Updated: The TAGALOG version of Genghis Khan's story is NOW AVAILABLE in two parts. Check it out from this podcast platform. Check out also the other stories in both Ilocano and Tagalog.
He was a boy from a nomad mountain tribe named Temujin and would become the greatest warrior who ruled the biggest empire of the world. His family was rejected by their tribe after his father was killed. They survived, thanks to his mother's strong will and exceptional traits.

Naumsi ken napatalawda nga agiina manipud iti tribuda idi natay ti amana. Nagrigat ken nagbisinda. Ubing ti rigat ni Temujin ngem nakaipatakder iti kapigsaan a turay ken kadakkelan a pagturayan.
(A boy from a minor tribe whose family was outcasted by its own when his father was killed. But he rose to become the most powerful warrior in history.
He created and ruled the biggest empire in history. It once it covered some 9 million square miles -23 million square km) of territory, making it the largest land empire in world history.) Listen to his story - "Pakasaritaan ni Genghis Khan" now available in ILOCANO VERSION podcast at: