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Camalog National High School of Pinukpuk, Kalinga wins the SIBOL Award - Student Creative Research for High School category of the 2019 Regional Invention Contest and Exhibits (RICE).


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The Kalinga People of the Cordilleras, Ethnic Group in Philippines

Due to the mountainous terrain and warrior-culture of the people, the Kalinga were able to preserve their culture despite centuries of occupation in the lowlands by the Spaniards, Americans, and the Japanese.

The Kalinga people are highlanders and the most extensive rice farmers of the Cordillera peoples, having been blessed with some of the most suitable land for both wet and dry rice farming. Like the Ifugao, the Kalinga are prolific terrace builders. The Kalinga are also skilled craftsmen, well-versed in basketry, loom weaving, metalsmithing, and pottery, the last centred in the lower Chico River Valley.

On February 22, 2019, the Department of Tourism announced the bid of Digdiga Ni Tupayya, a Kalinga courtship dance, to be included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.

From ASEAN Heritage & History

Photo Credits: This Is It Photography, Parangal_Org, and others

#Kalinga #ethnic #culture #UNESCO #heritage

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Kalinga province has produced 21 new lawyers! Congratulations!

1. Agod, Marigold- Tinglayan
2. Baculi-Budaden, Cynthia- Tanudan
3. Basungit, Waylan- Tanudan
4. Dangatag, Brandon - Tanudan
5. Danglose, Denise Cangyas - Tinglayan
6. De guzman, Jhoriel Dave G.- Tabuk City
7. Denna, Giovani Castillo- Pinukpuk
8. Gacuya, May Argentina B.- Balbalan
9. Gumilab, Rafie - Tinglayan
10. Langngag, Clarise - Tinglayan
11. Lingbawan, Garri
12. Luyaben, Margot - Tabuk City
13. Malasi, Jessie Mae- Tinglayan
14. Moldero, Jessa Capuyan- Tabuk City
15. Pay-ong, Van Poks- Lubuagan
16. Pocais, Laurice L.- Tabuk City
17. Puyoc, Miracquel- Tinglayan
18. Querubin, Nestly- Lubuagan
19. Tollino, Ireneo Jr. - Tanudan
20. Vea, Cristopher C.- Tabuk City
21. Wanason, Sandra A.- Tanudan

Via Kalinga Tourism

#Kalinga #lawyers

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Look: Residents of Kalinga return cash aid after finding out they are not eligible to receive it.

They are from Pinukpuk, Kalinga. Thank you for being so honest!

Photos by Lorna Lumioan

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Honest 4Ps beneficiary in Kalinga returns SAP financial aid

Manong Marlan Jose Balubal from Kalinga Province returned his financial aid when he found out he was not eligible to receive assistance.

Manong Marlan's family is part of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program so they have received assistance directly to their EMV cashcards.

Photos: Lorna Lumioan

#Kalinga #SocialAmeliorationProgram #PantawidPamilyangPilipinoProgram

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Kindhearted policeman donates P50k wedding fund for Kalinga people

A story behind a kindhearted young policeman who instead of using 50,000 pesos of their proposed wedding they opt to donate the said amount to the "Adopt a family or Rectang Bayanihan" fund for the people of upper Kalinga.

Wedding come once in a life time between two lovers, so the would be couple will plan wittily to have memorable and successful celebration of their love. Patrolman John Cleveland A Pannogan and Ms Nannette C. Velasco scheduled their wedding ceremony this coming June but due to this COVID-19 pandemic, the would be couple cancel the said wedding and the money supposed to be used or alloted to was voluntarily and full heartedly donated to the " Adopt a family" fund.

The 2nd Kalinga Provincial Mobile Force Company under the leadership of PLTCOL IGAN P BALLANGAN salute and hailed this young police officer for his generosity.

We will encouraged other constituents who have more in life to share God's blessings to help those in need during crisis.

Source: Pnp Dos Kalinga Pmfc

#police #kindhearted #Kalinga #donation #wedding

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