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Baguio Now Selling Fogs in Jars

The City of Baguio is now selling fogs in jars. Now you can bring home a piece of the Summer Capital's cool and refreshing air.

The City of Baguio, the Summer Capital of Philippines, is now selling fog in jars. Now you can bring home a piece of Baguio's cool and refreshing air. Photo: PIO-Baguio City/NCO, 2023

BAGUIO, Philippines - In a move that has been met with mixed reactions, the city of Baguio has announced that it is now selling fogs in jars.

"We've been getting a lot of requests from people who want to take a piece of Baguio home with them," said a spokesperson for the city government. "So we decided to start selling fogs in jars."

The fogs are collected from the mountains surrounding Baguio and are then sealed in jars. Each jar costs $50.

"We're confident that our fogs will be a hit," said the spokesperson. "They're the perfect way to bring a little bit of Baguio's cool and refreshing air to your home."

However, some people have criticized the city government for its decision to sell fogs in jars.

"This is a ridiculous waste of money," said one resident. "You can get the same effect by just going outside and breathing the fresh air."

"I think it's a brilliant idea," said another resident. "Now I can have Baguio's cool and refreshing air all year round, even when I'm back home in the lowlands."

Environmentalists have warned that the city's decision to sell fog in jars could have a negative impact on the environment. They say that the fog is a natural resource that should be protected, and that selling it in jars could lead to over-harvesting and depletion of the resource. They also worry that the jars could be a choking hazard for children and animals.

However, the city government has defended its decision, saying that it is a way to promote tourism and raise funds for environmental conservation. They say that the fog is collected using a sustainable method that does not harm the environment.

Only time will tell if the fog craze will catch on. But for now, it's sure to be a talking point among tourists and locals alike.

In a related story, the city government has announced that it is considering building a fog museum. They said that the fog is a valuable resource and that the city needs to protect it.

"The fog museum would be a place where people could learn about the fog and its importance," said the spokesperson. "It would also be a place where people could come to catch a fog in a jar."

The fog museum is still in the planning stages, but the city government is confident that it will be a popular tourist attraction.

The fog in Baguio is so thick that it's like walking through a cloud. It's so calming and peaceful, it's like you're in another world. People have been trying to catch the fog for years, but it's always been too elusive. But now, thanks to the city government, you can finally take a piece of Baguio home with you.

Just be careful not to open the jar too quickly, or you'll be swimming in fog.

The mayor of Baguio, who is known for his eccentric sense of humor, has even declared the fog to be a protected species.

"The fog is a precious resource," he said. "We need to protect it from poachers who would try to sell it on the black market."

The mayor's announcement has led to a surge in demand for fogs in jars. Some people are even buying them up as investments, hoping that the price of fog will go up in the future.

"I'm going to be rich!" said one resident, who has already purchased 100 jars of fog. "I'm going to buy a yacht and a private island."

The fog craze has even inspired some creative entrepreneurs. One man has started a business selling fog-infused candles, while another has created a line of fog-scented perfumes.

Some people are even using fog to make their own music. One artist who plays at Session Road has created a fog-based instrument that he calls the "fogophone."

Only time will tell if the fog craze will last. But for now, it's sure to keep people talking.

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