought to have magical properties. These intriguing stones' three distinctive manifestations are Immujana, Henanga, and Majawjaw.

The Lumaguid waterfall lies between the two barangay which are Balangbang and Buninan. The only way to go there is to walk and you can choose the two paths to go there. You may walk at barangay Balangbang or in barangay Buninan. Once you are there you will hear the loud and roughness of the water but it also has a beautiful view from the sides of Buninan the rice terraces, native houses, and mountains. The Lumaguid has two pools, the first one is in the falls and the second one is in the lower part of it. Sometimes the water is clear and it depends on the weather or the upper stream source of it if the source of the water were contaminated or the water is caused by natural disasters like too much water from the forest, landslide, and others.

In the vicinity of the area, there are two available cottages but only one is being used because the other one is ongoing for construction. You may be wondering why did they call it Lumaguid Stone Waterfall, at the top of the falls there are two stones the bigger and the small stone that holds the large one. In the olden days, a believe that there were no stones over that waterfall but the fairy put it there as their house. according to the folklore one night they hear noise coming from the river that they are carrying a big stone, the fairies' when to the neighborhood house to borrow a "tagkhai" a small version of a winnower if I am not mistaken. Early morning the villager were woke up and shocked that there is a huge stone at the waterfall, then they saw a slice of meat on the "tagkhai" at their house. The elders believe that as long as the stone stands they are still happy. It also believes that don't throw stones, garbage, and breakable object as it has consequences for the unseen creatures that leaving there.[ Source]

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