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Bontoc Butcher Beheads Fellow Butcher

A butcher was found beheaded in Bontoc, Mountain Province, and a fellow butcher has been charged with murder, the Police reported.

A butcher was found beheaded in Bontoc, Mountain Province, and a fellow butcher has been charged with murder, the Philippine National Police - Cordillera reported.

The two butchers, Wilfred Bandao Aquino, 31, and Kevin Ongaron Changat, 25, decided to have a drinking session Monday evening, April 8. According to Larry Filog Chugwawi, the 25-year-old laborer who joined them, they first drank at the slaughterhouse at Pagturao in Barangay Bontoc IlI. Chugwawi left the two at about 11 p.m. and went home to sleep.

At around 2:30 a.m, the next day, a motorcycle rider alarmed the police that he saw a cleanly beheaded body with a knife pierced in its chest by the road while passing Sitio Pagturao. The body also bore hacking wounds.

After recovering the head and identifying the victim, police arrested Chugwawi and Changat at a shanty inside a nearby construction site. Chugwawi was released while Changat was detained as a suspect and is charged with murder. Changat's feet and hands were still bloodied when the police made arrest.

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