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And totoong rason kung bakit pinalayas sina Piolo Pascual sa Sagada

Joking aside, here's the official statement from the Sagada LGU.

Sagada, Mountain Province. On July 3, 2020, a coordinator from the Malacanang Presidential Broadcast Staff-RTVM called the Mayor and the Municipal Disaster Risk and Management Officer (MDRRMO) asking if a team under Direk Joyce K. Bernal can come to video shoot in Sagada. Accordingly, video materials will be used in this year's State of the Nation Address (SONA) scheduled on the 3rd Monday of July. Both declined the request.

On July 5, 2020, word was received that the team was on its way to Sagada. The MDRRMO recommended for an emergency meeting to refer the matter to the Local COVID-19 Task Force which was convened at 1:30 PM. Upon the query of the body for any written communication regarding the video shoot, it was found out that an email was sent by Direk Joyce Bernal's team after office hours on July 3, 2020, Friday. The letter was informing the Mayor of the team coming on the night of July 5, 2020. Attached to the letter was an Authorization Letter signed by DENNIS WILFRED P. PABALAN, Executive Director of the Malacanang Presidential Broadcast Staff-RTVM.

While the meeting was ongoing, the advance party of Direk Joyce were being escorted by our Phil. National Police to Sagada Cellar Door where they will be staying, after the management of Sagada Heritage Village turned them down following the local guideline that all tourism establishments continue to be suspended/closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Andrew Chinalpan, Sagada Cellar Door manager and Direk Joyce Bernal were called to attend the ongoing meeting. It was Direk Joyce who came down to attend said meeting.The Local Task Force explained the sentiments of the body and their stand which was contained in a letter addressed to the team's coordinator. Direk Joyce clearly understood the decision of the body and she was apologetic. She appealed that they be given the night to rest in Cellar Door and to ensure that their vehicles are ready for the long trip back to Manila. The body agreed since they were already at the Cellar Door.

Meantime, our Local COVID Task Force will be conducting monitoring activities for Cellar Door management to ensure that those in the establishment undergo a mandatory quarantine.

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    Kudos to the Municipality of Sagada, their Mayor, their task force, their health units in preventing Piolo and Joyce from shooting video material in Sagada, even if the purpose was for Duterte's State of the Nation Address.

    The quarantine protocols are clear. Sagada as an LGU is empowered to implement national guidelines in terms of quarantine protocols. And Sagada has decided thru its ordinances and relevant guidelines to prohibit entry of tourists and non-residents.

    There can be no ifs and buts about this. No exemptions. Entertainment and tv/film shooting is still banned in most quarantine areas.

    Walang VIPs. Kahit pa ang purpose eh for SONA.

    Hindi naman necessity yan. Duterte can deliver a SONA without background video or materials shot in Sagada by Piolo and Joyce. Why not use stock videos of Sagada instead?

    Buti nga hindi pinapasok. Thank you and kudos to Sagada!


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  • Smoke and Mirrors. Kailangang engrande mga background videos ng SONA during this time of crisis?


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