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Mirabueno Coffee from Bukidnon and SGD Coffee from Northern Sagada received the Gourmet and Bronze awards respectively, at the 5th International Contest of Locally Roasted Coffees organized by the Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products (AVPA) in Milan, Italy last October 21.

This is the second time the Philippines bagged awards in the coffee competition since Bana's Coffee from Sagada won the Gourmet prize in 2017.

With the win, Mirabueno Coffee, SGD Coffee and the Coffee Heritage Project have put back the country in the world coffee map.

#SGD #coffee #Sagada

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Mention Sagada and people invariably think about the long, long drive to reach this scenic town in the heart of Mountain Province. But for those who have not yet had the chance to visit, they can still get a sip and taste of what Sagada has to offer in the city-at SGD Bodega in Teacher's Village, and now, at the recently opened SGD Coffee Roastery in Greenhills.

Husband-and-wife owners Rich and Margaret Watanabe may not be from Sagada but they've been supporting the coffee farmers there for several years now through the Coffee Heritage Project. The project helps local farmers plant Arabica coffee, work the farm, harvest the berries, and then directly buys the beans from them at fair prices. What then does the Coffee Heritage Project do with all those beans? That's where the SGD Coffee brand kicks in.

#Sagada #coffee #Arabica #SGD #MtProvince

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All the reasons you need to visit the town of Sagada, a mountain town in the North of the Philippines. It has everything from treks, waterfalls, heritage and great coffee. Your perfect Green Sustainable Tourism destination.

Just make sure we all keep the place clean and respect the local culture.

#MoreFunForever #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines in collaboration with the Department of Tourism of the Philippines.



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Grade 7 Student from Sagada recognized for his honesty

"If a little man can do good things for his fellow, then that's a challenge to every fellow."

The COP, PCPT BASILIO KIMMAYONG HOPDAYAN JR. gave a certificate of appreciation to Manuel Tengdan, grade 7 student of Sagada National High school relative to the good deeds he displayed on October 12, 2019 at around 6:55 PM, he turned over to Sagada MPS a lost cellphone (vivo) that he found at the New Municipal Building, Patay, Sagada.

The cellphone was later received by the owner.

Credit: Sagada MPS

#Sagada #Honest #Student #ManuelTengdan #PNP #PNPPulisAtKomunidad

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Another week manen ti linmabas. Agsapa en, agkape tayo garuden while binge-streaming.


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While most indigenous peoples' culture worldwide have succumbed to modern day's creeping globalization, eroding important cultural values, the Igorot peoples' adherence to a centuries-old principle, called "inayan", has allowed them to respect nature, live sustainably with their ecosystem and live peacefully with their neighbors.

According to the International Journal of Advanced Research Management and Social Sciences. "Inayan" is a lexicon in the Philippine indigenous language, which is spoken mainly by the ethnology groups inhabiting the western part of the Mountain Province covering the municipalities of Bauko, Besao, Sagada, and Tadian and the central part Bontoc and Sabangan of the Philippines.

"Inayan" means to hold back or to prevent an individual from doing something unpleasant towards others or things, living and non-living. A deeper investigation of the word in language culture indicates the word connotes "fear of a Supreme Deity called Kabunian (God) who forewarns or dissuades one from doing anything harmful to others and things."

#Inayan #Igorot #culture #indigenous

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