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Victory Liner Bus Shooting Leaves 2 Dead in Nueva Ecija

Tragic Victory Liner Bus Shooting: Two passengers were brutally killed in cold blood in Nueva Ecija while on their way to Manila.

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A chilling incident has left two passengers dead and the community in shock as a Victory Liner bus was targeted in a shooting attack along the south lane of Carranglan, Nueva Ecija, on November 15.

On November 15, a distressing shooting incident unfolded in Nueva Ecija, involving a Victory Liner-owned bus. Two men, dressed in camouflage shorts, intercepted the bus along the south lane of Carranglan, Nueva Ecija, and shot two unsuspecting passengers in the front seat who were asleep during their journey from Tuguegarao City in Cagayan province to Manila.

Police Chief Master Sergeant Vincent CastaƱeda of Carranglan police reported that the victims, a 60-year-old female from Cauayan City and her 55-year-old male partner from Koronadal in South Cotabato, were shot a total of six times in the head and neck by two male assailants using a .45 caliber gun. Unfortunately, the victims did not survive the attack.

This incident raises significant concerns about passenger safety during travel and emphasizes the need for a thorough investigation.

Swift Police Response

Following the shooting, the suspects instructed the bus driver to stop, disembarking along the Maharlika Highway in the village of Minuli. The bus driver promptly reported the incident to the nearest Community Police Assistance Center (COMPAC) in Barangay Joson, leading to a quick response from the authorities.

Investigation and Persons of Interest

The Nueva Ecija police, led by Major Rey Ian Agliam, are actively investigating the incident. The victims boarded the bus at the terminal in Cauayan City, Isabela, while the two gunmen got on board in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya. Preliminary reports indicate that the victims did not have any items stolen from them.

Colonel Jean Fajardo, head of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Public Information Office, revealed that investigators are exploring a potential motive behind the attack related to a dispute between the female victim and her son, previously reported for carnapping.

Viral Video Footage

A video capturing the assailants firing six shots at the sleeping passengers has gone viral on social media, amplifying the shock and concern surrounding the incident.

Conclusion and Ongoing Concerns

In conclusion, the shooting incident on the Victory Liner-owned bus in Nueva Ecija has raised significant alarms regarding passenger safety during travel. The victims, a 60-year-old female from Cauayan City and her 55-year-old male partner from Koronadal in South Cotabato, tragically lost their lives in this disturbing event.

As the investigation led by Major Rey Ian Agliam unfolds, it is essential to note a related incident: a recent fatal motorcycle accident involving a Victory Liner Sleeper Bus in Tabuk City. These events collectively intensify concerns about the overall safety practices within the transportation company.

While law enforcement, headed by Colonel Jean Fajardo, diligently pursues leads and motives, ongoing updates will be crucial in understanding the full scope of these tragic occurrences. These incidents emphasize the critical need for a thorough investigation to bring those responsible to justice and ensure the safety and well-being of passengers traveling with Victory Liner.

Stay tuned for further developments, as authorities work tirelessly to address the concerns arising from these distressing events.

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