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When Was It Right to Advocate Terrorism?

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As an ordinary citizen, I am worried for the activists intensifying call to the young people to join the New Peoples Army.

A guerrilla of the New People's Army walks along the forest in the Sierra Madre mountain range | Noel Celis, AFP (edited)
A guerrilla of the New People's Army walks along the forest in the Sierra Madre mountain range Noel Celis, AFP (edited)

Dear Editor,

As an ordinary citizen, I am worried for the activists intensifying call to the young people to join the New People's Army. Recently, something caught my attention that deeply bothered me. The Kabataang Makabayan-Demokratiko-Tignayan Dagiti Agtutubo iti Kordilyera (KM-DATAKO) spokesperson released an open letter with a message to the youth saying "Mas mainam sana kung piliin ninyong mag-NPA". This is such an alarming and disgraceful message from a so-called leader of a youth group.

We cannot be silent and ignore it. When was it right to advocate terrorism and entice the youths to join a terrorist organization? I cannot imagine this despicable act and how desperate they could be that they have to discourage the youth from pursuing their dreams, fulfilling their parent's aspirations and to serve the nation and yet they are encouraging them to join their movement? They speak and support the Communist organization, but they abhor being red tagged?

It's undeniable that we are going through a lot of challenges, there is the pandemic, economic crisis and so on, but whatever we are facing right now, joining the NPA will never help, instead, it would make the problem even worse.

I appreciate the government and RTF-ELCAC sincerity in spreading awareness on the deceitful recruitment of this Communist Terrorist Group and as a concerned citizen, let us help and do our part. We need to speak up the truth and expose their lies and deceit, because if we don't, it is quite chilling to imagine the future of our youth and our beloved nation.

I hope that this simple act of courage will make the terrorist recruitment spread no more.

Sent via email by Mariz Lagmay from Tabuk, Kalinga.

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